January 2015

I had a series of minor health complaints on Tuesday which I explained away as just the vagaries of living for this long. Then I woke up on Wednesday and felt awful. Truly awful. I tried to explain that away as well, but I had to finally admit that I was sick. It took me almost five hours, but I finally got dressed. And then, Herculean feat though it was, I made an English muffin and not only ate it, but kept it down. What a glorious achievement. Several hours later, I ate a cheese stick successfully. Wow!

With all this going on, I figured out that going to the box on Thursday was going to be rather stupid. Without food, there is no fuel. With no fuel, there is nothing in the tank to work with. Therefore, the smart thing was just to forego a day at the box. This would be okay.

Thursday went pretty well. I had a massage scheduled and it felt wonderful to get many of the kinks worked out. I went grocery shopping without ill effects and I ate real food all day long like a normal person. I got some writing done and some knitting done and just took the day fairly easy.

I set the alarm for the middle of the night and went to the box bright and early this morning. It was in the 50s out there so the weather was cooperating. We began with a 400 meter run but I only do 200 meters and that was okay. Then we did some good mornings and the soldier kicks down the mat.

I was there with Jackson (16), Tristan (17), and Vianca (19). I am older than all three of them together. We all thought that was funny. Well, sorta funny. If Sarah Ann (16) had showed up, I wouldn’t have been as old as four of them together, but only by a few years. Kim said I should get a shirt that reads MOM, but I think it would be more likely to have to say NANA.

Next up was lunge down the mat doing passthroughs and then dislocates at the end of the mat and then hold out the bar and soldier kick to the bar back up the mat. We did some jumps to a bar and then bear crawled down the mat and the rowed 500 meters.

While I was rowing, I noticed I would have been able to puke if I let myself. I didn’t, but only as a matter of will and a desire to not have to clean it up. All of that warm-up stuff wasn’t anything major. It used to be and I used to be wiped out by that much work, but not anymore. But today it was.

Instead of being really stupid, I figured out that perhaps I wasn’t recovered from whatever illness I tried to talk myself out of two days ago. With discretion being the better part of valor, I decided to come home. I woke up in the middle of the night on my day off for nothing. That’s pretty annoying.

Since I participated in the Masters Garage Games last year, there was an email in my inbox about the coming one. I watched the video on the requirements for this year and know that I am not invited. I simply cannot do a 45# snatch and there is no hope for getting that in just a few months. If there is any pause or break in the move, it is a no rep. Since it is 167% of my current snatch weight, and it took me years to get to that miniscule amount, there is little hope that in six months I will be able to get 30 of them done.

The idea that I, as a really old lady, can move the same weight as a 35 year old woman is ludicrous. The idea that in the only place of all of CrossFit, men and women have the same is also appalling. But I suppose it is more important to make sure that all gyms can participate and send their percentage in to Eric than to actually be logical or fair. But I want to know what sort of crap gym doesn’t have both men and women bars and why this couldn’t have been more equitably written.

Life is unfair and I need to get over it. This year is just not going to be a time for me to participate. I wasn’t any ball of fire last year. I think I had the worst score in the entire world. I was in last place for 60+ women scaled. That wasn’t the point. The point was that at least I was able to play. This year, not so much. Thanks, Eric. I’m sure all the 35 year olds are happy they don’t have to compete with Rich Froning types. And that eight year edge he has is insurmountable. But the 27 year age difference between me and a 35 year old is no big deal. And of course, Little Old Ladies are just as powerful as Little Old Men.

On a happier note, I’m going to be working on a “mystery project” and crochet and afghan during six weeks time. There is no pattern available at the moment – that’s the mystery. My sisters and some other friends will all be working on the same project. And yesterday, I bought my yarn so I’m ready for this. Apparently, this is an appropriate project for an old woman. I can do this, at least.



I prefer to use Chrome as my browser. I deplore IE and Firefox does some crappy stuff I don’t like. However, Chrome has decided I need to have a personalized experience which will make my life better. It doesn’t.

They have a wonderful little icon right there next to the minimize thing. It is the closest to the center on the right side of my window. Instead of clicking the last button to minimize the window, I keep hitting the last button and am offered a chance to sign in and migrate all my important information like bookmarks across all my devices. I have my computer I use all the time and I can migrate my bookmarks from it to itself since I don’t use anything else.

