I enjoyed my day off from the box and I began my weekend after a day of work at work. I got the mail merge thing set up for next time and we figured out how to make it actually work nicely. Printing will be easier, saving to a different file type can happen more easily, finding the stupid add-on pages will be easier. The whole thing should take just a single day to produce 30+ letters instead of three. But it took learning all the different parts needed to make that happen. I just won’t get to be the person who enjoys all this learning. I did write out a “how to” paper so it can be done better next time.

I spent the evening watching TED videos and knitting and then fell asleep in my chair until my stiff neck woke me up and I went to bed for real. I was awake in the middle of the night again, but did manage to fall back to sleep and woke up to the alarm.

I turned off the alarm and looked at the temperature. It was 34⁰ out there this morning. I was still tired and would have gone back to bed and gone to the noon class except I have a 1 PM appointment and couldn’t do that. So I dragged myself into the cold morning and hit the box. I was the only person there. Again.

The 5 AMers were still working on the WOD when I got there and it looked like a tough one. As soon as they were done, I began my warm-up with shuttle runs. I was all bundled up and freezing and trying to run while sweating people were walking back and forth putting their equipment away. But we didn’t run into each other and the place got cleaned up and I got my runs done. There was a bunch of other stuff to do and I did it and was declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Clean & Jerk Practice
3 rounds for time:
50 double unders single unders
25 ohwl w/plate (45/25) 10
200m parking lot slam ball run (40/25)
rest 2 minutes

Kim had me piece out the moves for a clean and jerk and when I was to shrug my shoulders on the lift with the bar, I looked at her confused. I know this is part of snatch, but I didn’t think it was part of a clean. When it came time to put the whole thing together, I cleaned my little 22# bar and Kim said it looked good. I asked if I shrugged my shoulders and she said I had. I guess it is just integrated into what the move is and I’m doing it correctly and don’t even know what the separate parts of it are any more.

I had looked up to see if I had a one rep max on a clean and jerk and I didn’t. My one rep max on just a clean was 57#. I put 10# plates on the little bar and did a clean and jerk with 42 and no problems. I went and grabbed some 2.5 and some 5 pound plates. I added 5 pounds for 47, then 10 pounds for 52, and then went to 57 and managed that. I had to go and get more weights but it was easier to get more 2.5 than to switch out to another 10 pounds. I got the 62# jerked but my arms were too far forward. Kim said my elbows were locked out, but I was off balance and dropped the bar. I tried it again and got a real full clean and jerk with 62#.

Then on to the conditioning portion of the day. It was taking the “kids” at 5 AM quite a while to get this whole thing done. I always take quite a while. I needed to not take more than quite a while so I managed to put this into a form I could manage. I changed it as indicated above.

I got the 50 single unders without a stop all three times. I knew the overhead walking lunges were going to kill me. I can remember not being able to just lunge. I can remember hurting myself tying to lunge with weight. This was going to be 75 lunges. I managed each round by breaking it into three sets with two rests to get my heart rate down to a working level and starting again. The most I ever managed at one time was nine lunges. My heart rate was as high as 167 but with box breathing I got it back down quickly. I had hoped for 13 and 12 on the lunges but was beeping by 7 or 8 each time and would squeeze out another rep or two before stopping.

I also kept telling myself to breathe while I was lunging and I believe it helped some. I didn’t feel like I was holding my breath and I wasn’t getting oxygen starved. Breathing apparently should always happen.

I put the slam ball on my shoulder and walked the parking lot while beeping. It is 100 meters and I would beep for about 80 of them and finally stop as I was nearing the door. I might have been able to take a few running steps, but it didn’t seem to be a good idea. It was quite chilly out there and I was glad I wasn’t going farther for a longer time.

My two minute rests were my favorite part. I got those RX and then would have to get back to my masters version of this.

I had considered stopping after two rounds but that wasn’t what I said when I started. I had cut back on other stuff. I would have loved to have quit after the second round. I did the third. I finished in 17.43 which wasn’t too far off the times gotten by the 5 AM class.