We went out to breakfast yesterday and I asked neighbors if they were having any issues with the pollen. It seems we are not alone in this house and the pollen is wreaking havoc and making things run amok everywhere. There is exceptionally high pollen counts right now which should be falling. I’m happy to know it isn’t a disease and that it is just pollen. I’m unhappy to know it is pollen because there is going to be lots more before it is over.

I woke up at 5.34 this morning and figured that was ridiculous and so I went back to bed and stayed there for another hour. That was better. I had a short cup of coffee while I waited for it to be time to head to the box. I got ready and headed out.

Having the car inside the garage has been the norm for about 30 years now and I usually am not all that appreciative about it. But since it wasn’t like that Monday, I have to say – I really am a fan. It cost us $675 for a new set of springs and all the trimmings. There was nothing wrong with the garage door itself, nor with the garage door opener. If there had been, the bill would have been higher. So we are thankful for small favors. I must say, this was a very depressing way to blow through that much money. Almost as bad as buying new tires.

But I had a dry car and got to the box without incident. I was the only person there again. Charlie had been at the 6 AM class alone.

I did lots of stuff warming up and was doing fine until we got to bear crawl the mat. I don’t like it ever. But the upside down stuff was really not helping me today. Everything else was pretty much all right.

Today’s WOD as written:
Pendlay rows 5-5-5-5-5
10 power cleans (96/65)
8 chest to bar
4 single arm rows (4 each)

When I looked at this, I began doing math to try to figure out how to make this work for me. The Pendlay rows were okay, mathwise. I knew I failed at 57# last time and so I wanted to get to that weight this time and see if I could hold my butt still and keep my chest still while I did the five lifts. I began at 32# and went 42, 47, 52, 57 and managed all them without a problem. So that was good.

Then the math of the rounds for time. There was just no good way to get to a number that made sense. I was struggling with all the math stuff when it dawned on me that I could just do 3 rounds and not worry about the reps within the rounds.

The weight looked pretty low for the cleans and Kim said it was. So I used a 33# bar on some parallettes. I used a 2” band for the chest to bar and hoped I got higher than my chin over the bar on most of the pulls. With the bear crawl, I learned that upside down was not going to be a good thing to do today. I put a bar low on the rack and did push-ups from there. I was thinking this was something with a rower, but these single arms were ring rows. I didn’t have much of an angle, but I managed them.

I began with a low enough heart rate that I could get all ten cleans done and had them finished in 33 seconds. Then it was all downhill from there. I had a heart rate of 160 when I finished the cleans so did box breathing and got it down to 148. Usually, I can manage 8 pull-ups like that. I had told myself it was only 24 pull-ups total and I could manage it, but I was already struggling after 3. I had to pause, regroup, and then finished them. My heart rate was too high after each move and I would box breathe for a while and then get to work on the next thing.

I was fairly certain I couldn’t just do ten cleans on the following rounds, but I did get in five, do two deep breaths, and do the other five. The second set of chest to bar went fairly well and I managed them with a bit of finesse and Kim said they looked much better than the first set. I got the rest of the round done.

I was back to cleans and again managed them in five and five with just a pause for two deep breaths in the middle. Then I simply fell apart on the chest to bar. The pulls are harder than just for a pull-up and each one made my brain shake inside my head. I got four done and had to stop and regroup. I got three done and had to stop to regroup. I finished the last one and it was pitiful. I sat down and tried to remember how much of a mess puking makes. I got my head/stomach settled enough to do the push-ups and then had to remember again why puking is so horrible. I finished the ring rows and it was 13.46.

On a better day, I would have gone from push-ups to ring rows and just finished them out, but with a heart rate of 165 I was so dizzy I could barely stand up straight. I’m hoping this is all pollen related. I did better today than Monday and I hope Friday is even better.

I had to sit and just remember to not puke for a while. My plan had been to go to the grocery store one block away after this. I decided I would buy some lunchmeat and have them give me a couple slices before they closed up the bag. I washed my hands and got ready to leave. As Kim was going to lock the door, I panicked. I needed my purse to go grocery shopping. Kim helpfully pointed out that it was on my shoulder. Whoops.

I did manage to grocery shop and the couple slices of ham helped get me through the store. I still had my bacon and eggs when I got home. I’m feeling better and ready to try again on Friday.