I appreciate a nice long weekend in which to get things done and this was one of those. I met my writing goals which were set rather high and so I’m feeling a bit proud of that. I managed to get some things done around the house, too. I don’t have too many weekends left and then it will all be weekend from here on out. That is just as scary as stepping into a CrossFit box for the first time – or the hundredth.

The deep freeze seems to have abated and the temperature this morning was ⁰F 52. No mittens required. But there is always something, as Roseann Roseannadanna used to say. Apparently, I missed the thunder and lightning show at 3 AM which woke up other people. But the 4.45 AM show was still impressive. An hour later, when it was time to drive to the box, the rain had stopped. The puddles were still everywhere.

The 5 AM class was bursting at the seams. I can’t imagine getting up at that time of day. I’m an early bird and all that, but it seems to me that this is still the middle of the night. The parking lot was full when I pulled in. I’m guessing there were about a dozen people working out. Nothing like New Year’s Resolutions. Some of them were regulars, but there were a bunch of new faces, too. I hope it lasts.

For us, it was just Charlie, Vianca, and me. We warmed up with a bunch of stuff. Last week when I wrote that, it struck me how I used to get so mad at the warm-up. I would write the whole thing out because it damned near killed me. They would say Ryan complex down the mat and I would be all ticked. We started with that today and it was no problem at all. Passthroughs while you lunge down the mat was in there and that used to set me over the edge, too. Today, not so much. I know how hard it is for the newbies. I hope they keep at it because then they will someday think to themselves, “No big deal” as they do what is asked.

Today’s WOD as written:
Snatches from the hang- Spend 20 minutes practicing the snatch from the hang position. If you are proficient with the movement, move to a full squat snatch from the hang and find a heavy double. Post the progression you worked on and the maximum weight you used.
5 rounds for time:
8 OHS(95/65)
8 OHWL w/plate(45/25)
8 box jumps(24/20)

I don’t think I’ve ever done a really good snatch with anything other than a PVC pipe – even after all this time. I put my other shoe on to help stabilize me, but even with that, I don’t think I break parallel when I’m in the squat. I feel off balance. My power snatch is working better and I feel better in floating the bar up. It’s falling completely under it that is my downfall. I worked strictly with my empty bar. And the weenie one. Vianca started out with a 33# bar and before even trying one, she moved to the other 22# bar. I’m not sure if Charlie had a 33 or 45 which is really 44-but-what-the-heck-sized bar.

We finished with that and went on to the conditioning portion of the day. I played with numbers last evening after I looked at this. I could do four rounds with the numbers as they stand and have 32 reps of each move. Or I could do five round at six reps for each move which would total 30 of each but would space things out better for me. I opted to stay at five rounds and do 6 reps of each move.

I used the empty 22# bar. I think we all stayed with the bars we had been working with. I used a 10# for the walking lunges and did step-ups to a 20” box. This worked for a while. I rested and did box breathing after the overhead squats and then at the end of the round. My heart rate wasn’t too high – 163 or so at the end of the first round. But then I fell apart.

By rep 5 of the overhead squats, I was beeping. I got my heart rate down to 145 and did the overhead walking lunges with the 10# and my heart rate was back up to 163 or so and I had to rest again and then I did the step-ups and had to rest again before starting the next round.

Craig says to choose wisely and then stick with it. Our box doesn’t have that ideology and so … I opted to stop with the 10# on the lunges and just do walking lunges. I noticed that Vianca had begun with the 12” box with a 45# plate on top of it and she was just jumping to the 12” box. Charlie had begun with box jumps to a 24” box and changed to just step-ups. We all scaled back during the damn thing.

For the next three rounds I did the overhead squats, rested, and then did the lunges and step-ups and then rested. My heart rate never went over 170 today because I was pausing enough. But I was beeping before I was done with the overhead squats, by rep 3 or 4 on the last round. If I had stuck with 8 reps, I wouldn’t have been able to do them all without stopping. Especially by the end. I finished in 10.22 and was the first one done, but only by a few seconds. I kept pace with the others pretty decently. None of us was over 11 minutes.

By the time we were finished and out in our cars, it had started to rain again.