I was supposed to have a massage yesterday but I got a call from the retinologist’s office reminding me of my yearly checkup to make sure I don’t go blind too fast. So I had to move the massage and go to the doctor. They do an angiography study and so they inject some dye that makes me pee neon yellow for the rest of the day, so that is always fun. My eyes are stable, but old. No kidding. My eyes were dilated for this event and so most of the rest of the day was spent with slightly blurred vision.

I know that I have gotten officially old because we passed my cardiologist’s office on the way to the retinologist. I now have a list of doctors to take care of my aging self. This just sucks.

On a happier note, my streaming video from Amazon hadn’t been working for two days and I thought it was an Amazon problem. But it seems that my last Microsoft update did something to my Silverlight which made Amazon’s streaming stuff not work and they had a fix which Kaspersky said was safe and so I clicked on all this crap and now my Amazon streaming stuff works again and I didn’t break my computer.

I slept for most of the night and woke up to a freezing morning. I mean that literally. It was 31⁰ out there this morning. I bundled up and made my way to the box in clear, cold morning darkness.

The 5 AM class had finished the WOD and most of them were leaving or already gone. I was invited to join them in the future because it looked like I was all alone again for 6 AM. I don’t like getting up at 5.15 on a day when I don’t work; getting up at 4.15 is just not going to happen. Cory and her husband were leaving when they ran into Melissa coming in. I wasn’t alone.

We warmed up doing various and sundry things and I eventually was warm enough to take my sweatshirt off. The pants I chose to wear today (because they are long) did not want to stay up and I spent too much of my day hiking my drooping drawers up. We discussed clothing options while we worked as pants that won’t stay up are apparently a problem for way too many people.

Today’s WOD as written:
Strict Press
Front Squats (50% of 1RM)
Pull Ups

I was having trouble with the strict press. I’m not very strong and this is the lift with the least amount of weight moved and I struggle with it. I know I began at 27 and then 32 and then 37 and then 42 and then I finally got a 47 up over my head and I think that maybe I got a last 52 unless that lass struggle was a 42 or maybe I did get the 57 but I think that there were still some weights on the floor when I was done. I have absolutely no clear recollection of what I managed to get overhead. Whatever it was, it was difficult and I barely made it. But with concentration and vast amounts of effort, the last lift went up and my arms locked out, all while I did not bend my knees and use momentum to get the bar up.

My one rep max on a front squat is 83# and so I used a 42# bar for this part. I’m sure of this weight. I began with a 1.5 and 0.5 inch band for a total of 2” for my band assisted pull-ups. I believe the physics behind this is tensile strength and load and the reason a single 2” band is better than the split bands of total equal measure is that the pull from two bands isn’t coordinated or in concert like it is when using a single band. Whatever the reason according to science, I switched to a single 2” band after the first round and it was better.

I got the nine front squats without beeping but I had to rest before starting the pull-ups because my heart rate was 159. I got seven pull-ups and had to stop. I simply couldn’t haul my fat ass up again. I was beeping and I had no strength to pull. I rested and got the last two. Then, in a fit of totally uncharacteristic behavior, I whined about this.

I said I was skipping the 8s because I wanted to. Kim said I could do this entire WOD and I should do the 8s. I said it was going to take all day. She said we had all day. Mel was done with her 8s before I got mine started. I did the damn 8s but I used the 2” green band and managed all the pull-ups without stopping although the last one or two had a bit of kipping to get my ass up.

I managed the rest of these with doing the front squats, box breathing to get my heart rate low enough although I usually didn’t beep on these at all. I would get a heart rate of low 140s and start the pull-ups. I almost always beeped on these. I have no idea what Mel was doing because she should have been done way before me. I know she did the 2s twice and she said she may have done another round twice as well. Kim was not keeping track of her because she was so busy making sure I wasn’t going to wimp out. I knew I wasn’t after I did the 8s, but …

Somewhere around the sevens I finally was warm enough to take off my long sleeved shirt.

When I finished the threes, I was hoping to get the twos done without a pause between the two moves. I managed that and then sat for a few seconds and took a couple deep breaths and got up and did one last front squat which I did more of a clean instead and then did the last damn pull-up. My time was 14.40.

I have tried to replay those strict presses over and over and I still have no idea what my weight was. I know my effort was 100% and that’s all I’m going to get on that today. Now I have many things on my list of projects for the day.

A friend is participating in an event tomorrow. And to her I say, “Have as much fun as you can. You are an inspiration and I wish you all the best.” Feel free to join me in that wish for a truly amazing woman.