I have no idea what part of Wednesday’s WOD killed my arms, but it could have been any or all of it together. All I really know is that I hurt. My arms hurt, my chest hurt, my legs hurt slightly. Mostly, it was my arms/chest. I couldn’t even get my arms all the way overhead. Thankfully, I already had a massage scheduled and Jeremy was able to fix much of what was wrong. But I was still stiff and sore when I read what was on the menu for today.

I waited for the CrossFit Open to air and find out what 15.4 was going to be. I was thinking the sub of choice for a handstand push-up would be a push-up, but when I read what the scaled version was, I was both relieved and chagrined. I was so sore, I was pretty sure any push-ups were going to be beyond me and so I was relieved that the scaled version did not have them. But … the weight was possible and tempting. I could. But not for long. I would get more reps at a lower weight. I could do the weight as written. I hate getting such low reps. I need to raise the weight to improve. All night I went back and forth like this.

I could. It would be hard. I did not sign up for the open. This was just a WOD. I always scale. I’m a weenie. I don’t have to do anything. I hate being a weenie. But it would be hard. It’s supposed to be hard. That’s what makes it remarkable.

I got there and there were cars all over the parking lot. I looked at the clock to make sure I hadn’t messed up. Then I remembered the 200 mile relay race the Kettle Belles were running and figured a bunch of people parked here and then rode together to Columbia where the race started. Then I walked in and I was not the only person there. Amazing. Not only was there someone else. There were lots of somebody elses. Kat was there and so was Sherry and her daughter, Madelyn. And me. And Betsy was coaching.

We warmed up for a long time because we had the time to do so. My arms were loosening up and I felt a bit better. Then it was time to set up.

Today’s WOD as written:
Scaled Masters 55+
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
10 push presses
10 cleans
Men push press 65 lb. and clean 75 lb.
Women push press 45 lb. and clean 55 lb.

Did I want to fail in front of other people? What made me think I would fail. I could do this. Not fast and not for long, but I could do this. I have the power. I’ve been at this long enough I could manage this.

At the beginning of the Open, there was a codicil about metric bars. If your gym has kilos instead of pounds, they count. But, the 22# bar with ten pound plates was only 42 and that seemed a bit like cheating. So I grabbed the personal weights from the guy who has his stuff stored there and added another 1# to each side so my bar was 44# but the right height from the ground for easier lifting.

And then I had another bar to set up. Which direction? Who was really going to be watching me? Everyone else was going to be very busy doing their own crap. I would succeed or not all on my own. I could, but only if I took the chance and tried. I set up a 55# (ish) bar with our 33# bar and ten pound plates. I tested it. I could manage. Not much, but I could.

Time began and I push pressed with the 45# and got to 8 before I had to rest. I got the last two and then did box breathing and began with the cleans. I did 4-3-3 and the time was nearly half gone. But I had one complete round which was my entire goal. I was hoping to get into the second round.

I did the push press half and half and then there wasn’t much time left. I had to get the cleans. I managed four and figured I could get another one and did. I panted for a few seconds and got two more. I panted there, holding onto the bar for support and then went and got one more. I did that again a couple times and got done with round two with eight seconds on the clock. My heart rate was 176 and I did not feel stable enough to try for one or two push press. I got farther than I thought I would.

And I used the weight as written. As written. I never get to say that unless it is just rowing. But today …