April 2015

I looked at the weather last night before I looked at the WOD. Then I checked out the WOD to make sure there was no running involved. There was something like a 100% chance of rain all day. I hate running all by itself. In the rain is just so much worse. Luckily, there was no running. Even if there had been, it is my day to go to the box and I don’t cherry pick. I whine and substitute.

My arms were quite smoked yesterday and I spent quite a bit of time stretching and trying to get them to stop hurting. Since I did some work yesterday, they were a tad better today.

We began with a 1000 meter row and that was fine. Next up, bear crawl the length of the mat. That was a bit ouchy when I started but by the end of the mat, my arms were feeling a bit better. We did some other stuff and then began the work of the day.

Today’s WOD as written:
Week 4/8
Gymnastic Skill/Strength/Mobility Practice – spend 20 minutes working on your gymnastic movement chosen last week. Ask your coach for specific mobility exercises, skill practice movements, or strength movements to help you reach your goal.
Post work performed.
Pistol Squat
Rope Climb

Pull Up
Muscle Up
Handstand Walk
Box Jump

Baseline WOD Redux – try to beat your score!
EMOM until you cannot complete the clean (fully extended knees & hips) by the time the clock hits :00 for the next minute perform the following:
1 Burpee
1 Clean (135/95)

2 Burpees
1 Clean

3 Burpees
1 Clean

I warmed up with some ring rows and my feet kept slipping out from under me. I assume that has something to do with the humidity involved in a rainy day since the last few dry days did not have this problem.

I began with a 2” band and did a few pull-ups. Then I tried a 1” band alone and couldn’t quite get my chin over the bar. I added a ½” band and could get a couple together, but not more than that. I did that several times, some stretching, more ring rows, and we did lots of gabbing. Kat was working on both a pull-up and pistols.

I looked to see what I did with this last time. I thought it was five. I knew it was April Fool’s Day because the next time we got together, we found out the 5 AM class had all added 10 to their number of rounds. I had been feeling really, really weenie when all I needed to feel was weenie.

So I knew where to look and see what I had done. I had gotten six. I used a 42# bar for the cleans. I remember having thought I should have tried one more round the last time so my goal today was seven.

I walked the burpees in and out. Kim was coaching, but Ryan was there with some guy who was looking at what seemed to be construction type projects. As we were doing these, Ryan watched the whole procedure of step-step, flop, push-up, step-step, small hop and a clap. He said I looked like I was doing the cha-cha.

I was having heart rate issues by the fourth round. I could get it down in the remainder of the minute but it was going high by the end. By the end of the sixth round, I had not enough time to get it down and so I was still at 162 when I began the seven burpees. I got them done and my heart rate was way high. I did a couple deep breaths and then cleaned the bar, but I knew I had to stop there. My heart rate was 178 and there was only 10 seconds before the next round. I hit my goal.

Ryan asked if it was possible to jump the burpee back in. By the time I had my heart rate down, I did a real burpee. Jumped out, did a push-up, jumped in and hopped with a clap. I can do a burpee. They just eat up all my heart rate.

I did 28 burpees (during the WOD) and that was enough. I think my goal for next time, if I can remember it, will be to just do the plank in and out and see if I can get to a higher round. Without the push-up in the middle, I might be able to keep going longer.


Happy 42nd anniversary, Dick. I can’t believe we have been married so long. I remember us being young and with our lives stretched out infinitely in front of us. Now I look back and realize we were pretty damn good. Thank you. For everything.

We went out to brunch yesterday. Not that we meant to; we were going out to lunch but they had a brunch menu and so we had brunch. I tried wearing a very thin sweaterish type jacket this weekend and I found I couldn’t get my arms comfortably in the sleeves any more. My guns are too big. Isn’t that just a hoot? Who would have thought a Little Old Lady would have such a problem.

My legs were feeling better when I got up this morning. I didn’t make pitiful mewling noises when I went to pick up my shoes off the floor. I figured my time at the box was going to be fabulous. Kim wants to crochet some “gladiator booties” for a friend’s baby but she doesn’t know how to crochet. The plan was for me to bring stuff and after class, have a crochet class. Ryan told her to continually complain and keep saying, “I’m too young for this.” I love this place.

We were warmed up after a run and row and bear crawl and stretches and whatever else was in there. Then we began our day.

