Yesterday’s main event was the announcement of clue 4 for the Mystery Afghan my sister talked me into making. It was horribly ugly after week three. It is now marginally better. I don’t hold out much hope for the successful conclusion to this project. Someone is going to receive a butt ugly afghan. Probably the sister who made me do this.

I was awake around 6 AM this morning and I made myself a quick short cup of coffee since my day was going to be bizarre, at least by my standards. I also ate a banana since I figured it might help with the WOD and the after projects. When my alarm went off, I really got ready and drank my protein drink. Then I headed for the box.

Once again it was just me. The mornings are sparse, to say the least. The last couple evenings have been packed. So it all works out, I guess. I was the only one there again with no one there at 6 AM. Charlie made it in yesterday. There were only two people at the 5 AM class and they were the guinea pigs for timing the rest between sections.

My warm-up began with a run. It has been a while since that happened. It has been too cold. Today is perfect out there. It was ⁰F 65 and sunny. But there was 100% humidity because we are in South Carolina. When Kim opened the bay door, the humidity zoomed in and everything was slick with it.

I did a bunch of other things and got myself warm. In fact, with so much humidity in the air, I was dripping as well.

Today’s WOD as written:
5 minutes of over the bar burpees
5 minutes rest
10 min EMOM
1 power clean 3 push press @ 50%
4 minutes rest
8 min AMRAP
5 deadlifts @ 50%
10 over the box jumps
10 t2b

When I looked at this last night I sighed and then I figured out what I was going to do. I did step in and out burpees over a bar on the ground. My one rep max on power cleans is 67# and so 33# was nearly perfect. My one rep max on a deadlift is 143 and so 73# was good enough. I can’t spin in circles no matter what, so box jumps was going to have to be good enough and I used the 12” box. The Garage Games Open had old farts like me doing sit-ups for toes to bar and that is what I would do, too.

So I set up all this stuff and got ready. Kim was counting for me, but she had to have counted wrong. I would do as many as I could until the beeping was annoying and then rest and get my heart rate down some and start some more. It was just as crappy as it sounded. She gave me a score of 27 but considering where I was when it was over and where I had been when it started, it had to be an even number so we gave me a score of 26.

I did quite well is the 5 minute rest. I did go get a couple parallettes and put the bar up on them. While I was warming up, I kept using chalk but the bar was slick and the chalk would disappear. I was afraid of dropping a bar, even this light, on my head. So I put on my gloves to help with grip, but it was quite hot in the room and they were just adding heat to the problem.

I got through the whole 10 EMOM without ever beeping. By the last couple rounds, my heart rate was higher but it never topped 157. That was pretty impressive. Again, I was all good with the rest. Off with the gloves, since I can’t drop a deadlift on my head.

While my bar was up on the parallettes, I put my plates on and couldn’t even begin to tell you how much easier it was to load the bar. There was a space of about an inch between the floor and the weights and they just slid on, easy as pie.

I got ready and began. I managed the deadlifts and some of the box jumps before I started beeping. I ignored it and when I finished the box jumps my heart rate was over 170. I was afraid to do the up and down until it was a bit lower, to when I got to 166, I began the sit-ups since they don’t stress my heart rate that much. Then I rested and started another round. On the third box jump, I missed the jump but was able to recover without injury which is pretty much my entire goal for each day’s WOD. So I was successful.

I made it through three rounds and thought I only had a few seconds to go so I got the deadlifts in. Turned out I had another whole minute. So I got my heart rate down to 165 and did the ten box jumps and finished those with two seconds still on the clock. My heart rate was 180 and I didn’t have the time to do more. So my score was 3+15. I’m glad I didn’t lower the rep count and I’m glad I didn’t try knees to elbows as the sub. I was dripping wet by the end.

But my day was just beginning. I had a dentist appointment. I had changed it once and then my schedule changed and I figured I would just go directly from the gym to the dentist. They said they didn’t care. I brought a clean shirt with me and my glasses because I can’t wear my contacts for that long. So I was ready. I hadn’t counted on being this wet.

I left my wet shirt on and put the top down on the car and drove over to the dentist. It helped dry me out some. Then I switched shirts in the parking lot and put my clean one on before going it. I still looked like the Wreck of the Hesperus, but at least I was dry. I got my teeth cleaned and the hygienist and I talked gym rat crap. She has just begun doing more than walking/running and the kettlebell swings she did left her so sore she could hardly move. I told her to do Russians instead. And demonstrated.

The good news here was that the first thing they do is take your blood pressure and mine was down to 122/78 (normal) and my heart rate was at 73 (normal). So I had recovered nicely.

I left there and went grocery shopping at the store that has Wednesday as their senior discount day. I brought home my four reusable bags of food, put it away, and couldn’t wait to have breakfast 3.5 hours after I left the house. This is more than I usually do in a week. Retirement may be okay.