I am retired. But I haven’t yet missed a day’s work because this would have been my weekend anyway. My last day of work went well. We watched a movie, Office Space, and laughed every time the printer jammed. I will never print another envelope. The thought is refreshing. I made it out the door without crying, which was a miracle. I believe I took all my personal effects with me.

We had company, the freezing golfers, who showed up a few minutes after I got home. Ted had to get back home but Bob stayed an extra day. Unfortunately, it was too horrible to play golf so we had to go downtown and get lunch and then wander around and end up at Kaminsky’s for dessert. I love having to end up at Kaminisky’s.

But today it was time to head back to the gym for another round of lunacy known as CrossFit. But, I have erased the 5.15 AM alarm from my phone. It is set for 7.15 AM now, mostly to remind me to get ready, not to wake up. I had a short cup of coffee and had checked my Facebook and writing forum, along with my email, before the alarm went off. I finished getting ready in a leisurely fashion and headed out the door to a sunlit morning.

Betsy was coaching and I was the only person there. There had only been two people at 5 AM and no one at 6 AM. Since the WOD wasn’t the Open workout, people may have been saving themselves. Even I looked at the Open workout and noticed that I could actually do it as written for a scaled old fart. I just would have had to do sit-ups and the snatches could be just ground to overhead. AND the old fart men had a greater weight than the old fart women. Something that the Masters Garage Games didn’t seem to find possible. But the Open did.

Since it was just me, Betsy asked what I would like as a warm-up that wouldn’t make me overheat, which sometimes happens. I said I didn’t much care but would like it to not have any bear crawls. She said she could manage that but she had me doing this backwards stand on one leg and rotate the other leg thing that I simply couldn’t manage without using a PVC pipe for support. My balance really is much better than when I began, but it still isn’t that great. I have no idea if that is anything it is possible to recover or I’m just stuck being old.

Then we discussed the WOD and once again I didn’t know what something was. I assumed I might figure it out, but it sounded so ludicrously dangerous, that I hoped I would be wrong. I wasn’t.

Today’s WOD as written:
Partner WOD Friday!!!

30 Simultaneous Partner Jumping Lunges
30 Lateral Partner Burpees
30 Alternating Partner Wall Balls(20/14)
30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
30 C&J(135/95)

So the first problem was that I didn’t have a partner and Betsy didn’t dress to be able to work out. So I was doing this by myself. I always think I can’t do something and then get pushed into doing it. What I was most worried about was how much time I would be spending not doing anything. Without a partner to be doing whatever, it was just wasted time. I can manage 12 wall balls at a crack, tops. Having to rest in the middle means that it takes me far longer to do the three more than just the three more. It takes me another 45 seconds to a minute while I get my heart rate back down. But Betsy said we had all the time in the world and what did it matter. So I stuck with doing really half the reps on each move.

However, I just did walking lunges. The lateral burpees were supposed to be with one partner on the ground and the other hopping laterally over him/her to do burpees first on their left and then on their right and do as many as possible and then that person lies on the floor while the other jumps over them. This just sounds like an opportunity for me to either fall over or jump onto someone and really hurt them. But I didn’t have a partner so it was all moot. I did walking in and out burpees.

I then did my normal wall balls with a 10# med ball to an 8’ line and then used a 2” band for pull-ups since old farts are always excused from the chest to bar. Then I hit my snag. Since I knew the clean and jerks would be where I fell apart, Betsy said she would rather see me use a lighter bar and do more of the reps throughout. So I dropped back to just a 33# bar for these.

I managed all the lunges and even got in a few burpees before I started beeping. Then I rested and got some more burpees, rested and got to 14 and rested. Then I finished number 15 and got 8 wall balls and rested. My heart rate was 171 and it took some time to get it down but then I finished that. I went to the rack and got my heart rate down again and then began the pull-ups. I did 9 and my arms still had more pull-ups in them, but my heart didn’t. I stopped and looked and my heart rate was 181. Whoops. That’s considerably higher than mid 160s. I got it down and finished the pull-ups.

Then to the clean and jerks. I was determined to do them in sets of five but I was beeping at the end of the third rep each time. But I got to five and then rested. I figured if I could get my heart rate a little lower before I began again, that would work better. It didn’t seem to matter. I was beeping at the end of three again. So I figured if it didn’t matter, why try. I got down to 152 and began again and finished the whole thing in 11.21.

Dropping the weight on this really helped. I can only get three ground to overhead done with 45# that would have meant two more rest periods in there and would have ticked me off. Not that I couldn’t do it, but that I have to spend so much time recovering. Moving less weight really was the key here.