I do like to minimize the damn window on a frequent basis. It doesn’t minimize but that’s a small price to pay for having the ability to have my bookmarks saved on this computer and readily available here. So I understand the great improvement.

I have tried signing in and hoped it would just get the hell off the bar. It doesn’t. I have tried signing out and hoped it would just get the hell off the bar. It doesn’t. It just keeps being the thing I keep clicking on by mistake and being irritated. I think I’m going to have to export my bookmarks to a file and upload them to Firefox and see if what they were doing to irritate me has stopped. I can’t like my new and improved and wonderful pain in the ass ability to have all my one computer be like itself.

What asshat thought putting the annoying goddam button there would be a good idea? All it does is make the browser a pain in the ass. I see no improvement to be annoyed every time I just click on the place I’ve clicked for the last twenty years and find it isn’t the place I’ve been clicking for the last twenty years, but an annoying improvement.

I know that programmers live in a different place than the rest of us. But that is simply no excuse. Didn’t they have any beta testers who kept clicking on the damn thing and getting annoyed? I wonder if there is someplace I can complain that will be heard. Probably not. We all adjust to whatever crap the owners of the internet give us. We will assimilate.

But I really will have to go over and see if Firefox is going to be less annoying than this piece of shit.

So, I had to look how to log out and then I had Person1 sitting there being even more annoying and so I went to the internet and looked at what I needed to do to make this crappy annoyance go away. The search graciously ignored my swearwords but there was a place telling me how to make it go away.

Type “about://flags” in the search bar and it takes you to scary place that says you might destroy the entire solar system if you try to thwart Google. But if you work your way through the list of things that are wonderful you will find “Enable new profile management system” which is much easier to find if you just run Find with the word “avatar”. Then you can disable it and relaunch the browser and it is gone. Gloriously gone.

Thank you Braydon Ranson who put this online and solved my problem. I have no idea who you are, but I’m eternally grateful.

How to get rid of the annoyance.

How to get rid of the annoyance.

Gone. Gloriously gone.

Gone. Gloriously gone.

We went out to lunch with the boss yesterday and got our yearly bonus. That was nice. So was lunch. They had a tomato/tarragon with crab soup that was delicious. I hadn’t ever considered using crab in tomato soup, but it worked.

There was lots of work at work yesterday which made the day go by so much faster than not very much work at work which makes the day drag.

We got to talk to Dylan on his birthday. The “little guy” is now ten and turning into a big guy. As a special birthday treat, they got their report cards yesterday and he did quite well, improving in many areas. WTG, Dyl-man.

I know I was having some very strange dream when the alarm clock went off and then it totally dissipated. I can remember being amused when I woke up, but now I don’t remember why. I got up and got dressed in many layers. It was supposed to be cold this morning and it was.

Kim coached Charlie and me this morning. She needed to leave by 6.55 in order to get her daughter to school. I reminded her that it would take me forever to do the day’s WOD and she might want to shorten the warm-up some so that I didn’t make her late. She assured me it would all be fine.

We warmed up with a 500 meter row. The fans in the rowers are not enough to be helpful in the summer, but they are way too cold in the winter. It was ⁰F 37 this morning and for the South, that’s cold. It is supposed to be below freezing on Thursday.

We did a bunch of other stuff and were declared warm enough to begin the day. We must have been because I was out of all my extra layers.

Today’s WOD as written:
Front Squat 5-5-5-3-3-1-1
thrusters (95/65)
slam balls (40/25)

When I looked at this last night, I was plotting for an end weight of 85 and trying to decide how to get there. I warmed up with a 33# bar and noticed that today was going to be a good day to have mismatched shoes, so I did that. It is easier to squat and go overhead when I’m not so crooked. It’s actually easier to do just about everything when I’m not a pretzel.

My working weights were 45, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80. I got the 80 okay and maybe could have made 85. Where I was already falling apart was with the 5 reps and put that extra 60 in there, because I was feeling like I might throw up at any time. I always hope to avoid that. And I did.

My rep scheme for this was 18-12-6. Kim said it should take me about the same time as everyone else. Well, it depends on who the everyone else is. I think someone had a time of six even at the 5 AM class. Their longest time was in the nine minute range.