Today’s WOD as written:
Week 4/8
Warm up your entire body thoroughly
percentages based off 90% of your 1RM
(always choose a lighter weight when unsure)
rest 3-5 minutes between sets
DELOAD WEEK – Do not do more than 5 reps on the last set
Press –
5 @ 40%
5 @ 50%
5 @ 60%
Post entire workout!
30 ring dips
15 jumping lunges
30 pull ups
15 jumping lunges
30 hand release push ups
15 jumping lunges
30 ring rows
15 jumping lunges

I was so happy to see this. I love deload week. It is such a relief to have weights that aren’t killing me. I know it is all based off my own one rep max and all, but still. I love deload week. I’m a weenie and I’m lazy and this is perfect.

However, as always, I have issues. I spent some time with a calculator and came up with my numbers. They are pitifully low. In fact, they are so low there isn’t a bar light enough for me to get the 40% figure. I figured I knew what I would do, but I made sure that was a good plan.

My weights were to be 19, 24, and 29 pounds. There is no way to get 19#. I did some warm-ups with just a couple dumbbells but they really aren’t the same. Then I used the 22# bar for the first five and could actually make the other weights just perfect. I did those without whining at all!

I looked at the morning times. I figured that was a lot of reps. Gabe was done in 6 something and a couple people took over 13 minutes. I knew I would be closer to those people. I also knew that I was scaling this. At first I thought 20 and 10 and then I thought that was too weenie. I didn’t need to cut back that much. I could do more. So I went with 80% or 24 and 12. It was still a lot, but I thought I might be able to get three sets of 8 pull-ups which was going to be my Waterloo.

I used a 1” band on the ring dips. I used a 2” band for pull-ups. I did push-ups from a raised bar on the rack. I also did just walking lunges.

I managed 14 ring dips before I had to stop. I did box breathing and got 8 done before my knee in the band started yelling at me. I tried switching knees and nearly killed myself and couldn’t even get the last two done like that. Before I actually injured myself, I went back to my left knee in the band and finished.

Then I panted like a lizard on a hot rock. I got my heart rate down and did the lunges and then had to sit and get my heart rate back down.

I managed 8 pull-ups and my heart rate was 173. I could get my heart rate back down to mid 140s and go again. After 8 more my heart rate was 174. I couldn’t get my heart rate to drop farther than 150. I gave up and managed five. Stood there and panted and got two. Stood there and panted and finished that last one which may or may not have been a no rep but I counted it. My heart rate was 178. This was the only part of the day that hurt my bad arm and even that wasn’t very bad. I’m still not knitting at all.

I got it down and did the lunges. Then I managed 21 push-ups (which means I maybe should lower the bar a bit more) and had to pause slightly before getting the last 3. Then I got my heart rate down and did lunges.

I had to rest and when I was ready, I got 18 ring rows before I had to stop. I just sat on the ground under the rings and panted then managed to finish them off. My heart rate was too high and I had to rest but I was almost done so when it got down to 159, I figured what the heck and did the lunges. I finished in 14.30 and I felt absolutely awful.

I couldn’t tell if I was going to pass out, puke, or shit my pants. I didn’t really want to do any of them. It took me a few minutes of just sitting for the room to stop spinning and then the whole alimentary canal thing cleared up. I could teach crochet.

I went to the bathroom and washed my hands. I filled my contact case with solution. I put my glasses on and couldn’t see anything. I still had severe WOD brain. It took a few seconds for me to figure out that I had forgotten to take my contacts out so I took off my glasses and did so. When I put my glasses back on – presto – I could see clearly even up close and so we began our crochet lesson.

By time we were done with that, I was feeling human again and knew that I was going to be fine. I enjoyed the whole day. I love deload time. The conditioning portion was tough but doable. Not bad for an old fart.


I felt so good after the WOD yesterday that I really, truly thought all would be well and I was some kind of jock or something. Then I sat still in my recliner cleaning up stuff on my other blog. I was there for hours. I got up and noticed immediately – my butt hurt. As I took a few steps, I noticed my legs weren’t all that great either.

I was bummed. Really? Just 60 wall balls and I was falling apart. I keep thinking I have been at this long enough for that to not happen. And then I thought some more about the day. Part of the warm-up was three sets of 10 air squats, run to other end of the box, 3 burpees, and come back. Right there was 30 more squats. I had a special dispensation on the burpees because the goal was to warm up and burpees have my heart rate too high.

