We both woke up not feeling our very best yesterday morning. We were dizzy and vaguely nauseated. Nothing too bad as long as we stayed mostly still. As the day wore on, we both got better. We cannot figure out what caused this malady. We only eat the same thing at dinner and our dinner the night before was fine. Perhaps we picked up something on vacation.

Our big excitement yesterday was that the garage door broke. Both cars were in the garage at the time. We lifted the garage door using muscle power and it was difficult since it seems the springs are what is broke. I really did my part in that. Then we tried getting the door reattached to the opener and it worked to lower the door, but not to raise it. So we had to pick the damn thing up again. We then moved the cars out of the garage.

I woke up this morning all dizzy again, but after a cup of coffee, I was feeling better. I knew this WOD was a killer for me. I would have to drop the weights and the reps to even sort of manage the damn thing. Perhaps I was just trying to weenie out of a difficult workout. But I go to the box on Monday. Also, I bought special St. Patrick’s Day socks and today was the day to wear them since I don’t go to the gym on Tuesday.

When my alarm finally went off, I was feeling pretty good so I finished getting ready and headed for the box. I forgot what having a car sitting outside is like. It was all covered in dew. It took until I was out of the neighborhood for me to stop having to use the wipers to be able to see out. Someone is coming today and hopefully they can fix the garage door. I was not a fan of this nonsense.

I was the only person there and Kim was coaching. I went on a little run and felt okay. I was to do five squats, lunge down the mat, five squats. I managed okay and tried to concentrate on knees out on the lunges. I did some leg swings and then I did two rounds of five push-ups and ten kettlebell swings. And by the end of that I was dizzy, the room was spinning, and I felt awful.

The up and down of the kettlebell swings did me in. If that was the case, thrusters were going to kill me. I really didn’t want to pass out with weight overhead. I tried a thruster with just a PVC pipe and that felt horrible.

But on vacation, I not only spent too much money, I ate too many calories. I’m too fat right now to not work out.

Today’s WOD as written:
20 min emom

1st min 8 thruster 40-55 95/65 55 plus 75/ 55
2nd min 8 OTB burpees
5 rounds
Row 20 calories
Rest 2 min

My legs were hurting from last week’s thrusters, but I didn’t have to stick to that weight. But the up and down, which even on the best of days makes me dizzy, wasn’t helping me at all today. I opted to just do the row.

I usually drop this and do 80% or 16 calories, but since I wasn’t doing anything else, I did the entire row. I rowed, rested, rowed, etc. I am not really a fan of rowing. It is like running only sitting down – and I can go longer. But it is tedious.

I did it anyway. I finished the 100 calories in 9.45 of actual rowing time which is a long time but what else was I going to do? By the time I was done, I staggered to the bathroom and hoped I wasn’t going to throw up. My head was spinning, the room was moving around me. I got myself calmed down a bit.

After I felt good enough, I drove home. I can’t figure out what is wrong with me. If I sit still, I feel fine. If I move, I get dizzy. Sitting in the car and driving wasn’t a problem at all, but walking into the house was enough to make my head spin some more. Usually, I’m starving after working out. I realize I didn’t really work out this morning, but I wasn’t hungry and the thought of food was off-putting.

I’m hoping that as I write this, I’m giving my head enough rest so that I can take a shower without hurting myself. What an exciting life I lead.