I made chicken soup for the sick guy in the house and it made the whole house smell good. I spent the evening talking to my sister and knitting but not at the same time. It was a relaxing evening after the hectic day before and morning.

I noticed yesterday that it was somewhat difficult to pick my arms up. I couldn’t determine if it was from the burpees, pull-ups, push-ups, ring rows, knee lifts, or a combination of the entire mess. But my shoulders hurt enough to wake me a few times in the night. Of course, that means nothing to an idiot, so I still got up and went to the box. And I still went after looking at what was scheduled for today.

It was ⁰F 39 out there this morning which didn’t make it any easier to leave the house. But as a true idiot dedicated athlete, I did leave the house. My reward for going out in the cold was to get the box with every single light green. There were a few cars in the parking lot.

I went in and it ended up I was the only person, other than Coach Sherry, that I knew. There was a new guy, Scott, and Paul from 5 AM was there (at least I think he was that Paul) and then there were visitors and someone who apparently usually works out later in the day. In all, there were seven of working out. Whoever they were, the only person I introduced myself to was the guy in front of me working out who was the new guy, Scott. This was his sixth visit to a CrossFit facility. And I know his age cuz when I mentioned I got to do the masters version, he wanted to know if he was old enough for that. He wasn’t nearly as old as me.

We warmed up and eventually we all were coatless and warm enough to move on to the day’s events.

Today’s WOD as written:
AMRAP in 6 minutes

4 snatches (75%)
4 o-t-b burpees
rest 4 minutes
AMRAP in 6 minutes

10 wall balls
10 pull ups
rest 4 minutes
AMRAP in 6 minutes

4 power cleans (65%)
4 hspu
rest 4 minutes
2K row
Score reps for A+B+C/time for D”

Again with the quotes. I have no idea why they are in there, but I left them because I could. I could have removed them, too, but I wasn’t that ambitious which lets you know where I sit after this WOD.

I used just the 22# bar for power snatches and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was about over the bar burpees again. I did find out that it was the burpees that smoked my shoulders because this was the only move that bothered my shoulders today.

I got through the first entire round of this and then I would do the snatches and rest, do the burpees and rest, do the snatches and rest ad nauseum. Well, it wasn’t that many times. My score was 5+2.

I loved the rest and managed to RX that without a problem.

I used a 10# med ball to the 8 foot mark and managed the first round again without stopping and then it was a lot of resting. I used a 2” band for the pull-ups and got all ten the first time. On the second round, I got seven and then three. On the last round, I got five and had to pause and then only got three more and time was called. My score was 2+18.

I again RXd the rest. I’m so good at this part.

I used a 42# bar for the power cleans and I did the modified HSPU things from a box. Again, I got the entire first round done and then I would do the cleans and rest, do the HSPU sub and rest. As time was running out, I didn’t do the last rest and my score was 5+6.

My heart rate went the highest on the second AMRAP. Between the wall balls which always suck the life right out of me and the pull-ups I was toast. It was the only time today my heart rate went over 170.

After another great rest where we noticed there were seven athletes and six rowers, we were ready. Four of us rowed and three people went out into the dark and cold morning and ran a mile. I would rather eat worms.

I got a rower, but did not set it up. I usually just park my ass and row and then slap the little meter thing on the side to get it where I want it, usually around 6-7. More often than not, it is already there. I didn’t set anything up, but just sat down and started rowing. First, it was set to calories, Sherry changed it for me. Then it was so dang easy to pull that I finally realized it wasn’t set in the middle but it was all the way to the bottom and I couldn’t slap it around so I had to have Sherry change that, too.

I hate to row. It is tedious and uninteresting and there is little I can do other than listen to loud music I hate (usually with such lovely lyrics, too)[sarcasm font desperately needed]. There doesn’t seem to be any strategy or gaming. It is just the methodical plodding of row, row, row. And I don’t really get much distance on each pitiful pull. It is mind-numbing and loathsome. But other than that, it just stinks. I was, of course, the last one done. It took me 11.39.

I had to talk myself into doing this whole thing. I could have gotten numbers more in line with other people there. I could have done 3/3, 8/8, 3/3 and 1600. I would have had some different scores but then again, I did the reps and distance as written and still lived. I guess what I did today was more character building than anything else.

But I must say, my shoulders aren’t going to thank me any time soon.