We had a quiet weekend. We turned the spare bedroom into a real guest room a while ago and finished decorating it this weekend. This should not have been as much of a problem as it was, but for some bizarre reason, neither one of us remembered the room had four walls. Once we noticed that and made yet again another trip to find something, the room looked complete. And darling. And useful.

The 8 AM class is starting today. But I have to work so I still had to go to the 6 AM class. I was the only person there. Everything was at my pace. I had the best scores in my class and whatever else there is to say for being in a class alone. At least Cory had someone to coach.

It was in the 40s this morning so the weather was behaving. The 5 AM class had seven people in it. The swimmers have meets and will not be coming to CrossFit. Charlie has been MIA for a while now.

The warm-up was curtailed for my benefit. I’m sure if others had been there, it would have been different. But I did three rounds of jump rope, bear crawl the mat, ring rows, and squats. But the number of jumps, ring rows, and squats was lowered for my benefit. I’m grateful. I got warm even with fewer reps.

Today’s WOD as written:
10 rounds hspu. Every 45 seconds doing the same number as last week.
4 min AMRAP
6 thrusters @ 50% 1 rpm
6 over the bar burpees
Rest 5 min
6 min AMRAP
10 wall balls
20 DU’s
Rest 5 min
Max effort plank

I didn’t remember doing these last week, but I did remember them from two weeks ago. I just looked and that was Wednesday’s WOD and I had that as my rest day. I did the same number as two weeks ago, which apparently was supposed to have increased last week, but I didn’t know that. I did 4 then and I did 4 today.

What I remembered most about the day was that a new person was there. It was Heather’s first day. I haven’t seen her since. I don’t understand this. CrossFit is hard. It is supposed to be hard. When you are completely out of shape, unless you consider round to be a shape, you end up sore as hell after a WOD. You can’t do what other people do, sometimes even a Little Old Lady can beat you.

But if you come back and work at, you get better, the soreness goes away, you actually build some muscle, and you become awesome. Quitting isn’t awesome. You don’t get anything when you quit. You get un-awesome.

But there I was today with my HSPU done as a sub from a 20” box. I figured the hardest part was going to be keeping time, but the clock was set to go every 45 seconds so that was much easier. I got all 40 done, but I also remembered that Cory had us try for one extra on the last round and so I did that today, too. So I did 41.

Then on to the first AMRAP. I actually looked up my max thruster and it was 52#. I can’t make a 26# bar, but I can do a 27# one and so that is what I used. With the tiny plates on it, it was actually okay for me to do the over the bar burpees and not trip. So I did.

Last week, after all the burpees and all the step-ups, I started having pain in my left hip. I alternate legs on the step-ups, but I walk the burpees in and out and don’t alternate legs. The pain has decreased, but it was still there yesterday. I thought it would be best if I used the other leg as my lead leg for burpees today. I asked Cory to watch and tell me if I was leading with my right leg, because that is my default. I wanted to lead with my left. We discussed alternating, but I thought I would rest my hip more.

Cory asked if I wanted to do six and six or three and three. I said I had thought I would do four and four, so that’s what I did. I got the first round done and before I came up on the last burpee, I got my heart rate down enough to get in the thrusters. Then on the first burpee, I rested on the ground, did them, rested on the ground on the last one, and came up and began again. On the last round, I was running out of time and had five minutes to rest, so on the last burpees, I didn’t wait for my heart rate to get to 140, I did get to low 150s and then started. I really wanted to finish the round and then I had 5 seconds left so I did a thruster for a score of 3+1.

Then I had a blissful 5 minutes rest. I RXd that. We discussed what I would do for the next AMRAP. I figured 8 wall balls with a 10# ball to an 8’ line and then I vacillated on the jumps and ended up picking 32 single unders so the rope would go under my feet the same number of times as if I had chosen 16 double unders which I can’t do.

My heart rate was down to 108 before I began and I got the entire first round done before I beeped. Then I rested, did the wall balls, rested, did the single unders, etc. I really wanted to finish a round and not have to worry about counting single unders in there. I got round 4 done and had some seconds left. So I figured I could rest when I was done and went and got six more wall balls for a score of 4+6.

Then I rested again. I put all my equipment away. I piddled around. Five minutes is a long time. It took about two minutes to catch my breath and bring my heart rate down and then the rest of the time was a cool down. I knew I wasn’t going to hold a plank for long. I managed 56 seconds.

Then it was time to come home to bacon and eggs. Bacon is the most important part of that. I scaled appropriately again today. I was beeping for the last rep of a move and could finish up without breaking up the set itself. I picked good numbers again today.