We went to Hilton Head and got to see Frankie working at her lacrosse camp. She finally got the idea of a ground ball pretty good but was still a little iffy on the cradling while running thing. But she is only five. After lacrosse, we went to lunch. She loves weather apps and has them on every electronic device within her reach. We discussed weather (temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind chill, etc.) and I asked if she wanted to be the Weather Girl when she grew up. She shrugged. I asked if she knew what their real name was. She said, “Meteorologist.” That kid just makes me smile all the time.

I had my alarm set for the middle of the night and woke to the dark, chilly morning. I dragged my fat ass to the box because it is Monday. I really like Mondays. I’m rather sluggish all weekend and after two days off, I start getting a bit jittery and so using up all the jitters on Monday morning usually leaves me feeling pretty good.

I had looked at the WOD last night and it was not insurmountable. It was also impossible as written but it is all scalable and everyone can succeed at this. I would be fine.

I got to the box and the 5 AM class was still not finished with part C of the day’s work. I could see they would be running over. It was interesting to watch. I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t notice that the day’s schedule was long and so having a bit shorter warm-up might have been in order. But … they didn’t. I was hoping that Cory noticed that we needed a shorter warm-up in order to get through the actual work.

She had and so we had a bit shorter warm-up which still warmed us up enough that I was beeping during the last two ring rows out of 15. Great. Cory was still trying to get music up and running so my beeping was audible. Then she asked what sort of music we wanted and no one spoke so I asked for Beethoven. Nope. I asked for Offenbach. Nope. I have no idea what finally played. But we had music before the warm-up was over.

Today’s WOD as written:

10 min EMOM
# of HSPU
choice a # or scaling that you can complete
10 sets of every 30 seconds
3 touch and go deadlifts @ 70%
chest to bar pull ups
ring dips
perform regular pull ups if you cannot perform 3 unbroken c2b pull ups
100 double unders for time
rest 2 minutes
50 double unders for time

I am not a hand stand push-up kind of Little Old Lady so I did a sub. Today, we had the swim team there and the sixteen year olds could both do a kick up to the wall and hold for a certain amount of seconds. Sarah Ann was less time than Jackson. Then there was a new person, Heather, and this was her first WOD. She and I did HSPU from a 20” box. Cory gave her a goal of 3. I chose to do 4 mostly because of math. I wasn’t sure I could manage 50, but I figured I could last for 40. And I did. On the last round, we were supposed to try harder and get one more and so I actually got 41 of these suckers.

I did the math last night and 70% of my one rep max was 95#. I could manage that, but the timing was questionable. So I did consult with Cory and asked about keeping the weight the same even though I might have to skip one round near the end because of heart rate. She said I could do them just as an EMOM, but I was pretty sure I would only have to miss one or two, not half. She said that would be better than a lower weight. I didn’t beep at all until round 7 and I got my heart rate low enough to begin again until round 10 and although I was still beeping, I did the last three because why not. So I got them all.

For the next thing, I dropped the reps to 18-12-6 and still nearly died. I used a 2” band for the pull-ups and 1” band for the ring dips. I got 14 pull-ups before I had to stop and then it was all downhill from there. I spent so much time trying to get my heart rate down that it was ludicrous. I got the last 4 pull-ups and rested a bit before the ring dips. I could manage six at a time and rest and six and rest and so it took forever. Then I got the pull-ups done half and half and then ring dips half and half. Then the pull-ups and I needed a pause, but just a short one after number 4. And then I got the ring dips and it took me 8.20 to finish this. Everyone else was done before I got to my last round. I hate having to rest all the time. I had a heart rate of 170+ way too many times today.

My heart rate wasn’t really low enough before we started the last round. I got 100 jumps which could have been where I stopped, but I wanted 150 single unders instead of the masters thing. If I was doing single unders and young enough, it was supposed to be 200 and 100. I figured 150 and 75 would be good for this and so I panted a bit and felt like I had enough to do another 50 jumps. I finished in 1.42 and then rested. Then I had to do another 75 and did them in .31. I had only one missed jump in the entire 225 jumps. That helped me save some time there.

It was a lot of work for an old fart like me. I was told it came from some Masters Guys Website of some sort or another. Good for them. I actually felt pretty good finishing this. Now, I just hope I can lift my arms enough to get out of my sports bra.