Then we were warm and began warm-up sets and working up to our working weights with the back squats. I did a bunch at 45# and then some more at 55# and then did a couple at 65# and figured I was wasting my squats so I did the working weights and that was 10 more.

After that, I did the 60 damn wall balls. So my total number of squats was over 100. About 25-30 of them were weighted. I guess, technically, the wall balls are weighted, too, but that’s not the kind of weight I’m talking about here.

This morning, my legs were even less happy with my fat ass. I’m okay once I get moving, but then I sit back down and eventually, I have to hoist myself out of my chair again and the first couple steps are miserable.

I wanted to go to the farmers’ market in town. They are there every Saturday now and I really wanted carrots and tomatoes. I was hoping to be able to avoid pastries, which are also sold there. We took off and it was overcast but it wasn’t supposed to rain for a couple more hours. It began to sprinkle.

We decided to continue on our way and it never really rained while we there, but it was wet and so I got the veggies I wanted and we left. The upside to that was I didn’t have to walk past and deny myself some of those delicious pastries. The bad side?

The farmers’ market is in the parking lot of the bank right next door to the huge parking garage. I really thought with all the clouds and the spitting rain it wouldn’t be very crowded. We circled in the parking garage, up and up, ever higher, until we finally found a parking place. Walking down the two flights of stairs wasn’t horrible. I can’t say as much for the two flights back up.

I could have been a weenie and sent the chauffeur up to fetch the car and pick me up on his way out of the garage, but I climbed the stairs – just like a big girl. I know that moving is the best thing I can do. But sitting seems to be where I’m spending most of my day. Someday, I’m going to be a jock.


Since I’m not knitting but I’m also having to not snack (see weight gain issues), I had to come up with something else to do with my hands. I decided that chicken scratch is cool and takes a lot of time, so that would be a great new project. Yesterday I worked on gathering supplies for this. The local fabric store is simply an unhappy experience. I tried to avoid the place, but that’s where the supplies were. Unhappily.

I watched TED talks and began my first project, the only one using gingham and so the easiest to do. It was relaxing and I managed to not eat a bunch of junk. Barb challenged me to try a pear again. I’ve always maintained I hated them. She said tastes change with age and so I had a pear last night. It was delicious. Who knew that could happen?

Another day at the box. Usually on Fridays, I’m the only one there. Kat comes on Monday and Wednesday (even though she was there this Wednesday) so I wasn’t expecting here there today. She was. Rob finished his introduction classes and he was there. Kim was taking the class. Betsy was coaching. She has been working out with me and had planned on that for today. Kim said with the two of them there to keep an eye on us, it would be okay. So there were five of us working together.

It was chilly this morning and a wonderful day to workout. We warmed up and were finally declared ready to get on with the day.

Today’s WOD as written:
Week 3/8

Warm up your entire body thoroughly
percentages based off 90% of your 1RM
(always choose a lighter weight when unsure)
rest 3-5 minutes between sets
perform as many reps as possible on the last (+ set)
Back Squat –
5 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
1+ @ 95%
Post entire workout!
one of my personal favorites
AMRAP in 10 minutes:
15 Wall Balls (20/14)
1 Parking Lot Sprint

First thing I had to do was lots of math. I used the computer for that part before I got there and knew my weights. They were 70, 80, and 89 pounds, but I made that 90. I warmed up to that weight and got the 5, 3, and then managed 2. I probably could have done a third one, but my knee was falling in and I figured that discretion was the better part of valor and stopped. Pride goeth before the fall and I didn’t feel like falling.

We then set up for the AMRAP and I declared I was doing masters version or possibly legends version. The goal was to get all the wall balls without stopping and that was too many. I can squeak out 12 and that’s pretty much where I fall apart. So I said I was doing 12. I also did a 10# ball to an 8’ mark just like always. I don’t run. So I strolled the parking lot.

Starting out with a low heart rate made the first round not too bad. I was at a heart rate of 162 when I got to the parking lot. It was bright sunshine and so I had to wear my hat to keep from being blind. At least there was a delicious cool breeze out there.

By the time I got back, my heart rate was only 151 and that was too high to start. I did some box breathing and got it down to 145ish and began with the wall balls. I got them finished but my heart rate was 172. I went for my walk.

