I was hoping I would not have sore abs from Friday’s workout. And with all the other ab work we have been doing, I was strong enough to survive my workout without pain. Well, not really. Those weighted step-ups killed my legs and butt and I had to work on that all weekend, but my abs were fine. But I did work, religiously, on my sore spots and was feeling pretty good at 7.59 AM today.

I didn’t do much else this weekend except eat poorly. We went out for brunch and their special was blueberry and bacon pancakes. They actually put the pancake batter over cooked and crumbled bacon. It was delicious. I had it with a side of bacon and we got mimosas. Wonderful brunch; not really clean eating.

I got to the box bright and early and there was Candace. I haven’t seen her in I don’t know how long. She is back here for a week, visiting. It was fun to see a familiar face. Kat was there. Brent was there. I showed up. Kim was coaching. Candace asked how far I could run now. I said I don’t run and she laughed. I admitted it was possible to run 400 meters, but I don’t do it. Then Kim announced we were to run 400 meters. I ran my 200 and was able to continue with the class after that.

We did a bunch of other stuff and were declared warm. One thing was inchworm down the mat and somehow, in my lane, was a bunch of sandy/rocky stuff. Apparently someone was playing with the stones over the weekend. Just what I needed, a hindrance – other than myself.

Today’s WOD as written:
5 minute abs-

1 minute wipers
1 min reverse crunches
1 min plank
1 min wipers
1 min ab mat sit ups
Front squat EMOM 10 min
Perform 2 FS every EMOM
75% of 1RM FS, or relatively heavy weight if you do not have a max
Deadlifts 155/105
Push ups
Chest and thigh leave the ground at the same time or hand release.
Discuss with coach appropriate progression.
Cool down-hamstring mobility with the bands. Chest stretch against the wall.

After surviving Friday’s ab stuff, I wasn’t really happy to see this but it would have been worse if I had not survived Friday’s ab stuff. This wasn’t for any score, it was just work. I concentrated on anything other than counting because it is difficult for me not to count stuff. But I didn’t count. What I did notice was that my back isn’t completely pain free which wasn’t a good thing to notice before deadlifts. At least I know what to work on today for mobilization.

I couldn’t touch my toes over my head on the reverse crunch. I used to be able to do that kind of stuff. I used to be much younger. My heart rate wasn’t going too high and so I could continue as the work progressed, but I couldn’t hold a plank for a minute because I’m a weenie. I did some, rested, and did some more.

I looked up my one rep max on a front squat and it was 90# and so I did math last night and my weight was 67.5 pounds for today. I went with 68 and used the 33# bar. I didn’t bring my higher shoe for my shorter leg, so I took off my shoe from my longer leg to help even me out. Candace looked over and said, “Ah, the shoes were what was holding you back?”

I had my bar ready, but I wasn’t sure about my own stamina. Kim said earlier classes were having trouble around round 7. Great. If the athletes have problems, what would happen to me? But I could always strip weights off if I had to.

I started with a heart rate of 110 and by the end of the first round, it was already up to 150s. I did box breathing and sat during the rest periods. By round seven, I would have been beeping if my monitor still beeped. But it doesn’t. I could get my heart rate down enough to go again. I made all ten rounds with the 68#. The last one was really tough but it’s supposed to be tough.

For the WOD, I opted for the master’s rep scheme and dropped it to 18-12-6 and used the same bar for the deadlifts, since it was supposed to be light. It’s about half my one rep max. The idea was to be able to get through all without stopping. I used an inclined bar for the push-ups.

I got the deadlifts done and had a heart rate of 170. I got it down to 148 and started the push-ups. I got them done without really stopping, but I had to pause a few times for a second or two. Then I had a heart rate of 170 again and had to rest. I did the 12 deadlifts without stopping and had to rest, did the 12 push-ups without stopping and had to rest and then did the last round and finished in 5.37. I was, of course, the last one done. But not by a whole lot.

It was a fun day, or else my attitude was better today. Or maybe both. My sisters are coming in tomorrow for our annual Sistercation. I will be writing about our adventures. I am hoping to still make it to the box but I can’t guarantee my devotion – to the box. I love my sisters.