Over the weekend I finished Christmas shopping and got the wrapping done and all that holiday stuff. I’m officially finally ready for the big day. I got some writing done and I did some knitting. I had a sinful lunch at Kaminsky’s on Saturday and enjoyed every minute of it. Kaminsky’s is a dessert restaurant and all I had for lunch was mint mousse chocolate pie and coffee. Perfect.

It was a bleak weekend, overcast and even rainy at times. The forecast for today isn’t much better. It was supposed to be ⁰F 40 at 6 AM but it was 46 instead. Much better. It was supposed to rainy, but it was just dank without any new rain.

My normal schedule for workouts is being interrupted by the holidays. My box does a 12 Days of Christmas each year on Christmas Eve and I have participated twice already. However, we are going to Hilton Head for Christmas Eve and Craig invited me to workout at Conviction Training Facility. So I will be there for noon and workout with him and then go to his house for the rest of the day. It should be fun. I hope. Mostly, I don’t want to embarrass him.

Betsy was coaching today because school is out. We started out rowing, did other stuff, did two rounds of 10 med ball thrusters, 10 ring rows, 10 squats to the med ball, and then finished with some stretching.

Scott was there and it was funny to watch a different husband/wife athlete/coach team. Gabe is off this week, so he could sleep in an hour longer, Maribel was also there. So was I.

Today’s WOD as written:
Front Squats (50% BW)
“AMRAP in 8 minutes:
3 power snatches (95/65)
3 burpees
3 power cleans (95/65)
3 burpees”

That’s all the website says. I have no idea why the AMRAP is in quotes but I left it. Copy and paste is the reason, I presume. But why the original poster used quotes is still a mystery. The front squats are interesting there because it means mostly nothing. Luckily there was more information on the board.

Front squats were 8 minutes EMOM with 3 squats held in the bottom of the squat for three seconds. I don’t really know if the guys used half their body weight. I asked Coach about this. I can certainly front squat half my body weight, but not hold it for three seconds and do it repeatedly for many minutes. I was told to pick a weight I could hold in the squat for three seconds.

I picked 53# and managed that weight for all eight minutes. Maribel used the weight I should have which wasn’t her as written weight either since she is bigger than me. We all managed the reps with the weights we had. I managed to not beep at all on this part of the day. That was nice because I sure used up a lot of beeping later. I did have to sit on the ground and box breathe between rounds after the third round.

I knew when I looked at the WOD I was screwed. I hate snatches and that weight is beyond my capacity. Burpees kick my ass even if I walk them in and out. This was a cardio intensive workout and I am cardio pitiful. I used only a 22# bar which was manageable for the snatches and way too light for the cleans, but what the hell. I could have set up a different bar for the cleans, but really, the sticking point for me was going to be the burpees.

I did make sure that Betsy knew that when I was laid out on the floor, I was just resting and not in trouble. As long as I was beeping, I was alive and not to worry. I know I can be a bit scary with this whole old and feeble crap. I also know the best place to rest in a burpee is laid out on the floor otherwise I have to get up and down more often than required by the move.

I got through the entire first round and only beeped on the last two burpees. But then it was a struggle. My heart rate wasn’t dropping very well, mostly because I was resting prone on the ground in the middle of a burpee. I don’t think I was really moving enough air in that position but because of the short number of reps, I couldn’t figure out a better way. I don’t think I ever got my heart rate less than 150 during the rest of the WOD. I would do the lifts and then have to rest during the burpees. I needed to have a low enough heart rate to get the three snatches done together, which meant more resting. The cleans were too light but everyone mentioned after we were done that the cleans were the resting part.

I love when the coach calls time to go in the last minute. I like the minute, thirty seconds, and fifteen seconds called out. I try to always work the last 15 seconds because I can rest when it’s done. Betsy only called out the last five seconds. Oh well. My score was 4+4 which was pretty bad, but in reality, better than I had expected.

Perhaps the master scaling should have been to cut out the middle 3 burpees and give myself a chance to get more rounds in. It would have helped, but regardless, I worked as hard and as much as I could, heart rate permitting, for the eight minutes and the score isn’t really the measure of my effort.