I had to watch a one hour and twenty-seven minute (and some odd seconds) video yesterday showing me stuff I have been using for the last five years and will not use again after I retire. It was unhelpful. I learned nothing. However, my coworker had me there as a resource and I was able to show her things and answer her questions. So it wasn’t a total waste of time. But because we kept talking about things she wanted to know, it took a lot longer than 1.5 hours. It was good to get home.

I was awake a few times in the night, but could fall immediately back to sleep. It isn’t quite as restful as sleeping soundly all night long, but it beats tossing and turning for hours. So there is that. The alarm went off and I got up. It was ⁰F 38 this morning, an improvement. I got ready and got to the box. There was Kim’s Jeep in the parking lot and one truck. I couldn’t tell if 5 AM was really light or had gotten done early and all left.

They had all finished and gone home and it was Charlie. I hadn’t seen him in weeks. His foot is better and he was glad to be back. It was good to have him there.

We warmed up and did a bunch of stuff and were declared warm. I had my sweatshirt off at least. We then began working on the day’s agenda.

Today’s WOD as written:
Weighted Step Ups – 8-8-8-8-8
4 rounds for time:
20 16 squats
10 8 power cleans (50% bodyweight) 42#
5 4 handstand push ups
1 parking lot sprint

I asked Kim if she had an opinion on the step-ups. She laughed and said she always had an opinion but what was my question. I wasn’t sure about what box to use. We decided I would use the short box with weight on top to get to 16 inches rather than use the 20” box. Charlie used a 20” box rather than the 24” one. We warmed up with PVC pipe step-ups and checked our form.

We would do our eight reps, wait until Coach Kim called for the next set and go again. Charlie was switching lead legs each time and I mentioned as the weight got heavier, it might be smarter to do four with your non-dominant leg and then the last four with your dominant leg. My problem was that I always lead with my left leg, but I found out that my right leg is stronger. Who knew? My weights for this were 22, 27, 32, 37, and 42. I had to problems with the first three sets at all. On the fourth set, I noticed I was having difficulty with my left leg on the box first. So I switched on the last round and lo and behold, it was easier to hoist my fat ass and the 42# up there with my right leg. Amazing.

I could have done this whole 4 RFT thing but it would have made me angry to take so long in the face of the rest of the times. I went to a masters scaling. And then I felt happy about it. I think I may have been able to increase the weight to 47# and still achieve the same thing and next time, I hope I have the sense to try that. I asked Kim if I should cut the reps or do only three rounds. She said she would prefer if I did four rounds. That was smart.

The sticking point in this was the power cleans. I could do the squats and HSPU sub without a problem. I would make sure my heart rate was good to start and then get the reps done. But the power cleans were a bit of an issue. I was beeping each time on rep seven but only had one more to do so what the hell, I just did it. But if I had three more to do, I don’t know if I could have finished them all. My heart rate was always high 160s as I ended these, but I didn’t feel bad.

I can actually power clean half my body weight, but it would have been ugly. I walked the parking lot and was able to immediately begin the squats when I got back, get them done, but then I had to box breathe to get a heart rate in the low 140s so I could get the cleans. Then rest a bit to get a heart rate to 150 and do the from the box push-ups. Then my stroll. I finished in 12.22. I actually did run that last parking lot sprint back inside.

On the third round, Charlie was struggling. He hasn’t been in for a couple weeks and it showed. At one point, he was getting ready to do power cleans and I was getting my heart rate back down. Charlie just kept standing over the bar. Kim said, “Keep moving” and I looked over and mentioned that it always makes me want to punch someone right in the face when they say that. Charlie laughed. Kim didn’t. I said it was nothing personal. There are simply times when we, the struggling masses hoisting the weights, can’t keep moving.

The fastest time in the 5 AM class was about half my time, but I’m happy with my work today. It takes me a long time, but I get stuff done. Masters stuff, but done.