I ran errands yesterday and even had a trip to Walmart included. I survived the experience. The trip to the grocery store was a bit chaotic. Harris Teeter has something called Meal Deals and if you buy all five items, they are steeply discounted. I had to back track – not just once, but twice – in order to find all five things. But I got them all and so saved a bunch of money. I also got my old fart discount since I did it on Thursday.

I managed to get some writing done and got to do some knitting as well. The highlight of the day came after 9 PM. Our son got the car delivered to him. He was so excited. Like a kid on Christmas morning. He now has a car that is actually made to drive in the ice and snow. It also has a heater and defroster included. He is in hog heaven.

I looked at the WOD for today somewhere in there and figured that it was one of those days when scaling everything was going to be mandatory. But so far, we have always figured out something for me to do and I’m still going and still alive. There was no reason to think that after all this time, today would be the day when we couldn’t do that. So I was up in the middle of the night to go to the box.

It was below freezing this morning although not as below as expected. It was ⁰F 30 and had been predicted to be 26. Somehow those four degrees made a difference since the first number changed. But my car is not made to drive in the ice and snow. So the first thing I did was wander to the front door and peek out. If it had rained before the freeze, I was staying home. But the sidewalk and driveway were bone dry.

I got my protein drink and got dressed and then put on as many layers as I thought I might need and headed off to the box. It was just me and Jackson today. The twins are on hold until after the swimming season. Jackson will be off for the next two weeks to swim. But he was coming for one last time today.

We warmed up which wasn’t very easy considering how cold it was and that we work in a warehouse without any heat. The hollow body hang from the pull-up bar was terrible not only because it is terrible, but because I needed mittens and didn’t have them. When we going to have to grab a kettlebell, I put on my gloves to keep from touching such cold metal.

Eventually we were declared warm and I had my jacket off, so it may have been true. So we got to work.

Today’s WOD as written:

12 min EMOM
1st min 10 touch and go snatches @ 50% 1rpm
2 min 10 ohs same bar
Continue between the 2 movements for 12 min
6 cleans @ 55% of max
12 pull-ups. C2B for under 50
18 wallballs (20/14)
24 box jumps (24/20)
Rest 3 min
5 rounds (only if you can RX everything)
3 rounds everyone else

When I looked at this last night, I winced. My one rep max for a snatch or overhead squat is either 27 or 29# so to get to half that I would need a 15# bar. We do not have one of those. I also did math and 60 snatches and 60 overhead squats in 12 minutes seemed out of my league. It was impossible for me as written. But it is all scalable. I would be okay. Maybe.

I stewed for a little while and then figured we would somehow figure this out. Maybe I could just use a PVC pipe and do the reps as written. Something would happen and it would be okay.

This morning, I did more math stuff and saw that 22# was 75% of 29# (actually 76% but who’s counting) and that I shouldn’t have to work harder than the real athletes. When I got there, the 5 AM class had already whined for me and the reps had dropped from 10 to 8 because Scott had done this last fall and it was really hard to do that many reps for that many minutes.

Kim said I could use the 22# bar and it would be okay. So here I was, the crappiest person in the entire town of Summerville, and I would work with 75% and it would work. That just sucks. Even dropping the reps was too exhausting. I didn’t like it. I put the PVC pipe right there in front of the 22# bar, just in case I wanted to use it.

I did five reps of each move with the snatches from the high hang since there were no plates and I couldn’t touch and go. After round four or five, I mentioned that I wasn’t putting the number of pounds I was using on the board, but that it was 75% of my 1 rep max. Somehow, I have no idea actually how, I got through all twelve rounds with the 22#. I groaned on the last lift or two on the last three minutes, but I got them all.

I was finally warm enough to get out of my long-sleeved shirt at the end of this.

Then on to the next thing. I watched them doing the last round for the 5 AM class and it was kicking their collective asses. Great. Everything kicks my ass. I’m an old fart. Ryan had already determined everyone would only do three rounds and that step-ups would be counted.

I was thinking of dropping a few reps and hoping for the best. My arms were already smoked after all that crap in the first thing. I opted to drop more reps and went with 4, 8, 12, and 16 rather than the 5, 10, 15, and 20 I had at first thought I could do.

I had 32# which was actually the right weight for the power cleans, but without full plates, I did them from the hang. I used a 2” band for the pull-ups, 10# ball to an 8’ mark for the wall balls, and did step-ups to a 20” box.

I managed to get the cleans and pull-ups done, would rest, do the wall balls, rest, and do the step-ups. Each round worked the same. I began with a nice slightly tachycardic heart rate of one-teens – about 112-114. By the end of the pull-ups (which Kim said looked really good and strong) I had a heart rate of 170. I would get back down to low 140s and then could manage the 12 wall balls and end up with a heart rate of 170 again and then do the step-ups and blissfully rest for three minutes.

If I had tried to the 5, 10, etc rep count, I wouldn’t have been able to finish up like I did. I would have been resting in the middle of the pull-ups and probably in the middle of the wall balls. With this rep scheme, I barely managed to finish each thing and then could box breathe my way back to the 140s and start on the next thing. I finished in 15.34 which was in line with everybody else. I scaled perfectly today, some with Coach’s help and some with my own good sense.

After snatches, overhead squats, pull-ups, and wall balls – I could still get out of my sports bra and take a shower. Fitness level – Grand Wizard.