My weekend was like a normal weekend except I didn’t have to worry about getting up for a very early workout today in order to get to work on time. I woke up without an alarm but it was still too early. I had time for some coffee before having to get ready for the box.

I got there and once again, I was the only person there. 6 AM had no one there so I would have been the only person there, as well. At least I got to sleep in for almost an hour to be all alone. Classes really are more fun with other participants. This is why I don’t like working out in the garage.

It was also a bit warmer today. The temperature was ⁰F 45 and so I opted to not put on as many layers. I regretted that decision for all of about five minutes – the time I was waiting for class to start. In no time I was warm enough to get out of the jacket.

I watched a video where someone strategized about 15.1/15.1a and he talked about pacing and hoping to keep your heart rate low for longer and maybe getting up to the 170 range by round 6 or 7. I scoffed. I was beeping in the warm-up, specifically with ring rows on rep 11 of 15. It is the bane of my existence, but without a heart rate at all, I would really be having trouble moving weights.

Today’s WOD as written:
5 rounds of

Row 20 cal hard
10 c2b 54 and under, regular pull-ups 55 and up
Rest 2 min between rounds
50 wallballs for time
Rest 5 min
50 box jumps for time

I like that I get a scaled move on the chest to bar and only need to do pull-ups. But the rep count was going to kill me as well. I’m too far over 55 to do this much. I decided last night that I would do 80% of the reps.

I rowed and had a heart rate too high by the end each time. I sat on the rower and did box breathing until my heart rate was what I hoped was low enough, 148-150. Then I ambled over to the pull-up bar and used a 2” band for the pull-ups. I got my fat ass up there without stopping on most of the rounds. I was beeping by rep 6 but could pull them off.

I don’t know what happened on the third round, but apparently when I walked over to the pull-up station, my heart felt like I ran a race of something. I was beeping by the end of the first pull-up. I made it through 5, but I could not get any more. I had to pause although like a normal person pauses, and then I got the last three. After that, I rowed, got to the pull-up station and then did the box breathing so that whatever triggered that event, didn’t happen again.

That mostly worked but by the end of the whole mess, my arms were also having none of it. I got 7 on the last round and simply had to pause and regroup before I could get that last rep in. I finished this whole mess in 22.34 and that is with 8 minutes of scheduled rest and however much time it also took me to get my heart rate down between rowing and the pull-ups.

Then I got to rest until I felt like I could go again. It was more than 2 but less than 5 minutes. Then I was ready to go. My plan was four sets of ten with a 10# med ball to an 8’ line. I worked the plan and had to pant like a lizard on a hot rock in between sets. If I got my heart rate down to 147 or so, I could get the 10 in without spiking my heart rate dangerously high. I finished that part in 4.44.

I RXd the rest. Actually, this was where I mostly fell apart. I was so spent, I laid back on the blissfully cool floor and just tried not to die. I probably spent a minute like that and then I sat up. I must have done that too fast. The entire room spun and turned dark and then began to sparkle and I felt nauseous. This was not going well. But I still had time to get myself glued back together.

So I sat still and just closed my eyes. Things stopped spinning and when I opened my eyes, nothing was sparkling anymore. That was a plus. So I edged my way to sit on the box I had set up and sipped a bit of water. That felt better, too. I was seriously thinking of not doing the last part, but I seemed to be recovering.

It was getting close to the time and so I didn’t mention to Kim how bad I was feeling. I just figured I could do the last part because – CrossFit.

We had discussed what to do with the box jumps. I could do those cute little side step things from the other day. I liked those. I had an easier time with switching legs because that is built in. But I could also do real jumps onto just a 12” box instead of anything with a 20” box. I wasn’t sure which would be better or even what the goal of a box jump is – other than to keep your shins intact. Well, that’s my goal for a box jump.

But I decided to do jumps to a 12” box. My heart rate had come down to 130 which isn’t that low but this is what I deal with. I did 12. Then I got to 21, then 31 and finally finished in 4.17. I’m glad I tried this. It was difficult, but not insurmountable. I’m not sure how it would have gone if I actually felt better to start.

I staggered out to the car and made my way home and had bacon and eggs. Now I’m feeling much better. Today was really too much work for an old fart. Somehow, and I really have no idea how, I managed.