I made an executive decision on Wednesday to skip my Thursday at the box. It was supposed to be really, really cold at 6 AM on Thursday and I chose to not hurt myself. I would stay home and live to fight another day. Then I woke up at a few minutes after 5 AM and was tempted to try to get to the box. I had to remind myself that I was smarter than that and had chosen to not go for a good reason. I fell back to sleep for a couple hours instead.

I looked at the weather for this morning and the first number was a 2, which was a lot better. Yesterday, Kim had a picture of her phone’s weather with a temperature of ⁰F 10. Twenty something was going to be much better. I set the alarm.

When it went off, the first thing I did was groan, then turn it off, then look at the temperature. It was a blistering ⁰F 31. Still below freezing, but not by much. Happy day. I had lined pants set out and wore a short sleeved, then long sleeved shirt and then put a jacket over that. I could do this.

When I got to the box, I looked at who was there yesterday. Some new guy was there for his first workout ever at 5 AM and Molly was the only person to show up at 6 AM. The entire day was fairly sparse. It isn’t just that it is cold outside. It is cold inside because we workout in an old warehouse that is neither heated nor cooled. Whatever the ambient temperature is, is what we work out in. We do have a couple big fans to help in the heat of summer. There is no hope nor help for the dead of winter. It is not supposed to be this cold here. I moved from Ohio to South Carolina to get away from this shit.

The shivering masses huddled and yearning to get fit at 6 AM were Jackson, David, Vianca, and me. We were all freezing. 5 AM had 5 or 6 people and they were all complaining about their hands. It really was freezing and since the WOD had runs, the door was open making it colder.

We warmed up as best we could or in theory or something. I did finally get my jacket off. So I guess I was warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Back Squats 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3
3 rounds for time:
400 meter run
21 Kettlebell swings (53/35)
12 Pull ups

Kim said we would do something to get our heart rates higher again before we began Helen, but we were to rest actively and do mobilization things between sets for the back squats. I showed her my heart rate was 153 already as she was saying this. Since there were so many chances to increase the weight with this many sets of back squats, I started really light. I went 43, 53, 63, 73, 83 and then I was struggling. My one rep max is 103 and I was hoping to get there. Apparently we move better when we aren’t frozen.

It was so cold, my nose was dripping. I told them the story of Chester and his wife because I have no sense. During a holiday dinner long ago, someone taped the whole thing and Grandma’s quavering voice came across in the middle of dinner as she spoke to her beloved husband. She said, “Chester, wipe your nose, it’s ‘bout to drip.” I felt like Chester all day today.

I added five more pounds to my bar and got the 88 but it was really hard. My left knee fell in and I was struggling. I was getting warm enough to be hot, but not my legs, just my core. I was not warm enough to take my long sleeved shirt off because then I would have been too cold. I was glad I had worn warmer pants but even with that, I was just not hitting my weights today. I stuck with 88 for the rest of the reps and tried to concentrate on form. By the last set, I did all three without my knee falling in. So that was a plus.

I looked up the last time I did Helen. It was in October. Since I blab too much here, I know it was ⁰F 66 out there that day and I did a 200 meter walk, 14 25# Russian kettlebell swings, and then 8 2” band assisted pull-ups. I know it took me 12.12 to finish this and I was melting.

I did the same damn thing today except for the melting part. As I said the last time, it is especially difficult to begin a WOD with a run and know I need to walk it or I shoot myself in the foot, as it were. If I run first, I’m all out of heart rate and the whole thing goes to hell in a handbasket. I have to be smarter since I’m certainly not stronger or have any endurance whatsoever. I am smart. In theory anyway.

I walked. I did the 14 kettlebell swings without stopping. Last time I began the pull-ups too soon and couldn’t get them all done at once. I waited for a heart rate to drop to mid-140s and did the pull-ups all together and then went for another walk. I managed to get that done three times. I knew as I walked in on the last walk that I wasn’t going to beat my time. I didn’t. It took me 12.39 today. I assume my walks took longer but it could have been my rests taking longer to get my heart rate down. I don’t know where I lost the time, but I did.

All in all, I’m really glad I went today. For some reason, even not getting close to my former time didn’t upset me. I just felt good. Maybe because two days off always makes me start feeling jittery and it is just good to get out there and get some work done. Or maybe it was just that it was so cold I couldn’t think of a good whine to go with my WOD.

Whatever it was, I was glad to have gotten up and was glad I made it to the box.