I checked out local yoga stuff and found a place with restorative yoga that fit with my schedule. The class was last night at 7.15. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what to do or even what I was doing, but I was perfectly perfect in my execution. My mind is usually a jumble of thoughts and it was not last night. It was the quietest I have ever been without being asleep. Totally amazing.

The WOD was not posted when I got home even though it was after 8 PM by a long shot. It didn’t get posted until closer to 10 PM and then when I looked at, I was all bummed out. I hate partner WODs. I am competitive and I know whoever is partnered with me is going to be slowed down by me and I always feel like an anchor around their neck. But once again, I misunderstood stuff.

It was just Kat and me today. We warmed up and got ready. But this coworker WOD meant that we went one at a time, but our scores were our own and so my horrible time didn’t affect Kat’s score. I was much happier with that. But, we each had to do the thing twice. I was less happy.

Today’s WOD as written:
Week 7/8

Co-Worker WOD
Find a co-worker to assist you with equipment set-up, control & your own personal motivation. Complete 2 rounds of the following:
Barbell (45/35) – (2x) carry it sideways w/ a combination grip on your left side down / right side back by switching grip
Jumping squats (45/35) – 10 reps
Waiter walk w/plate (45/25) right arm down and back (1 Burpee for every break of full extension)
Place plate on the bar
Waiter walk w/plate (45/25) left arm down and back (1 Burpee for every break of full extension)
Place plate on the bar
Slam ball (40/25) – (2x) right shoulder down and left shoulder back (1 Burpee penalty for form break)
5 clean & jerks (135/95)
Med ball (20/14) – 200m run (any carry)
Parking lot shuttle run

Help your co-worker break down the bar and then co-worker 2 goes.

I had no idea what that slam ball thing was, but it was simply a carry perched snugly on one’s shoulder. The part I didn’t realize was this was all done in the parking lot with the space measured off. I thought we were going the distance of the mat and back, but that wasn’t the plan. We were outside in the blazing sun.

First problem, my cataract is bad enough that in the direct sunlight, I can’t see out of my right eye. First solution, get my hat out of the car and wear the baseball cap to have a visor against the sun. It works; it’s hot.

Second problem, I easily sunburn. I did not have sunscreen because I thought I was indoors like every other time I go to the box. I stayed under roof while Kat was working, but this took me forever and so I was out in the direct sunlight sans sunscreen for too long and may be a little pink now. I don’t think it was long enough to actually be red.

My modifications: I used the regulation 35# bar although ours are kilos and so 33#. I used the bar for the squats, but didn’t jump. I used a 10# plate for the waiter carry. I used the 25# slam ball. I then had a 53# bar for my clean and jerks and this was more than I usually do, but I figured I could try it. I used a 10# med ball and only did 100 meters. The space was measured out to 50 meters out, so each round trip was 100 meters, but even so, I just went to the end of the sidewalk for all buy my “run” – about eight to ten feet less.

Kat went first and did a great job. It was educational watching her.

I got the barbell carries completed but then my heart rate was 167. I did some box breathing and then managed the squats. Then my heart rate was up again and so I sat and sweated and watched my skin glisten in the bright sun while I tried to get my heart rate down. I managed the carry with one arm, had to rest, did the carry with the other arm. (The entire time I was walking with my army fully extended, I was thinking that waiters did not carry trays like this. I’m too literal.) I rested and then did the slam ball thing and then went with this heavy clean and jerk. I managed it. It was a one rep max and I did three before I had to stop. They felt solid but I was at 175 and had to get my heart rate down. I did and then got two more. I carried the med ball and then actually ran. My time was 12.43 which was about twice what Gabe did this morning.

Kat went for her second round. I was offered a chance to only do one round, but that’s not really what I was hoping for. If I did a half round, I would be at 75% of the WOD as written (with my weight differences and other scaling already thrown in). I figured I could do that. And I did.

I did the carry and squats and then had to rest. I did the right and then left arm on the waiter carry but noticed on the first round that the slam ball carry was the easiest thing on this whole list, so I just went ahead and did it. Then I did three clean and jerks and they were not as pretty as the first time. Buy I got them. I walked the med ball out, dropped it and ran back in. My time for half was 6.39.

I really should have put the top up on the car to get home, but I was too lazy and I love the feel of the wind, especially when I am so overheated. I hope I’m not burnt.