It was 19 degrees out there Friday and I could not make myself go to an unheated gym and work out. I didn’t like the WOD and so I felt like I was avoiding something but the reality was it was too damn cold. Even with my gloves on, the bar would have been freezing cold and throwing it overhead seemed like a really bad idea. I stayed home.

Which means it has been almost a week since I’ve been to the gym and even so, waking up at 5.15 AM was a real struggle. But I did manage to drag myself out of bed and get dressed. Today, it is ⁰F 59 which is much better, at least in theory.

I looked at the WOD last night, figured how to scale it and stopped worrying about it. I got there this morning and Ryan was coaching the 5 AM class and then he and I took the 6 AM class with Kim coaching.

We warmed up while the 5 AM class finished with the WOD. It took a long time to get through. There is 16 minutes of built in rest and so that sucks up a lot of time. They were offered a chance to quit at 4 rounds, but I believe everyone there managed all five.

We warmed up around them and then were prepared to hurry through the day, since we already knew it was a long day of work.

Today’s WOD as written:

2 deadlifts @ 60% of max every 15 second for 5 minutes
5 rounds
10 burpees to 6″ OH
15 wall balls
30 double unders
Rest 4 min between rounds

The first thing I did last night was figure out what my deadlift weight was going to be. I was to use 84# and I went with 83# today. I warmed up a little with the empty bar. My problem is my heart rate. I started with heart rate in the 130s instead of in the 110s. I like to begin with at least a fighting chance. I knew I might have to rest one of the 15 second rounds. Maybe more. But with a high heart rate to start, I was pretty sure I was doomed.

Ryan was working with “significantly less” than his 60% and still found this difficult. It was either at 3.00 or 3.15 I had to sit one out. My heart rate was too high to keep going and the rest in between rounds wasn’t enough. But it was the only round I missed. So I only did 38 deadlifts rather than the 40 as written. But I did them at the real 60%.

For the next part, I did HSPU from a 20” box, regular burpees, 10# med ball to an 8’ mark, and 2:1 on single unders. I also cut back the reps because I wanted to be able to do a move without stopping. So I did 4, 8, 12, 24 and did 80% of the reps.

We knew how long it took the 5 AM class and we tried to start earlier because Ryan had to leave to take their daughter to school. Even starting a bit earlier wasn’t enough. Ryan was only doing four rounds. I was happy with that as well. I would have run over doing the fifth had I chosen to do it.

Since we were rushing to start, my heart rate was too high to begin with. I got through the HSPU and the burpees and then rested, did the wall balls and rested, finished with the single unders and had my built in rest time. My heart rate kept going over 170, but I could finish each move. I remembered to switch the lead leg on my walked in and out burpees.

My times were: 3.32, 3.21, 3.16, and 3.03 with a total time of 25.12 (and 12 minutes of that was rest). I have no idea how I managed to get better on each round. I know that on the first round, my heart rate was the highest at the start of any of the rounds. I also missed a jump with the rope and it was the only time I did that.

Maybe I got to where I could game my heart rate a bit better. I waited for it to get to 148 and then could get the wall balls done without stopping and I just went to 159 so I wasn’t beeping when I began the single unders because I had a 4 minute rest after.

What I noticed mostly was that I was so hot, I wanted to rip my shirt off. At least I didn’t have knee socks on today or I would have melted. I was dripping wet and sweat was running into my ears. I was miserable. And it was too cold to work out on Friday and it will be cold again by Wednesday. There is no pleasing me.