Pam woke up hobbling and having a difficult time navigating. However, she starts her day with a quiet walk and prayer. She decided to try it, but stay within a short distance of my house. We were on standby to go and pick her up if she needed it. Her most trouble boo-boo was the stubbed toe she didn’t even notice when she first arrived back at the house the night before.

Cheri and I stayed at the house and laughed and played games and checked our Facebook and email and generally wasted time. Pam arrived back home safely and in much better spirits. The walk seemed to help her foot, not hurt it. We discussed options for the day. Pam thought she could walk a bit.

We decided to go to the outlet mall by the airport. Pam was looking for a gauzy shirt to wear as a sun protector as she walked this summer. She had an idea of what she wanted, but it wasn’t exact. It was something along the lines of … and we were going to meander in all the stores until we found it or ran out of stores. So we did have a goal.

Pam found one shirt that was acceptable, but more than she wanted to pay. It was still an option but we kept looking. A few store farther along she found one that was acceptable and the right price. Mission accomplished.

Pam wears Clark shoes since they work for her. There was a whole Clark store there and she found a really cute pair of slip on shoes in the clearance section and so she was doubly lucky.

Monica has told her mother that her shoes are unacceptable. Cheri is going to be participating in a half-marathon and the shoes were too old and broken down to offer any support. She needed new shoes. She liked the New Balance shoes she already owned. She also liked one other brand but I can’t remember the name of it. There was a whole New Balance store.

We went in to look around. The guy selling shoes was really trying to sell shoes. Really trying. He was helpful at first. Then he was, at least in my opinion, pushy. Cheri finally figured out why some shoes hurt and some don’t. The cut at the ankle has to be low enough to not rub and most of them are cut too high. Once she figured out what the difference was, she was better able to choose what type to even try on.

The pushy sales guy really wanted her to buy a pair of $90 shoes which isn’t terribly bad. However, these were clearly marked on the box as SECOND. Cheri decided she would keep looking for something that wasn’t a second with hidden, unknown flaws.

We found a store with many different shoes and one of them miraculously had the right cut and fit and felt good and were wonderful and Cheri bought them. They also had a deal with buy one, get one half off. She looked and looked for another pair to buy half off. She likes a type of Sketchers that fit and feel good. We looked for a pair of those in black (with black soles) and couldn’t find them in her size. We found other types, other colors. She ended up trying on about 50 pairs of shoes which was far over her real tolerance level. But she stayed pleasant and was happy with her single purchase.

It was once again a hot day here in South Carolina. The temperature was somewhere around 100 but we were in and out of air conditioned stores and walking in shade when outside, so it didn’t feel as stifling as the day before. We were able to continue with our day without undue stress.

We wandered in and out of many more stores but we had been there a long time and decided to get back home. It was way past lunch time and we were starving. We ate a late lunch and then started working on the next jigsaw puzzle. This one has all interlocking pieces that are shaped normally and it has a real frame.

Cheri disappeared and we eventually found her napping. I dozed off for a short nap; Pam later dozed off for a short nap. We all felt a bit better afterward.

Dick made us shrimp on the barbie and we had a wonderful dinner. We went back to working on the puzzle. Then we played computer games. Then we did some Face Time with Pam’s family back in Arizona.

Throughout the day, Pam’s eye kept getting more bruised looking. Her finger needed a dressing change a few times, but it is healing up nicely. Her scraped knee isn’t looking too bad. All in all, she is improving.

While we were busy shopping, Cheri’s son-in-law was at the hospital. He dropped a food processor blade onto his foot and luckily missed cutting the tendon. He bled all over the place and Monica managed to get him to the hospital for some stitches. He got six stitches; Monica passed out. They scooped her up off the floor and she is the one who needed to be wheeled out of the ER.

We had a nice quiet day here until you get to the medical side of family life. But at least we were all breathing the same air.