We went out of lunch at work yesterday for my birthday which was nice but not necessary. I ate too much. After lunch, the boss was out of the office and due to return sometime. It was a few minutes before quitting time. I gave it another minute or two before shutting down my computer. I was 3.59 and I was packed up and ready to leave. The phone rang. I was caught. I answered it. I was getting a message when the boss walked through the door and caught me being a diligent worker. Go me. I’m off now until January 5.

I got to talk to my sister last evening which is always a treat. We talked past my bedtime but it was worth it. It made it a little harder to get out of bed this morning, but that may have just been old age creeping up on me.

I got to the gym and Paul was the only person at 5 AM. Ryan was coaching and so I got to ask him about my current car problem. He gave me an answer which was helpful. Jackson brought another swimming buddy today, Patrick. Molly was there and we had a drop in from Michigan as well. Clive knew what he was doing without a problem. Patrick had never tried this stuff before.

We began with a 400 meter run. I ran 200 meters. It was ⁰F 43 out there this morning and I was lucky I poked my nose out the door. We did lots of other stuff and were eventually declared warm enough to move on to the next part of the day. Amazingly enough, I whined about the push-up part of the inchworm down the mat. I was okay right up until he threw that push-up in. Ryan just laughed at me. I am an excellent whiner.

I was wearing a pair of wild socks today and they are quite fetching. And bizarre. Ryan mentioned that my socks really looked funny before he actually realized it wasn’t my socks, it was my shoes. With all this bar work today, I changed to my different shoes to try to balance out my crooked body and so I had one black shoe and one white shoe on with my crazy purple, black, and white socks.

Today’s WOD as written:
5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1
GHD 5 x 20 sec effort
power cleans (135/95)
back squats (135/95)

I don’t GHD at all, so I subbed V-ups instead. These were to be done alternating with the deadlifts. Patrick had to be taught about this move and he did pretty good. When I looked at this, I set up a plan of attack working backwards from what I hoped my ending weight would be. So I started with 83 and then bumped ten pounds each round for 93, 103, 113, 123, and finished with 133 which was quite heavy but came up. I was doing 8 or 9 V-ups in the 20 seconds between each set of deadlifts.

For the next part, Patrick had never done a power clean and he needed a sub so he wouldn’t hurt himself. Then he was having difficulty understand a med ball clean and how to let the ball float. Ryan has many great qualities, but he was not getting through to the kid. I know I’m supposed to mind my own business, but the kid was not understanding the directions. I butted in. It worked. I apologized for butting in and backed away to my bar.

I used just a 42# bar and did the masters rep scheme of 18-12-6 instead. I was still the last one done.

I got the first 17 power cleans done without stopping. But I had to rest before moving on. I did the last power clean and then put the bar on my back. I managed all 18 back squats, but I had to keep pausing at the top to catch my breath. It wasn’t worth dropping the bar and having to clean it again and put it on my back again, so I just worked through it. I had a heart rate of 167 when I finished the set.

I got six cleans done, had to rest, got five cleans done, rested and then got the last clean and did the 12 front squats. Again, I managed them without putting the bar down, but I did have to keep pausing to breathe and try to keep my heart rate low enough to not get lightheaded. Ryan said something about keep moving and I said I was beeping and he said, “What?” I repeated that I was beeping and needed to pause and he said he thought I said I was sleeping which would have been lovely, I admit, but unlikely as I stood there with a bar on my back.

I had to pause and sit on the ground and box breathe and get a heart rate down again to 145 so I could start. I got the five cleans done and rested a bit until my heart rate was 145ish. Everyone else was done by this time, so I picked up the bar, got it on my back, did my six squats and was done at 9.23.

I chose wisely on all my weights today. I’m glad I didn’t pretend I was younger and keep the rep scheme as written because that would have just irritated me. I was last, but not by much but if I had nine more reps of each move, I would have been dragging on forever. I want to work as hard as the younger folks, but not harder. I managed to do that today.