Uncle Dan is visiting. He got here from Aunt Barb’s house and will be travelling onward toward home. The brothers got to spend an evening together and do lots of talking. Lots and lots of talking. That is so much fun.

Today is Friday and so it means I go to the box. I go even if we have company because no one else cares what I am doing at 6 AM. So off I went even though I saw what the workout was and figured it was a total waste of my time and energy and I could have slept in and not even bothered.

Sherry was coaching today for both the 5 and 6 AM classes. There was no one at the 5 AM class. I can’t imagine how ticked I would be if I got up to work at 4.15 AM and got to work and then had no work to do. It just seems horrible. But the 6 AM class was filled to bursting – for the 6 AM class. We had all the sixteen year olds. Jackson was there and both twins, Sarah Anne and Meredith, and then Gabe was there and I was there.

I was there only because I didn’t look at the WOD last night and so I set my alarm and figured I was already awake and so I might as well go. I was there under protest. I was there because I’m stubborn and it is all scalable and someone would just have to figure out what to do with me. I could not do one damn thing, but I was there.

We warmed up with a row because we would be running all day. Well, they would be running all day. I had no intention of running anywhere because I don’t run and I don’t run in the dark and mostly I don’t run in the dark on the street. I do have a lighted arm band to keep me from being run over but I don’t run anyway.

Then we did other things to warm up and I must have warmed up because I eventually had both my sweatshirt and my long sleeved shirt off.

Today’s WOD as written:
In 10 minutes:

1 mile run
ME deadlifts (bodyweight)
In 6 minutes:
800m run
ME power cleans(65% BW)
In 4 minutes:
400m run
ME front squats(65% BW)

I cannot run a mile to save my life. I certainly cannot run a mile in less than ten minutes. This was simply beyond me. I also misread the intention of this workout. I thought when one got back from a run, the idea was to see how many unbroken lifts one could manage. Then rest until the next time up and the next run and lift.

Nope. The idea was to run, come back and do as many lifts as possible in the remaining time and then run and come back and lift. We were to keep moving for 20 minutes. Anyone who has ever read even a single one of these blogs knows I have never kept moving for 20 minutes straight. My cardiologist wouldn’t approve, I’m sure. He wouldn’t have approved my behavior today as it was and that was with rests. Not built in rests, but rests for the old fart.

I was going to row. But usually, this would have been a 2000 meter, then a 1000 meter, and then 500 meter row. My time for a 1000 meter row is over five minutes. So that wouldn’t have allowed me to get 2K done in ten minutes. I said I would row 1000, 500, and 250 meters. Everyone else was running because they are young athletes or Gabe.

Sherry was watching and no one was close to being back when I was done with the 1000 meter row. I said I would row 1200 meters and even by that time, no one was back or getting close. So I said I would row 1400 meters and Jackson was back when I was at 1375 and the others weren’t far behind. I figured I had my rowing distance figured out. I then did sets of five deadlifts until time was running out and I just kept moving. I did 22 at 83#. I could have done one deadlift at bodyweight, but the idea was to actually do as many as possible and so I dropped the weight as the coach suggested.

Then I did 700 meters on the next round and then worked with 42# on the next lifts. My heart rate was higher faster and I only got 15, but I managed to keep moving without too much rest time.

My beeping never stopped at all during the 350 meter run. Using the same bar, I got five front squats and couldn’t manage even one more. I looked and my heart rate was 175. Well, that explained it. I got it down some but there wasn’t really much time. I got five more and simply couldn’t do another one. I put the bar down and looked. 178. Well, the cardiologist wouldn’t be very happy but I wasn’t having any dizziness or chest pain. There were only a few seconds left so I cleaned the bar with a squat and got one more in for a score of 12 on this.

Sherry wanted us to grab out water bottles and walk the parking lot for a cool down. I said I had to get my heart rate down to the top limit set by my cardiologist before I moved any more. I waited more than that and got 159 to show, which really didn’t take that long, and then went for a stroll through the parking lot.

Even Gabe said the weights were a little extreme for this WOD and that lowering the weights for the later classes might be a good idea. He had misunderstood the workout, as well, thinking that we were to run a distance and then do lifts for the amount of time listed which was even worse, in my opinion, that what it actually said.

This ended up being more fun than I thought it would be. I’m glad I am disciplined enough to just show up on my scheduled days. It is easier to cherry pick and only go on days when it looks like the WOD is fun or interesting or even doable. But by showing up consistently, I manage to get a wee bit better over time. Showing up really is half the battle.