The Masters Garage Games for this year has as the final Chipper WOD:
Thrusters, Toes To Bar, Overhead Wall Ball Walking Lunge, Burpee Over the Bar
50 Thrusters, 40 T2B, 30 OH Lunge, 20 Burpee –  12 Minute Cap
Scaled version for my age: 50+ 65/20 45/14 Sit-ups

Today was my day to try 45# ish thrusters. It says I’m to do 50 of them. I believe the sit-ups are instead of the toes to bar. My weight for this would be 45# just like it is for every move throughout the day. Other people get to have lower weights as the move becomes more difficult or there are more reps. But not old ladies. We get to have the same bar all damn day.

I began this with an adequate but still tachycardic heart rate of around 110. Using my 42# bar, I could all the way to 8 before I had to stop with a heart rate of 170 and getting dizzy. I got some more done, had to rest, got the rest finished and decided on the slam balls that I would do them in sets of six come hell or high water.

Somewhere in the slam balls I also decided that this was not going to work. After I finished the slam balls, I went and got the 33# bar and did the rest of the WOD with that. I could then get six thrusters at a time and have a heart rate of 170. Get it back down to 145 and start again. Then do the slam balls, also in sets of six.

It was horrible and I was exhausted but I finished it that way in 13.27. That’s more than twice the time of the fastest person in 5 AM. It is 1.5 times the slowest person at 5 AM. It wasn’t even a minute longer than Charlie. We were out of there at 6.56.

It looks to me like 50 thrusters with 45# is simply going to be beyond me. But then, 30 snatches with 45# is too. Luckily, I can do 30 power cleans with 45# so that one would be okay. But it just seems to me that the Masters Garage Games are out of reach for me this year.

My next challenge will be to get out of this sports bra and take a shower. I hope I can lift my arms.


We went to Hilton Head and got to see Frankie working at her lacrosse camp. She finally got the idea of a ground ball pretty good but was still a little iffy on the cradling while running thing. But she is only five. After lacrosse, we went to lunch. She loves weather apps and has them on every electronic device within her reach. We discussed weather (temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind chill, etc.) and I asked if she wanted to be the Weather Girl when she grew up. She shrugged. I asked if she knew what their real name was. She said, “Meteorologist.” That kid just makes me smile all the time.

I had my alarm set for the middle of the night and woke to the dark, chilly morning. I dragged my fat ass to the box because it is Monday. I really like Mondays. I’m rather sluggish all weekend and after two days off, I start getting a bit jittery and so using up all the jitters on Monday morning usually leaves me feeling pretty good.

I had looked at the WOD last night and it was not insurmountable. It was also impossible as written but it is all scalable and everyone can succeed at this. I would be fine.

I got to the box and the 5 AM class was still not finished with part C of the day’s work. I could see they would be running over. It was interesting to watch. I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t notice that the day’s schedule was long and so having a bit shorter warm-up might have been in order. But … they didn’t. I was hoping that Cory noticed that we needed a shorter warm-up in order to get through the actual work.

She had and so we had a bit shorter warm-up which still warmed us up enough that I was beeping during the last two ring rows out of 15. Great. Cory was still trying to get music up and running so my beeping was audible. Then she asked what sort of music we wanted and no one spoke so I asked for Beethoven. Nope. I asked for Offenbach. Nope. I have no idea what finally played. But we had music before the warm-up was over.

Today’s WOD as written:

10 min EMOM
# of HSPU
choice a # or scaling that you can complete
10 sets of every 30 seconds
3 touch and go deadlifts @ 70%
chest to bar pull ups
ring dips
perform regular pull ups if you cannot perform 3 unbroken c2b pull ups
100 double unders for time
rest 2 minutes
50 double unders for time

I am not a hand stand push-up kind of Little Old Lady so I did a sub. Today, we had the swim team there and the sixteen year olds could both do a kick up to the wall and hold for a certain amount of seconds. Sarah Ann was less time than Jackson. Then there was a new person, Heather, and this was her first WOD. She and I did HSPU from a 20” box. Cory gave her a goal of 3. I chose to do 4 mostly because of math. I wasn’t sure I could manage 50, but I figured I could last for 40. And I did. On the last round, we were supposed to try harder and get one more and so I actually got 41 of these suckers.

