Yesterday morning I felt great after completing my CrossFit class. I felt accomplished and doing all right. Last night, they posted the WODs for the coming year for the Masters Garage Games this is one of them

Wall Balls, Snatches and Pull-ups
50 Wall Balls, 30 Snatches, Pull-ups for reps 8 Minutes
Age Loads (male/female) and movements
35-39  20/95  14/65 C2B Pull-ups
40-49  20/95  14/65 Pull-ups
50-59  20/75  14/45 Pull-ups
60+  14/65  10/45 Pull-ups

Scaled – 8 Minutes
35-44  20/75   14/45 Squats Holding Wall Ball For Reps instead of pull-ups
45-54  20/65   10/45 Squats Holding Wall Ball For Reps instead of pull-ups
55+  14/45   10/45  Squats Holding Wall Ball For Reps instead of pull-ups

Actually, the entire thing is beyond me. I’m glad I got to do this last year, because there is no way I can do it this year. I don’t get to play. But the part that is really pissing me off again, is that this asshat refuses to believe there are lower weight bars than 45# and so a 35 year old male has to move more weight than an 55 year old male, but a 35 and 55 year old woman can both have the same weight.

The reps are more than I could do in 8 minutes and the reps for the last WOD are even more ridiculous.

50 Thrusters, 40 T2B, 30 OH Lunge, 20 Burpee –  12 Minute Cap

And I can’t do toes to bar to I’m out of luck there anyway.

Anyway, I was so defeated by all this that when I looked at the WOD for today and didn’t understand it at all, it really didn’t matter. I showed up and knew it was just as far beyond me as anything else. I just show up because that’s what I do. I did have to watch a movie last night to figure out what the hell a plank up was. I knew I was going to need some padding. Other than that …

So I showed up and it was just me and Sarah Ann today. Kim was coaching. I told her I wasn’t going to the Masters Garage Games and she assured me that I could go from a 27# power snatch to 45# snatch this year. I didn’t mention the toes to bar thing. I didn’t even remember it.

We warmed up and then we did this WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
Minute 0: 25 box jumps for time (24/20)
Minute 4: 50 burpees for time
Minute 10: row for meters
Minute 20: end
Post all times and scores!!!
100 plank ups for time
Post time.

When the clock started, we did 25 box jumps. I did step-ups. I finished in 1.07 and then we got to rest until the clock hit minute 4. I only had to do 25 burpees and I walked them in and out and it took me 3.25 to do them. It took Sarah Ann 3.45 to do all 50. Then we rowed. And I have no idea what I did. I think it was 1719 but I’m not sure. Then we were done. With that part.

Plank ups, as I watched them were a plank held then dropped to elbows and then back to hands and that counted as 1 rep. We were counting hands as one and elbows as one and I only had to do 50. I have absolutely no idea how long it took me. Sarah Ann didn’t get the message on how to count and did twice as many as she needed to do. It took her a lot longer than it took me.

Now I’m home and still disgusted.