About seven or eight years ago I fell off some rollerblades. I was standing there minding my own business and then I was on the ground. My left arm smashed into my left leg rather than the pavement which is why I still have an arm. It took almost an entire year before I could fully straighten my left arm again. I don’t know what I did last week, but my boo-boo on/in my left arm started acting up. It finally stopped hurting yesterday so I assumed all was well. More on this later.

I bravely, heroically, calmly looked at the WOD last night and survived. I could see it would heart rate intensive, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t manage. Mostly because I can manage it all because it is all scalable. I slept soundly and awoke from the middle of some cartoonish, brightly colored, garish dream to a dark morning. I crawled out of bed and got ready to head to the box.

The parking lot was full. We are back to being not on vacation. There were six or seven people at 5 AM and three at 6 AM. Kim was coaching and will be all week. Hannah and Vianca were there with me. We started out with a 500 meter row and that went okay. We did a bunch of other things to warm up. We worked on mobility. Then, before moving on we did another 500 meter row with 100 meters fast, 100 meters slow. Pulling the rower fast hurt my arm.

I asked Kim if she could see if I was torquing my arm at all. She couldn’t see anything funny. The muscle that is screwed up was much more noticeable just looking at my arm. Since it hurt, I figured that was a sign I was supposed to stop, so I did.

Today’s WOD as written:
Clean Practice – Spend 20 minutes working on your clean technique. Focus on doubles and maintaining the best form you can for both reps. If the coach gives you the thumbs up, work up to a max effort double (2RM)
AMRAP for 8 minutes
2 squat cleans (135/95)
4 slam balls (40/25)
2 squat cleans
4 burpees

Since I was going to be working so much with weights today, I figured I would save my back and put my other shoe on to level myself out. It helps me tremendously when I’m squatting with weights. It doesn’t matter on things like wall balls or slam balls, but with a bar, being level matters.

We worked on the several different parts of the clean and I was doing okay. When it got to a full pull from the ground and squatting under it, my arm pinged a bit. It wasn’t bad, but I knew my arm was cranky. I stuck with 42# since if it hurt at that weight, adding more sounded like I might hurt myself for real.

The bar was floating like it is supposed to and I need to fall under it faster to keep my form correct. I worked on that. I could actually feel the bar go weightless and knew I wasn’t in the correct position relative to the bar, so I worked on dropping under it more quickly.

For the conditioning portion of the day, I put it in masters version by cutting the slam balls and burpees to 3 each and even then, it tried to kill me. I was hoping to increase the weight on the bar today, but I didn’t because of my arm. I knew this was going to skyrocket my heart rate and I was right. I got through the first cleans, slam balls, and cleans before I beeped and then it was downhill for the rest of the day. I rested a lot and often and had a heart rate way too high for most of the time. I try to game the end of a WOD so that I can work the last 30 seconds without stopping and I managed that again today.

I walked all the burpees in and out because it reserves heart rate crap. As I was coming to the end of the time, walking them still seemed like a good idea. I had enough time to do that. And then I had enough time for two more cleans before the end. My score was 4+2. My heart rate was 174.

Right now, my arm is okay just sitting here. But I know if I try to pick up anything, even something light like my purse, it will twinge. I’m not sure what to do with it. I know that I can baby it along and I will see what else I can manage. I do have a massage this week, so perhaps something can be done there.