I did the math last night and 70% of my one rep max was 95#. I could manage that, but the timing was questionable. So I did consult with Cory and asked about keeping the weight the same even though I might have to skip one round near the end because of heart rate. She said I could do them just as an EMOM, but I was pretty sure I would only have to miss one or two, not half. She said that would be better than a lower weight. I didn’t beep at all until round 7 and I got my heart rate low enough to begin again until round 10 and although I was still beeping, I did the last three because why not. So I got them all.

For the next thing, I dropped the reps to 18-12-6 and still nearly died. I used a 2” band for the pull-ups and 1” band for the ring dips. I got 14 pull-ups before I had to stop and then it was all downhill from there. I spent so much time trying to get my heart rate down that it was ludicrous. I got the last 4 pull-ups and rested a bit before the ring dips. I could manage six at a time and rest and six and rest and so it took forever. Then I got the pull-ups done half and half and then ring dips half and half. Then the pull-ups and I needed a pause, but just a short one after number 4. And then I got the ring dips and it took me 8.20 to finish this. Everyone else was done before I got to my last round. I hate having to rest all the time. I had a heart rate of 170+ way too many times today.

My heart rate wasn’t really low enough before we started the last round. I got 100 jumps which could have been where I stopped, but I wanted 150 single unders instead of the masters thing. If I was doing single unders and young enough, it was supposed to be 200 and 100. I figured 150 and 75 would be good for this and so I panted a bit and felt like I had enough to do another 50 jumps. I finished in 1.42 and then rested. Then I had to do another 75 and did them in .31. I had only one missed jump in the entire 225 jumps. That helped me save some time there.

It was a lot of work for an old fart like me. I was told it came from some Masters Guys Website of some sort or another. Good for them. I actually felt pretty good finishing this. Now, I just hope I can lift my arms enough to get out of my sports bra.


I finished the writing project I was working on and got it printed out for editing. I also made it to the grocery store. What a productive day for someone who was so tired that despite cups and cups of coffee, she fell asleep in the chair for an hour.

Since I took a nap, I was having trouble quitting the day but I finally made my way to bed and then miracle of miracles, I slept all night. When the alarm clock went off this morning, I was still dog tired. But it is Friday and I go to the box on Friday.

It was nicer this morning than predicted with a temperature of ⁰F 52. It hadn’t started raining yet. But it is supposed to be chilly and rainy for the rest of the day. Luckily, that was not an issue before dawn.

Kim coached 5 AM and Cory took the class. Then Kim went home and Cory was the coach for 6 AM. Her legs were still shaky – a bad sign. She had us do a number of fun things using an obstacle course and then do some stretching and we were declared warm.

Jackson showed up bright and early and Vianca was there today, too. And me. An odd number. I was hoping for that.

Today’s WOD as written:
1K row for time
Partner WOD
40 pull ups
80 push ups
120 squats
one partner working at a time while the other holds a plate in the bottom of a squat (45/25)

We set the rower to measure the time for a 1000 meter row and then began. I was given the option of doing less, but I don’t mind rowing the 1000 if no one else minds waiting for me to get done. Someone in the 5 AM class had a 3 minute and some odd seconds time for this. I was hoping to break the 5 minute mark but was unable. I had a time of 5.07.3 and a heart rate of 172 at the end. After we were done rowing, we took a cool down walk for 200 meters.

The issue with this was that it was no long possible to break one’s ankle in the parking lot. On Wednesday evening, someone patched all the potholes and now there is a smooth surface. It used to be so fun to try to avoid killing oneself in the dark by falling into one of the myriad holes in the course.

We had an option of working together as a team. Or there could be one partner and one single. The 5 AM class also had an odd number and they did one team and two partners. I opted to work alone.

I knew I wanted to not hold a squat for minutes on end. If I had been coerced into a partner WOD, I would have done so without holding any extra weight and still probably have been in trouble. I really need to have a time for my heart rate to recover.

Instead of 20, 40, 60 on the reps, I did 15, 30, 45 and worked at my own pace. I used a 2” band for the pull-ups and one abmat for the push-ups. I believe they were less wormy that way. I figured I would do 8-7 on the pull-ups, but I still had some stuff left at rep 8 and so I kept going. I made it to 11 and since I only had four more, I just paused until my arms could manage to lift my fat ass up again and finished them.

