Our toaster oven has become ineffective. It still heats and pretends like it’s even hotter and that it will cook your food, but it doesn’t. I could touch a pan that came out of a ⁰F 350 oven and not get burned. We don’t remember how long we have had it, but years and years. We use it all the time because there are just the two of us here. Today, we will buy a new one. And hopefully, the stuffed shells will even taste better when they are really bubbly hot.

After 2.5 years of getting up in the middle of the night to go to the box, today, I got to go to an 8 AM class. These started on Monday, but I was working. They are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I woke up at 5.34 this morning and looked at the clock. And then I rolled over and went back to sleep and the next thing I knew it was 7.11 and I was awake again – four minutes before the alarm went off.

I wasn’t sure how traffic was going to be two hours later. It was a little more difficult to get out of the neighborhood, but the direction of the box and the direction of rush hour are opposites, so the roads themselves weren’t bad.

I saw Kim’s Jeep waiting in line to turn left and so I figured I would beat her to the box but I knew she was right behind me. Amazingly, she was not coaching today, but taking the class. Betsy was coach. Vianca showed up a few minutes late (unless we started a couple minutes early) and so it was girls day. I figured most men would be working by this time of day.

It was below freezing even at 8 AM. There had been only one brave soul at 5 AM and no one showed up for 6 AM. It was ⁰F 29 at 8 AM, but that was pretty much the same temperature as earlier in the morning.

We warmed up, at least in theory, but I was still wearing my jacket. My heart rate was up, but it was still really cold.

Today’s WOD as written:
10 min EMOM 1 clean pull 1 hang clean 1 power clean @ 70% 1rpm
15 min AMRAP
10 chest to bar pull ups, reg pull-up above 55
15 wall balls 20/14
20 box jump 24/20
Muscle up practice for time remaining

It has been a while since I looked at a WOD and had no idea what the hell it said. But I had no idea what the hell that said. I knew I was doing a ten minute EMOM and I knew two out of three of what I was doing. But I wasn’t interested enough to look up and see what the hell a clean pull was. I figured someone would show me in class. Betsy did. It is what it says. From the hang, do the initial pull to the shrug part. Ta da.

What I did do last night, was figure out math stuff. I found out that 70% of my one rep max was 46.9# and luckily, I know how to make 47 pounds with our bars. So that is what I used. I did okay with this except that on one round, I did two hang cleans and then had to do the power clean – over achiever. By the time these were done, I was down to my short-sleeved shirt.

For the conditioning AMRAP, I used a two inch band and thankfully only had to do a pull-up rather than chest to bar stuff. The advantage of old age. Then I used a 10# med ball to an 8’ mark for the wall balls, and I did step-ups to a 20” box. I also lowered the rep scheme to 8-12-16. It still nearly killed me.

I could get each move done without stopping, but had a heart rate in the low to mid 170s by the end and then would have to box breathe forever to get my heart rate down to mid to high 140s and sometimes I just began in the low 150s because it was taking too long. Then I would do the next move. I remembered to switch legs with the step-ups and more importantly, I remembered to start with my non-dominant leg.

I had a score of 3+20 and there was still 15 seconds left, but my heart rate was 174 and I just couldn’t make myself step up to the box.

I could have had fewer reps per move and got a higher score. But really, I managed this. I got through all the reps, rested, got through all the reps. It’s not supposed to be easy. So I believe this was scaled correctly. I really didn’t have any more to give at the end of each move.

It was already four minutes after the hour when we finished with the WOD, so we didn’t have any time left over for muscle ups. Darn.

My sister, a kindergarten teacher, posted on Facebook that she did squats with the kiddos because she wanted to watch them as they touched their toes doing a phonics lesson. For each letter of the alphabet, they put their hands over their heads as they said the letter, then touched their shoulders as they said the sound, and then touched their toes as they said a word which began with that letter. So she did 26 squats. But she has morning and afternoon kids, so she did 52 squats. She could barely walk.

Today, I did 48 slightly weighted squats with the wall balls and 48 step-ups as well. I should have no trouble walking tomorrow since this is not a terrible amount of work anymore. I know I’m always the weakest person in the class and I’m always the oldest person. It is nice to hear from the outside world that my CrossFit stuff might actually be working. I hope it is.