Our new countertop oven is not exactly a toaster oven. We have a toaster. The new small oven is both conventional and convection and it has a rotisserie option. I will probably use that as often as I used the toaster option in the old one – never. But the oven part works well and we have had two dinners cooked in it already. One problem solved.

The rest of our weekend was pretty quiet. We could have gone to Hilton Head for Craig’s Polar Bear event but it was too close to polar and we opted to not freeze on the beach while folks worked out. Since it was Valentine’s Day, it was a partner WOD and intense. There was no way for me to participate in such an event. CrossFit Summerville also had a special event for the day and again it was a partner WOD. My partner plays golf.

Today is listed on the corporate website as a holiday. The markets are closed. I have never taken this as a holiday and the office has never closed. However, since I’m retiring and I get four holidays a year, I said I would use this as one of them. Since I was staying home, the rest of the office opted to also shut down. I have no idea what they plan to do when I retire, but my not being there was cause for a shut down today. I’m that important or something. But I do have the day off which meant I didn’t have to wake up before dawn and get to the box early.

I did wake up before the alarm and had a cup of coffee while I waited for my phone to play its dulcet time-to-wake-up song. When it did, I finished getting ready for my trip over to CrossFit Summerville. It was still cold, but above freezing. Okay, it was ⁰F 33, but that is above freezing although one cannot really tell that when standing around in it.

I was the only person there. If I had been at 6 AM, I would have been the only person there, too, since no one showed up for that time slot. There were 5 people at 5 AM. I studied their times for the day and became a little afraid. I’m not a 5 AM quality person and if those were their times, I was dead meat. We figured out I was reading it wrong and that made me feel better. I warmed up satisfactorily.

Today’s WOD as written:

10 min emom hspu doing one more than last week.
Calorie row
Ring push-ups
Rest 5 min
Power clean @ 50%
Burpees to 6″ OH

I picked the number of handstand push-ups I wanted to do because I didn’t think I could manage 50 of them. One more than last week seemed to be asking for one more per round and not an extra one at the end. So this week I did 50 of them. The first few rounds weren’t too bad. The middle rounds were just dogged work. The last few rounds were really tough with the first few reps okay and then struggling on the fourth rep and having to use herculean will and possible grunting to get the last one done. But I did get all of the reps completed.

I have no idea how old these masters guys are. I know this is where Ryan is finding this type of workout with the three sections. They have either always been in the fitness game or they aren’t that old or both. These things are just beyond me. So the first thing I did was give myself the masters rep scheme of 18-12-6. That means I had 36 of each move rather than 45 but it was still a formidable amount of work to do.

Rowing for calories is simply rowing for calories. Nothing to change there except to pace myself and hope for the best. Ring push-ups are not in my repertoire and so I did real push-ups with one mat under my chest. Kim and I discussed scaling options. If these were too wormy, I would do them on a racked bar. So I had the bar set up as well. But as I did them, she said they looked pretty good so I stayed with the mat.

I had to break the push-ups in half for the 18 and 12 rounds. I also had to get my heart rate down after rowing and before I even started. But I managed to get through this in 7.51 which was double Gabe’s RX time at 5 AM, but he is a beast.

Kim stopped the clock in the middle and I don’t really know why. I was supposed to have a 5 minute rest and then move to the next thing. What was scaring me on the white board was people had written times of 18+ minutes. If it took them that long, I was going to be there until the noon class started. We figured out that they left the clock running and it was their total times for B+C and the 5 minute rest as well.

My time started over again. I have a 67# one rep max on the power clean so an empty 33# bar worked great. I put it on parallettes so it was easy to reach. I did them from the hang. I also did walk in and out burpees and didn’t worry about slapping a bar six inches overhead. I was lucky to be able to just do this much.

Since I began with a low heart rate, I got to 12, rested, and finished the cleans. Then I got on the floor and panted like a lizard on a hot rock. I got my heart rate down, did four burpees and was beeping already. This is simply so disgusting. My brain wants to keep going and my body fails me. I did my box breathing and then did five. I switched my lead leg for the walking in and out part and did them five and four and was done. On the last rep, before I stood up, I got my heart rate down enough to go immediately to the cleans.

I had to break them in half but I managed them fairly quickly. Then the damn burpees were back. I did them in six and six and rested on the last one and got my heart rate down in the 140s. I stood up and got the six cleans. I went immediately to the burpees and got three but ran out of steam. I took a couple deep breaths and managed two more. I couldn’t go on and had to stop and take a couple more deep breaths. The room was not nearly as bright, but all I had to do was stand up and give a little jump and clap overhead. So I did. I then fell right back down to the ground. I was done in 11.40 and boy was I done. I don’t know how high my heart rate went because I was too busy trying not to die to look.

But it eventually came back down to a normal rate. My total time was 24.31. My time was not in line with the 5 AM class which means I may have needed to shave off something there to stay in line with them. But then again, I did the entire thing this way and still lived. And I did it all in the light of day.