Last week’s 15.5 nearly did me in on many fronts. It took me 24.23 and I did it as written for scaled 55+ women. I have looked. About a dozen other women in the entire world took more time than that. One of them younger and the rest older than me. I’m not supposed to compare myself to anyone else, but to where I used to be. I used to not be able to do a thruster and I did 72 of them. I’m supposed to be proud of that achievement and not worried about the time. We just all put times on the board for our records because they are erased either the next morning or the next week. So, storing information isn’t the reason. The scores go on the white board so people can compare against each other. But stay strong and be proud on always last person.

This week was baseline testing week. The entire week. Each day had 3-4 things for us to get a baseline reading on and over the next eight weeks we are going to work on these 15-20 items and at the end of the time, we will retest and see how much we improved. Eight weeks is one-quarter of one percent of the number of weeks I have lived. Yes. I did the math. I have lived 3,236 weeks so far. I’ve been a CrossFitter for 31 months. That is 134 weeks.  I’m sure the next 8 weeks are going to be awesome.


Determine a 1RM Press – maintain proper, strict form.

Determine a ME Ring Dips – proper strict form. Carefully note any scaling for comparison.

Determine a ME Pull Ups – hollow body & strict form. note scaling for comparison.

Determine a ME Tabata Air Squat – record the lowest number of reps in any of the rounds and total reps.

Strict press 52# (my max is 53 and I tried 54 twice and couldn’t manage

ME ring dips – 15 with a 1.5 inch band

ME pull-ups – 7 with a 2” band

Tabata of air squats – 8


Choose from a list of gymnastic moves, the only one of which I could do was pull-ups and see above. But just to amuse a coach, I tried the 1.5 inch band and could get 1. I’m supposed to set a goal and I have been spectacularly horrible at that but over the next weeks, I’m to improve this to the point of something. I was told to try to see if I could get 5 single pull-ups using that band. Sure.

Then a baseline WOD of

1 Burpee
1 Clean (135/95)

2 Burpees
1 Clean

3 Burpees
1 Clean


I used a 42# bar for the cleans and made it to 6.

Since I don’t go on Tuesdays but I’m not sure what fun we are going to have over the next eight weeks, I decided to do two of four things.

Deadlift – 138 (I got a 143 once about a year ago and haven’t been able to repeat that since. Still can’t but I’m sure in eight weeks, I will be wonderful.)

ME toes to bar would be zero but I did get 7 knee lifts

I did not even try the weighted good mornings and my 400 m run is not happening.


Determine a 1RM Back Squat

Determine a light working weight (15 rep range/each leg) for a weighted step ups. These will also be done in sets of five during the cycle so find a weight manageable enough to complete all sets

Determine a half speed parking lot sprint time. We will be doing these sprints in sets of five after our squats so they need to be manageable as well. Start from the far end of the lot and spring back to the clock so you can determine a repeatable time.


Tabata Abs – use an ab movement that is challenging but one you are able to complete at least 10 reps during each 20 second work cycle. (i.e., AbMats, flutter kicks, hanging knee raises, knees to elbows) Unless you are AbZilla, do not choose toes to bar or GHD sit ups. You will regret it.

Back squat 104# which is one pound over my former max, so I got a PR today.

The way I read this is different than what we did. I did five each leg with 22, 27, and 32 pounds using a stack of plates – 2-25 and 2-45# and I have no idea how high that is. About 12” I would guess.

My parking lot sprint isn’t a sprint. I’m not setting myself up for that kind of failure. It took me 23 seconds to walk it.

I  just did abmat sit-ups and got 8

Then, since I don’t go on Thursday and same crap as not going on Tuesday, I did the
Determine a 1RM Floor Press – maintain strict form and control.
And managed 52# which I believe is more than I usually do, but maybe not.

I can do zero ring push-ups and didn’t have time or inclination to figure out a Pendlay Row thing.

What I know for sure is that because I was able to glance over the white board, I have the greatest room for improvement as anyone else there and I’m the least likely to improve at all, both for the same reason. I’m the oldest person there.

I wish with all my pitiful heart that some other old women would join and do this. I’m sick of being in a class by myself.

What I learned this week is that I keep going back. I’m not sure why. I’ve cried more this week than I have since I was first starting out. I’ve done more this week than I could back then and I’m supposed to be proud of what I’ve managed to do. All I see is the pitiful numbers. Still. Always.

I read some article about how to tell the difference between an athlete and someone who is training. I believe I’m not even someone who is training. I’m just someone who shows up a few times a week.

I don’t know if this attitude is the result of being a complete ass or spring fever or being newly retired and unsure of everything. Whatever it is, I’m hoping it soon goes away because it is sucking the joy out of every second of every day. I got a PR today and I’m not even happy about that. One pound. I mean really. I can’t tell you when I got the last PR on a back squat, but it has been months and months ago. I got one more pound today.