Apparently Ohio State won last night. Yeah! Ohio. I have no idea if they were favored to win or not, but congratulations to the home team. I obviously did not watch the game or any game or any sports or TV, for that matter. I’m not a fan of TV but I am a fan of the home team. I’m an Ohio girl.

Last night, I peeked at the WOD for the day and just sighed. What sort of shit is this? I finally get brave enough to look the night before and this is what I get? I figured if it wasn’t running, it was rowing. Not really worth getting up in the middle of the night. But I’m a Tuesday person, so I set the alarm and got up in the middle of the damn night to go to the box.

On the drive in, I pondered how I didn’t look until the morning up until a few weeks ago so what difference did this make? And then I pondered how I spent my time getting ready to also plot my way to scale the day into something I could do. On the drive in, I still didn’t know what we were doing or how I would be able to scale it. I hate the unknown.

I got there in the dark and wet night, signed in, walked over to the white board and looked, and sighed again. What sort of shit was this?

There were plenty of people at the 5 AM class and just three of us at the 6 AM class. David, Sarah Ann, and me. At least it was a different three today. We did a lot of warm-up stuff and then were declared ready.

Today’s WOD as written on the website:
Push Press- 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3
it’s not running!!
What the white board said:
200 meter burpee broad jump

I looked at my one rep max for the push press and it was 63 pounds. I suppose I could have started with the 22 bar and switched out and done stuff, but I didn’t. I did use the smaller bar for the warm-up reps we did but when they started to count, I used the 33# bar. I was too lazy to change my shoe so I had a 2.5 pound plate under my heel instead.

My weights were 33, 38, 43, 48, 53, 58 and then I had to stick at that weight. The first time, I got all three reps and for the last two round, I got two reps and failed on the third. My left forearm was hurting and I didn’t have enough to compensate. It’s a weenie weight and I wish it was higher. It’s also more than I could deadlift when I started and yet I threw it over my head more than once. Life is just one thing after another.

I did ask about why the thing wasn’t posted and Kim said people wouldn’t come. I asked why they created a WOD that people wouldn’t come to do and she said, “You have to meet your fears. You have to do what you don’t like.” Well, hell. I got that covered.

David hasn’t been doing CrossFit for very long. He is strong but he is not agile or flexible. This was going to kill him. Coach Kim suggested he do only half the distance. I decided that was a good amount for me, too. Sarah Ann did the whole thing and beat both our times. As she was hopping around, David said something about how quick she was. I told him she was 16 and all he could do was repeat the number and say Wow. Youth. Wow.

I’m no good at doing a broad jump. I do a not-very-broad jump and therefore had to do a lot more burpees. I walked those in and out as well. After we got going, I could manage exactly two before having to stop and get my heart rate down. Two and stop. Two and stop. The entire thing was 14 trips up and down the mat, so David and I were doing seven. Sarah Ann finished in 12.05. David and I were still going like the not-Energizer bunny. It was ugly.

I believe it was 8 burpees per trip across the mat, but that may have been different on other trips. I just counted on the last run. But no matter what, it was over 50 burpees for me. Sarah Ann may have been able to get more distance on the jumps but still. That’s a lot of burpees. I finished in 13.47 and David still had about a half a mat to go. He was spent but almost done. I know enough to push at the end and rest after time’s up. In fact, I did my last four without that normal pause in between. I just wanted to be done. David looked like he was going to stop and he had just one left. Loud mouth me was saying it’s the last one. Just one more. Just get it over. And he did. He was done in 14.34. I know all this only because I took a picture of the white board.

That means I also know that the 5 AM class had times in the 8 and 9 minute range. It’s really tough being this old and trying this crap. I suppose there are two ways to look at it. I’m too old and should just stay out of the way of the young and the strong. Or. I’m awesome for even giving this shit a try. I get stuff done. Lots of stuff. Most old ladies don’t even try. I’m doing all right. For an old fart.