We had an ice age through here yesterday and rather than drive on icy roads with a car noted for not being good on icy roads, I worked from home. I actually got far more done than I would have been able to do in the office. No one talked to me and the phones didn’t ring. I didn’t get any email. I just worked. I couldn’t make Excel and Access talk to each other because apparently Microsoft doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Even though I thought it was an excellent idea, I was outvoted. Access talked way too much to Word and babbled incessantly and so that didn’t work either. But I, like Thomas Edison, learned much by learning what didn’t work.

Today is the last day. It is the last day of work which also means it is the last day I have to wake up at 5.15 AM and head off to the box in the dark. It is the last time I have to stop at a very long light after someone turned right on red 45 seconds ago. It is the last time I will get to see the moon shining over the Carolina pines as I head out. It is the last time I have a gorgeous sunrise blinding me on the way home.

It was supposed to be ⁰F 32 this morning and so the first thing I did when the alarm went off was check the temperature. I wasn’t driving to the gym on icy roads. See above. But it was a blisteringly hot 36 out there and so the roads were wet, but not iced. And I don’t have any bridges to cross. The people here do not know that bridges freeze before the roadway. The Southern climate makes that esoteric information. But I am from the frozen tundra North. And I know.

There were four brave souls at the 5 AM class and just me at the 6 AM class. Kim was coaching and she had me doing a variety of stuff to get warm. It worked. I had my jacket off by the end of the warm-up. I cannot do circles and so I asked about the jump over the box thing to give her time to come up with something for me. I get dizzy enough with shuttle runs because of the spinning at the end of each shuttle.

Today’s WOD as written:
6 min amrap

10 push press @ 45%
10 c2b over 55 regular pull-ups
Rest 6 min
6 min amrap

10 OHS @ 50% max
10 over the box jumps
4 rounds of
Row 250 all out rest 2 min. between rounds

I RXd the rest, everything else was scaled. I used 33# bar for the moves, a 2” band assist for the pull-ups, and a 20” box and did step-ups.

My bar was 50% rather than 45% for the push press but I only did 8 of each move. I could get one thing done and rest and get the next thing done and rest and my heart rate was too high by the 6th push press or the 6th pull-up after the first round. But I would impatiently work to get it back down and then go back and start some more. I got a score of 3+2 and ended with a heart rate way too high. But I had a six minute rest.

I moved the box from the rack to the floor. I know I said I would do that side step thing, but this was supposed to be more difficult than a simple box jump, so I did the more difficult actual step-up rather than the side step. I remember to switch the lead led half way through on each round.

I also cannot get anything less than 75% of my one rep max for an overhead squat. So I racked the bar and did front squats. I used the same bar because 67# is my one rep max on a power clean. It was possible to get the squats done without stopping and although I beeped by the end (after the first round) I was okay. On the first round, I got the squats and step-ups done and had a heart rate of 159. Amazing. But I had a heart rate of 120s to start. So after that, it was one move complete, rest, next thing done, rest. I got a score of 3+8 on this one.

The times for the 5 AM class on the rowing was in the 50+ seconds range. The rowers were programmed to count backwards and give an accurate time for each round. I wanted the same times at they had so I asked if I could do 200 meters instead. That should put me at the same times. And it did. I had scores of 53.4, 54.9, 56.8, and 56.1. My heart rate was low to start and the two minutes got it back down, but not as much as the beginning.

And now I am off to my last day of work. Last. Day. Work. Then it is up to me to find something to do with all my time. All of it. Up to me. Those phrases keep going through my head. I have had three distinct careers in my life. I was a nurse, a teacher, and a secretary – all girl jobs. Maybe I should look for something rough and tough to do in my old age.

This is a lie. It's cute; but a lie

This is a lie. It’s cute; but a lie.