I go to the box on Mondays, but I didn’t go yesterday. This was the first time I just skipped class. I have missed when I was ill, injured, or out of the country but yesterday, I couldn’t get there because my car’s battery died. I could have taken the new car but for over 30 years now, I have parked on the left side of the garage. I have been driving a teeny, tiny car for the last few years. I couldn’t back the new, full sized (HUGE) car out of the wrong side of the garage without risking taking off the side mirror or possibly the paint. It wasn’t worth it. I could only go three times this week and so I altered my schedule.

That meant I had to go to the box today. I had wanted to sleep in today because it is my birthday. But instead, my fat ass was up in the middle of the night and when I looked – it was a partner WOD to boot. Great. Just great. But since I was awake, I went.

When I got there, Clint who is visiting from Alabama was there and so was Jackson. Kim was coaching today. That was it. Kim asked me if I wanted to work alone or with the guys. I said I would wait a few minutes and see if someone else showed up. It is my lucky day. Molly arrived.

We warmed up with a variety of different things and then did a bunch of other things and then did more things and finally we were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Pendlay Row / Floor Press
5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
(for total reps)
1 minute on / 1 minute off
over the bar wall balls (20/14) 10
alternating shuttle runs
b2b med ball pass (40/25) [these are slam ball weights]
crab walk wheel barrows bear crawl
alternating parallette passes
alternating double unders single unders

I did not see that floor press part to this when I looked this morning. I’m going to have to put on my glasses when I try to read this stuff because I keep missing parts. I recognized the partner WOD. This is the one Sarah Ann and I did together not too long ago.

My press movements are all much weaker than my pulling movements so this meant my weights I had planned to do weren’t going to work. My Pendlay row weight is about 25# higher than my floor press weight. And I’ve already trapped myself by dropping bar on me for the floor press.

I stuck with just 22-27-32-37-42 for the weights because that’s about where I failed with a one rep on the floor press. I got all five at that weight and I’m not sure I could have managed five at any higher weight.

Clint had never been to an actually CrossFit class. He has only gone to open gym. When we were warming up for the row/presses, we also did some weighted good mornings. He hadn’t ever done these. He said “this” was tight pointing to his quads and didn’t even know what “this” was. He goes to open gym and does WODs as written, but doesn’t have enough knowledge about mobilizing or even proper form. He had never done a Pendlay row, either.

Molly is quite young and strong. I am not. But we had to figure out a way to work together which meant she had to either do my lower stuff or go it alone. This is the problem with the whole “No child left behind” theory. She had to go slow enough for me to not be left behind.

We had to use a 10# med ball for me to get through the wall balls. I was at 166 for a heart rate at the end but we did get 25 of the damn things in. I needed the minute of rest.

I don’t run very fast and there is truly nothing I can do about it. Molly went first and so she was able to get a last one in before time ran out. Our score for this round was 7.

I don’t remember this being that difficult last time except that we forgot to count. We got a lot more reps in and I believe we were using a med ball, but today we were really using the 25# slam ball. It was not only heavier, it was smaller so passing it around was more difficult. We managed 16 full passes.

The bear crawl was subbed out for the wheel barrow things because that is something I wasn’t comfortable with. Apparently Clint wasn’t either because the guys did bear crawls, too. Molly was able to finish an extra trip down the mat as time was called and we had a score of 5.

Molly and Jackson used parallettes. Clint and I used 20” boxes. Clint had never done these things. He has been doing this for two years, just like me. He was probably in his 20s, unlike me. I was having an easier time with this since I’ve done them enough to know how to swing my fat ass back and forth. It was amazing. Molly and I got 27 done. I was pooped and needed the rest, which didn’t seem so critical for the kids. I think I may have been older than the other three people there combined.

But I did catch my breath and Molly went first on the jumps. I told her I would take over at thirty seconds. She missed a couple jumps which lowered her count. I began and this is one thing I can do. I jumped. And during the last 5 seconds, I jumped faster. Molly had 50 and I got 72. Our total score for this was 202.

If I could look at the WOD the night before and still sleep, I could see what I did the last time I did whatever the moves are. I would have found that I managed the floor press at 47#, but only to four reps. I would have seen that Sarah Ann and I used a 14# med ball on the back to back passes and had a score of 209.

I write this so I can keep track of what I’ve done and then I’m too stupid to look it up and see what I should do now to improve. But if I look ahead, I can’t sleep worrying about how awful I’m going to be in the morning. I really need to find a way to trust myself to get the work done. I always have; no one has ever told me I can’t come back. And I’m doing a lot more now than when I began.

Life frightens me. You would think that by this time, I would have figured out how to manage the fright. Maybe that should be my goal for the coming year. Be brave. I’m so good at being the Cowardly Lion that it will be a stretch.