When I got back, my heart rate was still high enough to be beeping if the watch still beeped. I sat down and box breathed and got it down to 142 and began again. This remained my pattern for the rest of the workout. My heart rate would go to 174 and I would have to walk the parking lot and then sit and recover before going to the next round.

I got back inside the door with 8 seconds left on the clock. I my heart rate was still 167. My space on the wall was about half way in. I supposed I could have run over there and gotten one more wall ball but it seemed fairly pointless. My score was 5 rounds even and that’s just going to have to be good enough.

It was cold driving to the box with the top down but I was too lazy to put it back up. It was, however, absolutely wonderful to drive home with the top down. Always a bonus. I should be okay tomorrow because that was just 60 wall balls which shouldn’t have over worked me. I can’t believe I just thought 60 was “only” when talking about wall balls. There was a time when that would have been killer and taken me for freaking ever to do. And then crippled me for a couple days.

I’m not getting older; I am getting better. Well, maybe both.


We went on a little vacation to Florida and it was fun BUT … I ate key lime pie, cheesecake, baklava, and lots of other stuff I normally don’t. I knew I would pay for it later, but I did it anyway. We walked on the beach each morning and did other stuff. There wasn’t snacking involved. I gained a little weight, but not as much as I had expected. Now it is back to reality and cleaner eating. And the box.

Wednesdays have been pretty light and I figured after a week off, it would be a good way to get back in the game. I didn’t lift or knit for over a week and my arm was feeling better, but it still has issues. I was looking forward to something easy to ease back in. Instead … a hero WOD. Oh well, at least I was rested going in.

It was heavenly sleeping in my own bed last night and I woke up refreshed but without enough caffeine from the drive home day. So I had a bit of a caffeine headache. I made a 14 ounce cup of coffee at the coffee bar, but it is always weaker from there than in a real coffeepot. I drank it and still had a headache. Dick was awake by 7.15 and he made a pot of coffee so I poured myself another 10 ounce cup. I also drank my protein drink but didn’t have any bananas in the house to go with it. I grabbed some almonds. My headache was dissipating.

I was the only one there this morning. My head was still pounding a little. I got through the warm-up okay, but the bear crawl was a once only thing. It didn’t feel good to be upside down. Amazingly, I only had to pee once and I managed to not wet my pants, too. So it was all good.

Today’s WOD as written:
Mobility Practice – spend warm up time working on your mobility and prehab to prepare for the WOD.


Brandon Barrett
U.S. Marine Corps Captain Brandon “Bull” Barrett, 27, of Marion, IN, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, based out of Camp Lejeune, NC, was killed on May 5, 2010, while supporting combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

He is survived by his parents Cindy and Brett Barrett, his sisters Ashley and Taylor Barrett, his brother Brock Barrett, and his grandmother Carmen Johnson.

First posted December 26 2010

Two rounds of:
200 Double-unders
135 pound Overhead squat, 50 reps
50 Pull-ups
Run 1 mile

There were people at both the 5 and 6 AM class and everybody scaled this. There were some who did one round and some who broke it into smaller pieces and did less than a round and it was all just too much stuff. I don’t run and it takes me around 13-14 minutes to walk a mile. Right there was a lot of time.

The weight is my deadlift so the chance of me doing an overhead squat with that is nil. But the women’s weight was “only” 95# which is more than three times my one rep max. Another issue was my being lopsided. I have trouble jumping rope with my mismatched shoes. I can’t overhead squat without evening myself out.

My arm was still hurting and pull-ups are ouchy.

200 single unders
25 overhead squats 22#
25 pull-ups from a low bar, sort of like a ring rows but still a bar
½ mile walk

I have no idea what I was thinking, but I thought I could do that twice. I didn’t.

I got 120 jumps before I had to stop but I had started with a heart rate of 100 and ended with 167. Then I got down to 140 and did 40 and did that again.

Then I had to rest a bit before starting the overhead squats. I had tested both a 2.5 and a 5 pound plate under my short leg and liked the 5# better, so I was using that to even myself out. I managed 6. As I sat and panted and did box breathing and all that, I did math and knew that wasn’t going to work out well. So on the next set, I did 7 and then rested and got two more 6 rounds.

