My recovery from my Friday workout was much easier than I thought it would be. I had been so sore going in, I figured I would just be lucky to be able to brush my teeth later and combing my hair would be out of the question. Instead, the workout loosened up all that bad stuff and I was able to move my arms with full range of motion painlessly by Saturday morning.

The weekend was nice. We met friends for dinner on Saturday and had a lovely time and Sunday was quiet. I was ready to get back to the box this morning.

When I looked at the WOD, I knew something had to be done because what was written was out of the question. I vacillated between solutions.

We had a visitor from Connecticut there this morning. Erica and I had Kim as a coach. Kim and 11 friends had completed a 206 mile relay run from Columbia to Charleston on Friday/Saturday and she was still recovering from that. Her sleep deprivation was causing her the most trouble. But the dozen women made the run and no one was hurt. Always a good a thing.

We began with a warm-up row, mostly because it was spitting rain outside. I picked a rower that didn’t want to turn the screen on. I decided I would just row for the same amount of time as Erica. We determined that the rower had been sitting under where the roof leaks and water had dripped inside the little monitor casing. So after I was finished, Kim took out the batteries and left it open to dry out. Hopefully it wasn’t harmed.

We did a bunch of other stuff and then were declared warm. It is interesting to see what other people know and don’t know because of what their gyms do and don’t do. Erica had never done a couch sit before. I love that stretch.

Today’s WOD as written:
5×5 back squat moderate weight
18 minute AMRAP
60 cal row
50 burpees
40 box jumps
30 thruster @45%
20 pistol. Go as low as you can or to box

When I first looked at this, I was miffed. If you can tell me what percentage to use for one move, why not the other? What the hell is a moderate weight? Is that 75% or 50% or what? That’s not a difficult thing to simply state. One person’s moderate is another person’s heavy. Precision isn’t really tricky.

It was the first question I had. What was a moderate weight? I was thinking 75% but Kim said between 50 and 60%. So I went with 62# which is 60% and did my five sets with that. I put on my odd shoe to even myself out. I asked Kim to watch my knee and it wasn’t falling in. Maybe I finally have my muscle memory helping me with “knees out” on my squats.

I decided it was more important to not hurt my shins than it was to even out on the thrusters. I put matching shoes back on for the rest of the day. I did put a 2.5# plate under my short leg and went with that solution.

My two possible solutions to this WOD was to either do half, or do rounds at 20%. I wasn’t sure of the best way to manage this since I didn’t want to just row and do burpees. I figured I might get to the box jumps, maybe, if I did it was written. But I wasn’t sure exactly how much to cut off. If I did it in five rounds, sort of like Murph when you break it into rounds, I would get all the moves in and see how far I could get.

That’s finally what I chose. So my reps were 12, 10, 8, 6, and 4 and then repeat. I was hoping to get into the third round before the time was up, but at least I would be able to get a chance to work on all the moves. I looked up my one rep max thruster and it was 52# so I just used the 22# bar. I really jumped but just to the 12” box. I walked the burpees in and out and I had to hold on to the rack to do a pistol.

On the first round, I smacked myself in the chin with the bar on the fourth or fifth thruster. You aren’t supposed to do that. No blood, and I didn’t bite my tongue or anything. It was a light bar. I did not do it again because I’m not that stupid.

My heart rate was consistently high. I would work as much as I could, box breathe for a bit and get back to work. There were three minutes left as I was doing the burpees on the third round. I was thinking this was all the farther I would get and I still had time. I also had a heart rate of 170. I somehow managed to eke out the rest of the round and get back to the rower and begin the fourth round. I only got to one calorie, but it was more than I thought I was going to get. So my score was 121 reps. The entire rep scheme was 200 reps so I could have cut it in half and made it through and then started the next round, but I didn’t know that before starting.

It was more fun than I thought it would be and I’m glad I put it into rounds. I wanted to do all the moves included. I hope I don’t have a bruise, but if so, that’s just the life of a wild woman. An old wild woman.