I prefer to use Chrome as my browser. I deplore IE and Firefox does some crappy stuff I don’t like. However, Chrome has decided I need to have a personalized experience which will make my life better. It doesn’t.

They have a wonderful little icon right there next to the minimize thing. It is the closest to the center on the right side of my window. Instead of clicking the last button to minimize the window, I keep hitting the last button and am offered a chance to sign in and migrate all my important information like bookmarks across all my devices. I have my computer I use all the time and I can migrate my bookmarks from it to itself since I don’t use anything else.

I do like to minimize the damn window on a frequent basis. It doesn’t minimize but that’s a small price to pay for having the ability to have my bookmarks saved on this computer and readily available here. So I understand the great improvement.

I have tried signing in and hoped it would just get the hell off the bar. It doesn’t. I have tried signing out and hoped it would just get the hell off the bar. It doesn’t. It just keeps being the thing I keep clicking on by mistake and being irritated. I think I’m going to have to export my bookmarks to a file and upload them to Firefox and see if what they were doing to irritate me has stopped. I can’t like my new and improved and wonderful pain in the ass ability to have all my one computer be like itself.

What asshat thought putting the annoying goddam button there would be a good idea? All it does is make the browser a pain in the ass. I see no improvement to be annoyed every time I just click on the place I’ve clicked for the last twenty years and find it isn’t the place I’ve been clicking for the last twenty years, but an annoying improvement.

I know that programmers live in a different place than the rest of us. But that is simply no excuse. Didn’t they have any beta testers who kept clicking on the damn thing and getting annoyed? I wonder if there is someplace I can complain that will be heard. Probably not. We all adjust to whatever crap the owners of the internet give us. We will assimilate.

But I really will have to go over and see if Firefox is going to be less annoying than this piece of shit.

So, I had to look how to log out and then I had Person1 sitting there being even more annoying and so I went to the internet and looked at what I needed to do to make this crappy annoyance go away. The search graciously ignored my swearwords but there was a place telling me how to make it go away.

Type “about://flags” in the search bar and it takes you to scary place that says you might destroy the entire solar system if you try to thwart Google. But if you work your way through the list of things that are wonderful you will find “Enable new profile management system” which is much easier to find if you just run Find with the word “avatar”. Then you can disable it and relaunch the browser and it is gone. Gloriously gone.

Thank you Braydon Ranson who put this online and solved my problem. I have no idea who you are, but I’m eternally grateful.

How to get rid of the annoyance.

How to get rid of the annoyance.

Gone. Gloriously gone.

Gone. Gloriously gone.