I felt so good after the WOD yesterday that I really, truly thought all would be well and I was some kind of jock or something. Then I sat still in my recliner cleaning up stuff on my other blog. I was there for hours. I got up and noticed immediately – my butt hurt. As I took a few steps, I noticed my legs weren’t all that great either.

I was bummed. Really? Just 60 wall balls and I was falling apart. I keep thinking I have been at this long enough for that to not happen. And then I thought some more about the day. Part of the warm-up was three sets of 10 air squats, run to other end of the box, 3 burpees, and come back. Right there was 30 more squats. I had a special dispensation on the burpees because the goal was to warm up and burpees have my heart rate too high.

Then we were warm and began warm-up sets and working up to our working weights with the back squats. I did a bunch at 45# and then some more at 55# and then did a couple at 65# and figured I was wasting my squats so I did the working weights and that was 10 more.

After that, I did the 60 damn wall balls. So my total number of squats was over 100. About 25-30 of them were weighted. I guess, technically, the wall balls are weighted, too, but that’s not the kind of weight I’m talking about here.

This morning, my legs were even less happy with my fat ass. I’m okay once I get moving, but then I sit back down and eventually, I have to hoist myself out of my chair again and the first couple steps are miserable.

I wanted to go to the farmers’ market in town. They are there every Saturday now and I really wanted carrots and tomatoes. I was hoping to be able to avoid pastries, which are also sold there. We took off and it was overcast but it wasn’t supposed to rain for a couple more hours. It began to sprinkle.

We decided to continue on our way and it never really rained while we there, but it was wet and so I got the veggies I wanted and we left. The upside to that was I didn’t have to walk past and deny myself some of those delicious pastries. The bad side?

The farmers’ market is in the parking lot of the bank right next door to the huge parking garage. I really thought with all the clouds and the spitting rain it wouldn’t be very crowded. We circled in the parking garage, up and up, ever higher, until we finally found a parking place. Walking down the two flights of stairs wasn’t horrible. I can’t say as much for the two flights back up.

I could have been a weenie and sent the chauffeur up to fetch the car and pick me up on his way out of the garage, but I climbed the stairs – just like a big girl. I know that moving is the best thing I can do. But sitting seems to be where I’m spending most of my day. Someday, I’m going to be a jock.