I met Cindy for the yoga class at CrossFit Summerville on Saturday morning. I’m the klutz in the class and can’t manage most of the work. It is amazing to me to watch other people manage to twist themselves up like that. I used both a block and a PVC pipe for balance on some pose that has a name, but I have no idea what it is. I just know I was trying to fall over even with extra support.

The most important thing I learned came at the end of class. Karen had put lavender scented wet washcloths in the refrigerator and passed them out at the end of class so we could cool down. It was heavenly.

We went to a party on Saturday afternoon and I ate way too much great food that might not be considered healthy. We had five different desserts to pick from and I picked all. That’s just the way I roll and now rolling is appropriate since I’m rounder. Again.

Yesterday we went coffee mug shopping. I need something to keep my coffee warm while I drink slowly. Both of our thermal cups were falling apart. We looked and found what we thought would work. It does if I just cut off my nose or smash it into the top of the cup. Neither of these are as pleasant as they sound.

This week at the box is retest week to see how much we have progressed in eight weeks of doing Wendler. I assumed I would progress zero because I’m so old that eight weeks is something like one-quarter of one percent of my lifetime and that is just a blink of an eye.

We had a visitor from Texas today. Kat was still out. Betsy was coaching. And then there was me. Pitiful me. Betsy was going to start with a run and then realized that I wasn’t up to showing the visitor where a real turn around place was because I cheat and don’t go that far. We rowed.

We did a bunch of other stuff and then were declared warm enough to get on with our day.

Today’s WOD as written:
Baseline Testing Week

Determine a 1RM Press – maintain proper, strict form.

Determine a ME Ring Dips – proper strict form. Carefully note any scaling for comparison.

Determine a ME Pull Ups – hollow body & strict form. note scaling for comparison.

Determine a ME Tabata Air Squat – record the lowest number of reps in any of the rounds and total reps.

Post your scores and any PR’s with a previous record for comparison.

I looked back and actually read what I had written for the first week. I was disgusted at the time and just wrote it in a word document and didn’t post stuff online because I was considering just quitting the whole thing, taking my marbles, and going home. I’m so sick of being weenie. I still am, but I’m not quite ready to quit yet.

But when I read the original thing I typed up, I found that I did not get a 54# strict press. I tried twice and failed. My one rep max for this was 52# and I figured all my numbers on 54#, not that it really matters. But today, I again tried at 54# – twice – and failed twice. I got the 52# up but that was it.

I had to go back and really read to see what that other stuff was. I did the ring dips with a blue band and got to 15. Today, I got to 10 and then 13 but couldn’t make my old number. Part of the reason was I was wearing a golf skirt and the damn skirt part kept catching on my thumb as I gripped the ring. A better outfit would have been good. Probably not enough to really matter.

Then the damn pull-ups. I used a green band. The first time I got 7. Today I got 9. We have been doing an awful lot of pull-ups. An awful lot.

The Tabata air squats were done last time with 8 each round and on the last round I did more for a total of 69. Today, I did 9 on each round for a total of 72 and I was making moaning noises like DeWayne as I finished. He had already come in for open gym and he approved.

The other thing I purchased while coffee mug shopping was a pack of white washcloths. I had a wet cloth (no lavender scent included) in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator before class began. At the end of class, it was nice and cold and I dabbed at my sweating face, my neck, cooled my arms and legs and generally enjoyed the bliss of coolness. Brilliant.