I then had a heart rate too high and so I had to really rest. I did the push-ups in sets of 10 and would beep around rep 8 each time. But if I stopped at 8, it would have been a pain in the ass and an extra rest. Doing two more couldn’t really hurt and so I did.

Then it was on to squats and I did them in sets of 15 and was beeping around rep 12 each time but the whole math thing and rest thing was still in play and so I just did the 15 and rested and then the next set. I finished in 7.07. I don’t know if a partner could have done their own reps while I was resting, but I do know that one group in the 5 AM class did the whole thing in 7 something, too.

I was so sleepy at the start of this day that I was having trouble even keeping my eyes open. By the end of the WOD, I was really awake.

I came home and had my breakfast. Then I looked at Facebook and one of the things I follow had this interesting link. I have no idea where Vagnhallen CrossFit is. But they are having a challenge there.

There’s a challenge going on at Vagnhallen CrossFit. Do you dare to wod naked? 

Four men took up the challenge and stepped out of their comfort zone or at least their clothes. In all fairness, one guy is wearing his shoes. The comments are not in English. I’m going to guess they are in Göteborg which doesn’t help me at all. But that’s what Google told me. It answered my question, but didn’t help. Searching on Göteborg tells me it might be in Sweden. And that explains it.

I am hoping this is not something we at CrossFit Summerville are going to be doing. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to step out of my comfort zone that far. And I’m not quite sure I want to be there when anyone else does, either. I’m thinking box jumps would just be not a good thing to see for anyone concerned. Double unders could be bad, too.


I enjoyed my day off. It was beautiful out there. I live in South Carolina and the sun shines far more frequently than it did when I lived in Ohio. Yesterday, it was warm and sunny and I put the top down on the car for my drive home from work. Great way to start my weekend.

I played with all sorts of numbers and got myself upset over the Masters Garage Games again last night. It is inequitable and there is nothing I can do about it. It is already written. I’m unable to do it as written so I don’t get to play. I’m glad I didn’t put it off last year. It is disappointing, but it isn’t the end of the world.

I am a CrossFitter and I go to the box on Thursday and so I was up in the middle of the night to get there. Unfortunately, I was up far earlier than I needed to be. Today is either going to be full of coffee, or a nap, or even possibly both. Maybe I will be able to sleep through the night tonight. I feel like a 3 month old, except that I didn’t wake up anyone else to share my misery.

I understand that people like to do a 3 day/rest/2 day/rest cycle. I don’t know why some don’t do a 2 day/rest/3 day/rest cycle, but that seems to not happen. Thursday is the day they all take off and so it is very light. There were only 4 people at 5 AM and only me at 6 AM. Nothing like a private session.

Kim was coaching and had me do a variety of things which I managed to do okay. Well, the first row was 125 meters and I forgot to stop. I’m not used to that short of a distance. But other than that, I got through the warm-up okay. For the people who are new to exercising because it is a New Year’s Resolution, I would like to point out that most of what I did today as my warm-up would have been really difficult when I first started, unless it would have been impossible. The beginning is the hardest part. If you don’t quit, you don’t have to start all over again.

I was warm, and I had my jacket and long sleeved shirt off. It was no longer ⁰F 75 and sunny this morning but instead was ⁰F 42 and dark. I had to put the top up on the car and put on layers. (I don’t want my northern friends to get too jealous.) But I was ready now.

Today’s WOD as written:
Strict Press

4 rounds for individual time:
10 walking lunges
8 ring push ups
6 parallette pass throughs
4 power cleans (135/95)
rest 1 minute

I didn’t remember what my max on the strict press was and I still don’t. I have it written down somewhere on my phone. I’m eventually going to have to get my phone because I took a picture of my times since I couldn’t remember them. Life for the aged is full of methods for coping. And my phone isn’t with me but I’m going to have to get up and get it and then I will look up the max for this and then I will have to enter it into the middle of my paragraph so I might as well get up now and look at all the numbers. Wasn’t that exciting to read? That’s how my mind was twirling for half the night.

My max is 53#. Today, I worked with a 22# bar and did 22, 27, 32, 37, 42, 47 and still had room so I did a 52 and got it and tried a 57 and couldn’t manage to get it up without cheating. So I hit the number I was hoping for without even knowing it was my max, but I couldn’t manage any more. So, I really have a max.

