I did my interval training yesterday which turned out pitiful. I managed my 30 second run; 90 second recovery walk for ten rounds. Even my resting heart rate is too high. By the seventh round, I could not get my heart rate below 130 to even start the 30 second run and I was walking as slowly as I could and box breathing and doing all I know to get my heart rate down, even throwing in a little Valsalva. The highest it went was 148 which wasn’t too bad. I don’t know what to do except to keep working and hoping things improve magically at some distant future.

I had a massage yesterday and it was wonderful. My deltoids were still cranky afterwards, probably from all the waiter carries which are not the way waiters carry anything. But my neck and shoulders felt much better. I did my mobilization before I could have my afternoon coffee and worked some more on the deltoids. When I saw today’s WOD, I was glad I did.

I finally got tired of being hot and turned the air on and it hasn’t been much different during the day because Command Central is under a ceiling fan. Sleeping has been much better the last couple nights. I awoke refreshed.

I got to the box and it was Kat and me with Betsy coaching. Even she didn’t know what in the hell Ryan had written. I think he went to CrossFit dictionary and just picked out random words to put together. Betsy checked with Kim and had a clarification. I would like to state that I’m tired of these longer WODs and would like at least once a week to have a cute little sprint WOD. I miss those. I’m tired of killing myself.

We warmed up and my heart rate got to 160 during the warm-up. This is just pitiful. Craig sent me a link about endurance stuff. I should be holding a heart rate of around 130 until the very end of a 5K and then sprint in. I can’t even get a quarter of a mile. I’m trying to stay positive and remember all the things I can do, but I’m so tired of having to stop and get my heart rate back down and not die that I’m sometimes tempted to see exactly how high I can go. But … coaches might get cranky.

Today’s WOD as written:
Last loading week of the second cycle. Time to work for the reps. Do NOT add more weight than prescribed. The goal is to make slow incremental progress to build strength.

Warm up your entire body thoroughly
percentages based off 90% of your 1RM
(always choose a lighter weight when unsure)
rest 3-5 minutes between sets
perform as many reps as possible on the last (+ set)
Squats –
5 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
1+ @ 95%
Post entire workout – 5 @ 75# / 3 @ 85# / 4 @ 95#
4 rounds for time:
1 burpee parallette jump over wall ball w/ slam ball (40/25)
15 overhead squats (95/65)
1 burpee parallette jump over wall ball w/ slam ball (40/25)
15 abdominal movement (your Tabata movement)
1 burpee parallette jump over wall ball w/ slam ball (40/25)
15 power cleans (95/65)

I had done all the math last night. According to Betsy, this was to be without adding the ten pounds before taking the 90% and then the other percentages. I did have both numbers on my card because I was planning on working in between them. But I got to use the lower numbers. My weights were 70, 80, and 90 pounds and I got them 5, 3, and managed 3 but was too shaky coming up to try for a fourth at 90.

Then the RFT shit. That crap is – do a burpee and on the jump, jump over a parallette then pick up a slam ball and do a wall ball move with it. You do not have to catch it on the way down.


I did a walk in and out burpee, jumped over a dumbbell, did a wall ball with a 14# ball. I was going to weenie out and do a 10# and I had it there, too. But I used the damn 14# one for the whole thing. My one rep max on a overhead squat is 27# so I stuck with the empty 22# bar and then used the same one for the cleans. My ab work was just sit-ups. I elected to do only 3 rounds because I could.

My heart rate was already mid 130s when we started. I tried to do one burpee/wall ball thing and then do the overhead squats but that was dumb. I had to stop after 8 and rest and then do the other seven. I had to get my heart rate down since it was over 170. I then did the burpee thing and the sit-ups and the burpee thing and then rested. I could do the 15 power cleans without stopping, but my heart rate was 170.

I got my heart rate down to just 160 and did the burpee thing then rested to get it down to 145 and managed all 15 overhead squats without stopping but I can’t say I liked it at all. Then rest to get heart rate down to 160, burpee, sit-ups, burpee, rest. Then the power cleans. Repeat for the last round. I finished in 17.18.

I took longer to do three rounds than Kat took to do four. My highest heart rate was 178 which was after doing 15 overhead squats. I don’t understand why this is such an issue. Certainly, I’m not really THAT old. Yet.

Cindy was there for open gym and she and I were talking about yoga. She noticed I did a class on Tuesday and she wanted to know if I was coming in tomorrow for the 8.30 AM yoga class. I guess I am. This is a flow class and I’m going to really suck at it. One would think I would be used to that by now.