I woke up with a nightmare at 11.39 PM. I had been asleep for a little more than two hours. I was then awake for about the same amount of time. I played a game on my Kindle, I tossed and turned, I tossed and turned some more, and I apparently finally fell back to sleep because I woke with a start again. I groaned, but this time, it was just a few minutes before the alarm went off.

I dragged my sorry, tired butt out of bed and began my routine for getting to the box. I have to wake up at this ungodly hour just three more times. I think this is going to be the best part of retirement … not waking up in the middle of the night.

One of the things I did while awake in the wee hours of the morning was check the weather forecast. It said it was supposed to be ⁰F 37 but when I really got up, it was a simmering 40 out there. I layered appropriately and set off for the gym.

There were six people at 5 AM and I was the only one there to start the 6 AM class. Chris was coaching today. We worked out together a lot when I first started. He knows I’m pathetic. But I have improved. Lindsey showed up a few minutes late.

She was at the 7 PM class last night with her kid and her dog. I don’t know why you bring a dog ever, but that’s none of my business. Both were out of control. She brought her son to 6 AM classes for a while and he was still in a stroller. I would guess he must be about 2.5 by now. Less able to be contained. The day care center opens at six and she can drop him off and get to CrossFit just a couple minutes late. I was so happy she was there because then I didn’t have to have a solo class again.

We warmed up a bit and yet it was still cold. The WOD today was going to be mostly outside. And it was even colder out there since it had wind included. Great.

Today’s WOD as written:

5 rounds of
400 m run
15 OHS
RX weight 95/65 lbs for age 54 and below.
75/55 lbs for age 55 and up.
5 rope climbs for time. 15ft

I did a nancy Nancy because I scaled the sucker. I had thought it was just four rounds and that was my first downfall. I knew I wasn’t running a mile and I know how long it would take me to walk a mile and the dark streets are not meant to have my old, fat ass on them. So, I was going to do my regular 200 meter walk in place of the run. I walk until the Sidewalk Ends, which is poetic if not pathetic.

I like that they gave me a scaled weight for my age group. That’s nice. It is twice my one rep max, but it is still nice. I stuck with just a 22# bar. I figured I could manage about 50 of these so when I was thinking there were only four rounds, I would have done 12 and seen how that went. But there were five rounds and 60 reps seemed like really too much.

I mentioned to Chris that I figured out I was no more at fault for being old than I was for being a woman and so I just scaled this all down to my masters level which did not include a 55# overhead squat. Lindsey did 55#, I did not.

I hate when they start with a run because I’m so tempted to run at least part of it. But then I have no heart rate left for whatever comes next. So I walked my 200 meters. I got back and managed 10 overhead squats but had to reset the bar once. I was very off balance. So after I finished them, I went and got a 2.5 pound plate for under my short leg and then went on another walk.

It wasn’t so bad for the first 100 meters. I was warmed from the lifts and the wind was at my back. Now, the return trip had the wind in my face and seemed much colder. I don’t believe I have ever done a WOD in my jacket before. First time for everything.

On the second round I felt more stable with the plate under my foot and was more evened out. I got all ten, went for walk, came back in, got all ten, went for walk, came back in and on the last rep dropped the bar forward. So that made it a no rep and not a last rep. I set the bar down, shook out my arms, grabbed it again and got the last rep in. This is where I thought I would be done and yet I had another round to do. So I went for another walk. I couldn’t get all ten squats this time and only made it to six. I was struggling too much to finish, so I set the bar down, did a couple deep breaths and got the last four. I finished in 18.58 which was pretty much in line with most of the 5 AM class. Lindsey was still working.

It has been a long time since I’ve had to deal with rope climbs. I can’t climb a rope because I can’t get it wound up in my feet so I can step on it. So I have to do the three from the ground to standing pulls for each climb. I figured I would scale that to two pulls for each climb and hope to get through them.

I don’t know what happened. Perhaps it was because this wasn’t in the middle of a WOD or maybe, and this just seems freaky wrong, I’m getting stronger. But I was at 9 of my 10 and wasn’t even beeping. I had the power to do more. So, I figured I would go with three pulls and call it four rope climbs and go to my 12 subbed option pulls. So I did that and finished in 2.12..

And now it is time to get ready for work. I think I’m drinking lots of coffee there today. I hope I can stay awake until at least 8.30 tonight otherwise I’m going to be not able to sleep through the night again. I hate insomnia. I used to be a gold medal sleeper. I have no idea what happened there.