We went to Hilton Head on Friday to see Frankie perform in Peter Pan, Jr. She was adorable in the chorus of fairies and Indians. We went out to dinner after the performance and then spent the night in Hilton Head. We got home after doing some shopping at their outlet mall.

On Sunday, we went for an hour hike in a county park woods. It was a perfect day with sun filtering through the trees, a light breeze and temperatures in the low 70s. Then we went out for ice cream which was delicious.

I looked at the WOD last night and it wasn’t there. I figured it was the time change and so I looked at 9 PM and it still wasn’t there. I gave up and figured someone would tell me what to do when I got to the box. When I awoke before dawn today, but too late to hit an earlier class, I got myself a cup of coffee and looked and there was a WOD posted.

Leslie was there with me this morning and Kim was coaching. It was ⁰F 48 when I left the house. I had selected what I thought to be an appropriate outfit for the conditions. I was wrong.

Warm-up began with a run and I did my 200 meters without dying or beeping, but close. Then we did a number of other things and were finally declared warm. We went to the white board to discuss the day.

The 5 AM class found there was too much on the board. They didn’t have time to do both part A and part B so they just did A. The 6 AM class opted to cut the rounds on part A and also get to do part B. It was our choice which we would prefer to do. I just like people to boss me around because if left to my own devices, I will weenie out far too often. I’m not doing the things I would like to be able to do because I haven’t put in the work or the effort. I talk myself into wimping out often. Leslie wanted to do all of part A and so it was decided I would do the same thing.

Today’s WOD as written:

6 rounds of
20 cal row
10 hspu
10 thruster (95/65)
50 DU’s
Rest 2 min
6 sets 3 front squats at 75%

First thing I did was cut the rep scheme to 80% and did 16 calories, 8 HSPU and 8 thrusters and I used a 42# bar. I did 40 single unders and didn’t bother doubling them up.

It took Gabe 35 minutes and Paul used up 34 something. This wasn’t looking good. But I was sure they did it RX and so maybe I had a slim chance. I discussed the weight option on the thrusters. 42# is really heavy for me overhead, so I had a weenie option 33# bar available. I did the HSPU sub from a 20” box and had one abmat on the floor.

With a heavy heart, I was as ready as I could get and the time started. Rowing is always possible and tedious. My heart rate goes high, but I can just row slower until I get it back down. It wasn’t too bad on the first round and I could go into the HSPU sub without stopping. I rested to get a heart rate down to 149. Then the thrusters. I would have to do them four and four. I got half done and a heart rate of 170. I waited for my heart rate to come down and did the last 4 and again had a heart rate of 170. I had to wait to jump rope. When I got to 159, I started. I got them done and went back to the rower.

As I rowed I started to make deals with myself. That was really heavy on the thrusters. I could use the bare 33# bar for the next round and it would be easier. Of course it would be easier, there was less weight. But I managed the 42# bar and I should use the weight I could do. It wasn’t going to kill me to do the 42# bar again. Maybe I could do one more round and then switch to the lighter bar. I had finally decided to stick with the 42# bar by the end of my row and so I finished out the round.

I did the same wait and work my ass off and wait and work my ass off crap just like the round before. I was melting. Sweat drops were running off my nose and making a cute pattern on the floor as I did my box breathing and it was annoying me no end. On the way over to the rower, I ripped off my short sleeved shirt.

This is one of the advantages of old age. I don’t care what I look like and neither does anyone else. And because I can, my sports bra always matches my pants anyway. So there I was, only a slight bit cooler but at least it was something.

I bargained with myself while I rowed again and decided that I would do half the rounds with the 42# bar and got through the rest of the round the same way I had before. Then back to the rower. Did I really need to drop the weight? I had done three rounds and I still had the energy to make it. Why was I going to weenie out? I had this. I had done it already. I knew I could do it. Easier wasn’t going to help anything. I stuck with the 42# bar.

The much younger woman was a whole round ahead of my by this point. As I began round five, I was dying. Sweat was running everywhere. My heart rate was consistently going to 170, back to 149, up to 170. Time was marching on. Leslie was finished with round six as I finished round five’s HSPU. I sat on the edge of the box and breathed. I felt like puking. It was already around 30 minutes of work. I really didn’t feel good. There was a 33# bar sitting there.

As I sat there, I decided that I really only had five rounds in me. That was all I could do and not puke. But, I would be damned if on this last round I switched to a lighter bar. If I could do four, I could do five. So I used the 42# bar, got them done with the last one really pitiful. Then I jumped the rope and finished in 33.17. I honestly did not have another 6.5 minutes of work left in me and the hour of class time was almost up.

I’m so glad I didn’t pick up the lighter bar. I might have been able to get six rounds in. The thrusters were the hardest part for me. With five rounds, I did 40 reps at 42# or threw 1680 overhead. If I had used the 33# bar and done six round or 48 reps, I would have thrown 1584 overhead. It would have been easier and less weight. And I stuck with the higher weight anyway.