We went to Myrtle Beach for three days/two nights. We didn’t realize it was Spring Break time and there were lots of college kids having a good time which, for reasons that are inexplicable, entails lots of shouting or actual screaming. It also includes fireworks after the bars close. That part was really annoying. Everything else was kinda fun. It made for great people watching. And the kids were nice to the old farts when we came in contact with them.

We went to two different outlet malls while there and we spent lots of money and returned with the trunk crammed full. We walked on the beach in the afternoon fog – I didn’t even know there was such a thing. We ate lots of foods which I normally shun. I feel guilty about the spending and bad eating and too many calories.

I also missed my Wednesday workout while indulging in all the bad food. I ran out of protein drink on Monday and started a new bag today. It doesn’t have fats included in it so I tried adding coconut oil while blending. Don’t do this. It’s not a good a idea. I will have to just eat some peanut butter or something.

Last night, they were at the box watching for the announcement of 15.3. I was not there. I was home and unpacked and happily sitting in my favorite chair. There was no WOD posted but I assumed it was going to be 15.3 and so I went and looked at it. There is still no WOD posted, but it was 15.3.

I was the only person there and Betsy had me doing this and that to get warmed up. I got warm and then it was time to tackle this thing.

Today’s WOD as written:
Scaled Masters

14 minute AMRAP

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 14 minutes of:
50 wall-ball shots
200 single-unders
Men use 14-lb. ball to 9 feet, Women use 10-lb. ball to 9 feet

Old men get to drop the weight on the ball and shoot to a lower mark. Women don’t. I did anyway. I’m not in the Open. I’m just doing a WOD. I shot to an 8 foot mark.

It was as horrible as I figured it would be. Because I began with a low heart rate, I could get 15 wall balls done. Then I did them in sets of 10 for the next two rounds. Then I had a funny amount left, so I did 8 and then 7 and then I was finally finished. I had used almost 5 minutes of my time.

I got 100 jumps done and had to rest. I got my heart rate back down and did 70 and had to rest. I got the last 30 done with missing two or three jumps in there.

Then I had to do more wall balls. I figured I would do 8 the first set and then do the rest in groups of 7. My heart rate was consistently going to low 170s with the wall balls and it was taking me what seemed like an incredibly long time to bring it back down. As time ran down I just worked as much as I could and ended with 45 wall balls as time was called.

I can’t say I really liked anything about this. Except that it is over. As I was leaving, I wanted to see what time it was and as I hit my watch to go from heart rate to time, it made a funny sound. The battery had died. I’m so glad that didn’t happen while I was working. I need to know when it is safe to get back up and moving. If I go too soon, I don’t get enough reps in to make the rest worthwhile. If I wait too long, I’ve wasted too much time.

Now I’m back to my regularly scheduled life. And although I have vowed to not shop for a while, I have to go and get a new battery. My life depends on it.