When I looked at the conditioning part of the day’s work, I figured I would try something a little different for today. I was going to change my weight on power cleans. I have been using the same weight for a long time. It might be time to inch it up some.

I cut back the reps to 8, 6, 4, and 2 and only doing two power cleans with a higher weight seemed safe. Challenging, but not too much. I did regular push-ups and did the parallette pass throughs using 20” boxes. And then I used 52# for the power cleans. I could RX the minute rest.

The first round I could manage without having to stop at all and I got it done in .55 and then I could blissfully rest. But my heart rate was high and I couldn’t get it back down as far as it was when I started. So on the second round, I had to pant just a bit before the pass throughs but still finished in 1.00 even. Then I had an even higher heart rate and managed to get the lunges and push-ups done but had to really rest before the pass throughs and then just powered through the cleans. It took me 1.13 for that one. On the last round, I was beeping by the second push-ups but finished them anyway. Then I had heart rate of 166 and still had stuff to do. I got it down to 160 and figured I would just beep my way through the rest of it. Last round took 1.12.

I’m glad I lowered the reps and I’m glad I increased the weight. I think it made the overall work just right for an old fart.

My goal for the rest of the day is to stay awake, unless I decide I really need a nap.


Yesterday morning I felt great after completing my CrossFit class. I felt accomplished and doing all right. Last night, they posted the WODs for the coming year for the Masters Garage Games this is one of them

Wall Balls, Snatches and Pull-ups
50 Wall Balls, 30 Snatches, Pull-ups for reps 8 Minutes
Age Loads (male/female) and movements
35-39  20/95  14/65 C2B Pull-ups
40-49  20/95  14/65 Pull-ups
50-59  20/75  14/45 Pull-ups
60+  14/65  10/45 Pull-ups

Scaled – 8 Minutes
35-44  20/75   14/45 Squats Holding Wall Ball For Reps instead of pull-ups
45-54  20/65   10/45 Squats Holding Wall Ball For Reps instead of pull-ups
55+  14/45   10/45  Squats Holding Wall Ball For Reps instead of pull-ups

Actually, the entire thing is beyond me. I’m glad I got to do this last year, because there is no way I can do it this year. I don’t get to play. But the part that is really pissing me off again, is that this asshat refuses to believe there are lower weight bars than 45# and so a 35 year old male has to move more weight than an 55 year old male, but a 35 and 55 year old woman can both have the same weight.

The reps are more than I could do in 8 minutes and the reps for the last WOD are even more ridiculous.

50 Thrusters, 40 T2B, 30 OH Lunge, 20 Burpee –  12 Minute Cap

And I can’t do toes to bar to I’m out of luck there anyway.

Anyway, I was so defeated by all this that when I looked at the WOD for today and didn’t understand it at all, it really didn’t matter. I showed up and knew it was just as far beyond me as anything else. I just show up because that’s what I do. I did have to watch a movie last night to figure out what the hell a plank up was. I knew I was going to need some padding. Other than that …

So I showed up and it was just me and Sarah Ann today. Kim was coaching. I told her I wasn’t going to the Masters Garage Games and she assured me that I could go from a 27# power snatch to 45# snatch this year. I didn’t mention the toes to bar thing. I didn’t even remember it.

We warmed up and then we did this WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
Minute 0: 25 box jumps for time (24/20)
Minute 4: 50 burpees for time
Minute 10: row for meters
Minute 20: end
Post all times and scores!!!
100 plank ups for time
Post time.

When the clock started, we did 25 box jumps. I did step-ups. I finished in 1.07 and then we got to rest until the clock hit minute 4. I only had to do 25 burpees and I walked them in and out and it took me 3.25 to do them. It took Sarah Ann 3.45 to do all 50. Then we rowed. And I have no idea what I did. I think it was 1719 but I’m not sure. Then we were done. With that part.

Plank ups, as I watched them were a plank held then dropped to elbows and then back to hands and that counted as 1 rep. We were counting hands as one and elbows as one and I only had to do 50. I have absolutely no idea how long it took me. Sarah Ann didn’t get the message on how to count and did twice as many as she needed to do. It took her a lot longer than it took me.

Now I’m home and still disgusted.


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