We had big plans for Sunday. We looked into a hot air balloon ride, and it was suggested I go to Groupon for that. They didn’t have an balloon rides, but I found something called Brookgreen Gardens. I remembered Julie talking about the fabulous place and so we decided we would go.

First hurdle: I get lost backing out of the driveway and this was a couple hours from the house. It was not a complicated journey, but as a second hurdle – I’m not a very good driver, especially of this much larger car than my normal little go-kart car. But I would be a big girl.

Third hurdle: getting the address into the navigation system we don’t really know how to work yet. It probably took us five minutes, but I was finally able to have a route mapped out and we ventured forth. The trip was advertised as taking 2 hours and 2 minutes and that was pretty dang close to how long it took. We arrived and were immediately awed.

We were given a map of the grounds. It is a 9,000 acre establishment so we obviously did not cover all of it. The formal gardens, filled with sculpture were mapped out with myriad paths and we are sure we didn’t even cover all of that. We were amazed by both natural and manmade beauty. The only problem with the whole day was that the temperature climbed ever higher. We would duck into every cool place we could find.

Statues were displayed amidst beautiful gardens of flowering plants in full bloom. Everywhere we looked was something beautiful, something amazing, something eye-catching. This was gorgeous but did you see that over there and then this was even more striking. It was just a stunning stroll through wonderland.

Some of the statues were nearly life-sized, some were life-sized, and some were larger than life. Some were bronze, some were marble, some were castings, some were granite. One man worked in balsa with or without added bronze. Everything was simply amazing. There are not enough spectacular adjectives to describe our day.

The galleries were located in a variety of places which gave us some respite from the heat. One was filled with the most beautiful drawings, one was filled with smaller sculptures, one was filled with the works of two artists who generously donated sculptures and drawings to the museum. We spent hours walking the grounds and being mesmerized. And hot. It was very hot.

We ate a late lunch – pretty much just before the place closed. It was wonderful and we enjoyed our meal with the gnomes on display. Several people came by to see our gnomes and commented on how cute the boys were. We were tempted by the desserts on offer. We succumbed. It was delicious.

We made our way back home. I was able to carefully navigate and got myself out of the way of a fast approaching police car so he could pull over the car in front of us. This was nearly as exciting as the tour helicopter taking off and being barely twenty feet up over the highway.

The plan was to have a quiet evening at home since we were pretty drained from walking around in ⁰F 100 all afternoon. We were playing games and crafting and then …

Pam and Cheri use FitBit to track their steps/miles/etc. Pam didn’t have enough steps and since we were strolling through the grounds, she was two minutes short on active minutes. Cheri was short on her step count by a long shot. I was too tired after stressful driving as well as touring the gardens so I let them go off on their own.

I took a shower while they were out. I got dressed in my jammies. I waited for them to return. I played some Sudoku. I waited some more. My neighborhood is full of twisting roads and they were out there in the now dark. I figured they got turned into a wrong place and couldn’t find their way out. I got a text and got up to get my phone which was charging in the next room. I was trying to read the text when the phone rang. My excited baby sister told me to read my text and hung up.

My text told me to get three ice bags ready. This was not enough information for me. I went out into the dark night in my jammies because why the hell not. Here came my sisters up the street. They seemed okay from a distance and I couldn’t see any problem.

Pam caught her toe on a slightly raised manhole cover that was strategically placed in the middle of the sidewalk. Cheri said she was very graceful as she slowly went down to the ground. She mostly caught herself, but did manage to knock her forehead on the ground. She had a lump on her head. She had a scraped/gouged little finger. She had a scraped knee. Eventually she noticed her hands had knocked into her sternum and that was painful. Her watch had dug into her wrist and that was scraped up and sore. The palms of both hands were scraped. Her toe which was already not 100% since she had surgery years ago had been stubbed in the fracas and she could barely walk. This morning she awoke to a bit of eyeshadow effect over one eye.

Luckily her sense of humor was not injured and we were able to share laughs as well as pain as I posted pictures of her to the internet. We made sure to call her daughter to let her know that all was going to be okay although it looked bad right now. After we assured Jen that her mother would survive, I posted the pictures.

I have opted to not go to CrossFit today because of many things. Mostly I wanted to spend more time with my sisters and if I was at one of their houses, I wouldn’t be going at all.

On a more positive note, we all used sunscreen for our day in the sun and have all avoided sunburn.