Then on to the pull-ups. I did them 7, 6, 6, and 6 and my issue was more my arm hurting than my heart rate getting way too high although it did go slightly over my 160 mark.

Then I went for a walk and had to wear my convertible driving hat to block the sun. I took my water bottle with me and I realized that I was feeling pretty nauseated and figured I was outside and there were lots of weeds on the side of the road and if I was going to puke, this was a perfect place. I managed to not puke which was even better.

I got back inside at 19.45 and it was almost 9 and I really didn’t have the time or inclination (or strength or stamina) to do it all again. I worked hard and had to be content with what I managed to do today.



I had a very quiet weekend. It was overcast and every time I thought I might venture out into the world, it looked like I would be poured on and so I stayed inside. I know I won’t melt, but I hate being rained on. It did rain a few times, but not all weekend. I could have gotten out if I had really wanted to do so.

I lost a little bit of weight, but not much (0.8 pounds) but at least I didn’t gain any more. I did it simply by watching my snacking and being better about lunch. It is pretty embarrassing to know what to do and claim you want the results and then not do what has to be done. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. And I would lose the extra pounds I gained while not paying attention.

This is my last day at the box for a week since we are going to go on a little vacation. I’m worried about the weight thing even more here. I will miss at least three and maybe four workouts and I will be eating in restaurants. This is not looking good. I know I can work out with just body weight stuff and I know there are even workouts written. I also know I don’t do them. If I don’t go to class, I don’t do anything. Well, I walk sometimes, but when you are used to more strenuous work, that’s not enough.

My left arm continues to hurt and I believe I may have come upon a better answer. I have been knitting. A lot. Hours and hours and hours and hours of knitting. I have done some crochet, but I’ve been mostly knitting. And I hold my left arm in the same position for hours and hours and hours. I believe that may be at least part of the reason my arm hurts so much. Knitting keeps me from eating. I’m unsure of how to manage my life.

But it is Monday and I went to the gym per protocol. When I looked last night, I sighed. We were predicted to have pretty much constant rain beginning around 2 AM and the WOD contained a run. I don’t run. But I especially don’t run in the rain. Just shit. Last week was sunny all week. And now, in the rain, a run.

It was not raining this morning but it was overcast. Threatening rain. Not a beautiful morning. But what the hell. It was me and Kat today with Kim coaching. All of us are having weight issues right now. Sweating like a crazy person might help, but water weight loss just comes right back when you rehydrate. Damn.

Today’s WOD as written:
Week 2/8

Warm up your entire body thoroughly
percentages based off 90% of your 1RM
(always choose a lighter weight when unsure)
rest 3-5 minutes between sets
perform as many reps as possible on the last (+ set)
Press –
3 @ 65% 70%
3 @ 75% 80%
3+ @ 85% 90%
Post entire workout!
AMRAP in 20 minutes:
5 ring dips
5 pull ups
10 push ups
20 walking lunges (25/10) carry plate behind head
400m run
The reps are low so try to go unbroken with each movement and focus on a high cycle rate. Rest between movements if you feel you cannot complete them unbroken and push the intensity during the reps. Carry the plate behind your head and keep your elbows high and tight to work the triceps and stretch your shoulders at the same time. Try to increase your pace on the run so that you are coming back in faster than you left.

When I looked last night, it was the same percentages as last week so I looked to make sure I remembered what my weights were and I was already. But what was written was wrong and the percentages were raised and I had more math to do. My weights were 33#, 38#, and 43#. We had more trouble with the math than with the lifts. I got 3, 3, and 6 and that last one was a real struggle with my arm really cranky.

I could have done the whole AMRAP as written. But it would have really made me mad. I opted instead to go all legend and did 80% of the reps or 4, 4, 8, 16 and I never do more than a 200 meter walk. Well, if everyone else is running a mile, I will do 400 meters.

I used a 1” band for the ring dips, I used a 2” band for the first round of pull-ups and then added the 1” to it so I could keep them strict. I did push-ups off a raised bar. I did walking lunges without any weight. I walked the 200 meters.

I was hoping to get the ring dips, pull-ups, and push-ups done before my heart rate was too high, but that didn’t work. So I rested after the pull-ups and then did the push-ups and lunges and walked out the door. It was my hope that I could get my heart rate down as I walked if I walked slow enough.

