I wanted credit for not abusing the system and pointed out that Martin Luther King Day is actually a company holiday. We have always worked on the day, but I was going to be nice and not use a paid holiday before I retired. The boss was amazed and then declared that we would close the office and take the holiday. I’m on a five day weekend. All I wanted was brownie points.

Yesterday’s WOD was a partner WOD and I have no idea how I would have been able to scale it. All I could do was be grateful that Wednesday is my day off and I didn’t have to participate. Tuesday’s WOD has left me feeling abused enough. My butt hurts. There is just no other way to say that. And my left shin is not happy with me. I think I have shin splint, not splints because my right leg is fine.

But I go to the box on Thursday and so I was up at the crack of dawn in order to meet my own goal of hitting the gym four times a week. I was actually up from about 2.30 until 3.45 as well which is going to make for a rough day today. But I was able to drag myself out of the house and make it to the box. It was ⁰F 38 this morning which was warmer than predicted, so that was a plus.

Thursdays are always light. Lots of people do three on, one off, two on, one off and so are off on Thursday and Sunday. But when I pulled into the parking lot, it was pretty bereft. Kim’s Jeep was there and a pickup truck. I thought it was Charlie’s but it was still dark out and who knew? It was before the hour, but still not that early. I hate working out alone.

There had been no one at the 5 AM class. I guess everyone was too beat up after Tuesday’s horrible WOD and the terrible partner WOD on the board yesterday (no one at all showed up at 4 PM, which is really odd). What I consider to be a terrible WOD can be found here.

So it was me and Charlie and that was it. We warmed up and did stuff and got warm enough to take off our jackets.

Today’s WOD as written:
Deadlift – 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3
Then (for time)
10 double unders
15 squat cleans (95/65)
20 double unders
12 squat cleans
30 double unders
9 squat cleans
40 double unders
6 squat cleans
50 double unders
3 power cleans

I started my deadlifts at 65 and went up ten for each round. 125 was pretty heavy but I was hoping I could get that 135 off the ground anyway. I couldn’t. I dropped it to 130 and got three reps. I have no idea why five pounds makes that much difference. I couldn’t lift 135 even once but got the 130 for all three lifts. But that’s what happened. Charlie ended up with his last lift at 235.

When I looked at this last night, I had two concerns. I immediately decided to cut the cleans back to 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2. I knew if I was jumping rope, I would be doing single unders but that was my other problem. It hurt to walk up stairs yesterday, I wasn’t sure how jumping would be. Kim and I discussed it. She also had an article she could pull up about RICE and injuries. Apparently rest and ice are not all they were cracked up to be and movement and no ice are better for healing injuries faster.

Jumping a rope isn’t as intense as broad jumps especially since I didn’t have any intention of doing double unders. I had seriously considered having the rope under my feet the same amount of times and so doubling the counts, but my leg was still giving me some push back. So, I kept the reps the same and did single unders.

Time began. Apparently Charlie doesn’t know how to do a full clean. He was doing a power clean okay, but couldn’t fall under the bar or float the bar or do any of that crap. He ended up cleaning the bar and then doing the number of reps as front squats. My happy ass knows how to do a squat clean and so there I was, doing them with a 42# bar. I’m not sure what Charlie’s problem was with the jumps, but he started out with a rope, kept tripping, decided to jump over the bar and then did some other jump stuff and then had a problem with his foot that was recently in a splint and ended up doing kettlebell swings. I was too busy trying not to die to really follow all that stuff on the other side of the mat.

My own downfall was, of course, my heart rate. Well, I tripped over the rope a few times myself. I couldn’t even get ten jumps done. It took three tries to get all ten in. Then I managed 5-5 on the cleans. I got the 20 jumps without missing. Go me. Then I managed 4-4 on the cleans. I got to 27 on the jumps and missed. That’s just stupid. Then I was hoping against hope to get all six cleans in and I have no idea why. I did box breathe to get my heart rate all the way down to 145 and tried, but only got 4 and had to rest before the last 2. I got the 40 jumps, rested, and managed the 4 cleans. I only got my heart rate down to 150 before starting the last jumps and managed all 50, but then my heart rate was 168. I simply couldn’t do even two cleans from there. I had to rest. As soon as I got to 160, I picked up the bar again. I finished in 12.08.

I would really love to have a stronger heart muscle. I’m tired of sitting around, trying to get my heart rate down so I can work some more. I have no idea how to go about doing this. I have no idea why after nearly 2.5 years, I’m not better. I suppose I am. I’m still always dealing with a high heart rate, but I’m doing more stuff so I’m straining myself more. But it is annoying as hell to have to wait to be able to do something while not dying. The highest heart rate I saw today was 172 which is a bit more than I’m supposed to be, but … I wanted to finish what I was doing.

Now, it’s time for a nap.