I managed a workout without getting all cranky pants, so that’s an improvement. But I’m having difficulties with the day’s work. I used to go to the box four times a week and I still could BUT I would have to get up at 5.15 AM and I am retired. There are now 8 AM classes and I love that. But they are only Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Open gym is only three times a week, too, so it’s not like I could go to open gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It isn’t there. So I have been going three times a week.

I have gained four pounds in the six weeks since I retired. Part of that is not working out as often. Most of it is eating too much garbage. I have eaten too many potato chips. I know how to NOT do this, but I haven’t made the effort. My lunches at work were always planned for and well executed – and healthy. Here at home, not so much. I graze. I have nothing but time and will not take the time or make the effort to have a healthy lunch.

My eating has taken a nose dive. I’m snacking on junk too often. My chocolate intake hasn’t increased, but my chips, pistachios, and cashews intake has. My almonds are covered in sugary flavors. I’m doing all manner of things that I know are against my own best interest. I’m eating out of boredom, often just grabbing at food and not even tasting it. This has to stop.

Yesterday, I was very mindful of everything I had to eat. It was much better. I was not starving ever. I ate plenty of tasty, good food. There is really no excuse except absolute sheer laziness. Why do I not feel that taking care of my food is worth the time and effort? I make time and put in the effort at the box. It is grueling and at times soul crushing. But lunch is too much work. This is absurd.

Today, there were three of us at the box with Kim coaching. We ran and rowed and did Ryan complex down the mat and I got dizzy with that so I subbed a crab walk for a bear crawl. Other things happened and then we began the middle-of-the-week active rest day which is a skill day without a WOD. We will be doing this for eight weeks which means I’m really only getting two WODs in a week making that whole better eating thing that much more important.

Today’s WOD as written:
Week One
Gymnastic Skill/Strength/Mobility Practice – spend 20 minutes working on your gymnastic movement chosen last week. Ask your coach for specific mobility exercises, skill practice movements, or strength movements to help you reach your goal.
Post work performed.
Pistol Squat
Rope Climb

Pull Up
Muscle Up
Handstand Walk
Box Jump

Olympic Lifting Practice – spend 20 minutes working on your Olympic lifting. Today’s focus is on the clean. Do not focus on the weight but the technical skill of the clean and how it can help you with the baseline WOD.
Post your progressions practiced and any info/progress.

I chose the pull-up because there wasn’t anything else in there I wanted to work on. I can’t do a handstand making two of the options impossible. I have no interest in climbing a rope and a muscle up is so far beyond me it’s laughable. I’ve already lost a shin to a box jump and needed a couple months to completely heal. I probably should have chosen a pistol to work on but I didn’t. My arms are sore from Monday so that made pull-ups difficult.

I did some progressions with ring rows. I did them normal with palms facing in and then palms facing up and then palms facing down. Facing up was the most difficult. I did negatives, too. I tried a jumping pull-up and it hurt my arm. I have a massage tomorrow and will see if that plus a week off lets my arm get back to a better place.

When we got to the practice with the cleans, I worked mostly on a hook grip. I have never used it and it helped me to rotate my hands to the proper position. It made getting the bar up much easier. I worked mostly with just the baby bar. Then I put it on a couple parallettes to get a better working height. After I felt better with that, I used a 42# bar. Then I got a bit cocky since the pull didn’t hurt my arm at all, like is usually does, and I asked Leslie if I could try her 53# bar and it came flying off the floor and I caught it just like a real power clean.

I had to think each time I grabbed the bar. My new goal is to use this grip all the time, but knowing myself, I will need some help remembering. So whenever I have a WOD in which it would be best if I used a hook grip, I will simply write the words right in front of the bar so I can see what in the hell I should have been doing for the last two years. Unlearning will be far more difficult than learning. I know this. It will be a challenge.

Since there was no scoring for anything today, I was not the lowest score on the board, so there is that.