I got back inside with a heart rate of low 150s and figured I would see what happened. I did the ring dips and was over 160 and knew that beginning the pull-ups at that point would be stupid. I sat for a few seconds doing box breathing and then did the pull-ups, but my heart rate was again too high and I had to sit again. Push-ups and lunges followed.

I walked, but not too fast, and got back and figured it might be smarter to rest here when my heart rate was high 150s and quickly bring it down and get the ring dips and pull-ups done, so I did that. Then I rested and did the push-ups and lunges and went for my last walk.

Since no matter what I did, I had to rest a bit when I got back, I thought it would be smarter to walk a bit faster and get back to the box faster. I did that and it seemed to work better. When I got back there was just a couple minutes left on the clock but my heart rate was still 158. So I did box breathing and then did the ring dip and pull-ups. I had time left, but my heart rate was 168.  I simply had to rest and box breathe so I did. With 30 seconds left and a still too high heart rate (but what the heck, I was almost done) I did the push-ups and got two lunges done before time was called. 3+18 for my score. I had to ask how someone managed 7+ rounds. That was 1.75 miles plus all the other stuff. Kim looked at the board and saw it was David. She said it was possible because he is 16. The power of youth. I felt better. My socks were older than him.

Back home and fed, I’m pleased with how hard I worked today and how much I scaled. I made it difficult and yet possible. I also learned more about running inside a WOD.


I live in North Charleston, South Carolina. I live in a suburban area of the third largest city in the state. The deep South is not a bastion of liberal thinking. There is a Confederate flag flying in our state’s capital and that is both embarrassing and disconcerting. Charleston was once one of the top five wealthiest cities in the country – bigger than New York City. At one point, nine of the ten richest men in the country lived in Charleston. They made their money off the backs of slaves. It was Charleston that fired on Fort Sumter and began the Civil War. This is not a place that has lots of warm, fuzzy feelings for African-Americans.

And yet … unlike many of the other areas of this country where police got out of hand, the mayor and police chief did not say that cold-blooded murder would be tolerated. There is simply no excuse for shooting someone in the back for non-payment of child support. Charges were filed and the miscreant will not be left to go free.

And this is not enough. I’ve been watching the internet explode yet again. Not here. Not in Charleston or North Charleston, but out there in the wonderful wide world.

There are power tripping cops – and teachers, and librarians, and priests, and clergy, and doctors, and lawyers, and possibly Indian chiefs if there are still Indian chiefs. There is no large segment of society that doesn’t have a few whackadoodles. In 2014, 126 police officers died in the line of duty. That was a 24% increase over the year before when 102 died. In 2014, 50 of those who were killed, were killed by firearms (traffic fatalities are second most frequent cause of death).

So far this year, 36 officers have died, most in automobile accidents. As a side note, so far this year, six K9 deaths have also occurred with two of the dogs being shot and one being poisoned. The sad thing here is that I bet there are a few people who are more upset by a poisoned dog (which is horrific) than by the men (no women so far this year) who were gunned down.

There is no excuse for what happened here in North Charleston. Officer Slager should not have fired his gun even once let alone eight times. Walter Scott was no threat to him. Slager is no longer working and he has been charged with murder which is more than Cleveland or New York City managed to do and far more than Ferguson.

And yet it isn’t enough.

What I continue to see is an outpouring of hate directed not at Michael Slager, but at all cops everywhere. They are all power hungry thugs who want nothing more than to shoot old men as they waddle away.

I know some cops. Some really nice cops. Some nice, kind helpful cops. I know people, especially here in South Carolina where cops are not paid much more than the high school kids working at McDonald’s, who are genuinely there to serve and to protect.

I wonder if these people who are making blanket statements about the cops have ever had to call for assistance from the very people they are demeaning right now. Have they had to call because of domestic abuse or home invasion? Have they ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident and been assisted by these “monsters”? Or even just needed a police report to file an insurance claim?

We need our police force. We need to realize that there are some no good cops but that the majority of them are hard working individuals who put their lives on the line each time they leave for work. The vilifying of the entire group isn’t helping. I keep hoping that the entire country’s combined constabulary system doesn’t take it into their collective heads to take a couple weeks off and let the ranters figure out how much we all depend on those men and women in blue who come to help us out when we need them.

To the cops I know, thanks. I appreciate your service.


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