I was so tired I was ready for bed at 7 PM but I knew that wouldn’t work so I forced myself to stay awake until 9. Even though I stayed up “late” I was still awake when the first number on the clock was a 3 but in all honesty, I couldn’t see the rest of the numbers. I tried to fall back to sleep but the list of things that still need to get done was overwhelming and I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t get anything on the list done, either. Now I’m tired and probably working on cranky as well.

The alarm went off and one weather thing said 42⁰ and the other one said 45, so it was chilly out there. Since I had enough sense to get things ready last night, I had my protein drink in the fridge and clothes laid out so I could pull myself together.

I checked out the WOD first thing and realized I was not daunted but I would be the first one done today. I read it again and decided that I could do everything contained therein. There must be some system error. I also knew that if I was there with some young rock star, I would be done long before him/her.

The WOD was short and the parking lot was mostly empty. Becca was the only one still there from the 5 AM class which had been light. There were only four people there. It might have been because of the squats again or the easy WOD or perhaps the moon is aligned with Jupiter or something. I was there alone and figured it was just me again when Maribel walked it. Thank goodness.

We warmed up and it took a while since it wasn’t very warm in the ambient air. But I eventually got out of my sweatshirt and long sleeved shirt and was down to my working out clothes. We were declared ready to begin.

Today’s WOD as written:
Pendlay Rows 5-5-5-5-5
Max unbroken wall balls
Rest 2 min
Max unbroken wall balls
Rest 2 min
Max burpees 1 min
Rest 2 min
Max burpees 1 min

When I first looked at this I had two simultaneous and immediate thoughts. One was “more squats” which was fair and the other was “this wasn’t worth getting up for” which wasn’t fair. But it did look like, at least for me, a very short WOD. I remember Ricky doing some huge number of unbroken wall balls. I knew I could not. As I pondered this while sipping a 3 FUEL pasty drink, I figured I was going to get a total of 40 wall balls if I was lucky and maybe a total of 15 burpees. I managed to get 17 wall balls for Tristan’s birthday, so I was hoping to get to 20 before failure. This hardly seemed worth the effort.

But in reality, even the warm-up is worth showing up for. It is more than I do when sitting around the house and I need to keep moving if I want to keep moving for years to come. Nothing is wasted and I enjoy accomplishing what seems to be feats of magic when compared to my early days. Back then, I couldn’t deadlift my Pendlay row weights and I used a baby med ball for wall balls.

We warmed up for Pendlay rows and reviewed the requirements of the move. I was using a 33# bar so all the weights reflect that. Since we had to go up in weight with each set, I started with just 43# which meant I had small 5# plates on the bar. That meant I had to squat lower and my knees were in the way. It was light enough to jump to 53# for the next set. Then I had to work with the fact that I was going to keep adding weight so I only went up smaller bits after that. I did 58, 63, and 68 pounds with the last set seeing me break form on the last two pulls. So I worked to failure which is what one is supposed to do. At 63#, the pulls were solid and I never twitched the lower body at all.

Then on to the next thing. I used a 10# med ball and went to an 8’ line. I worked slow and steady and started beeping at rep 15. But I was given a two minute rest after I was done so I kept going. I really wanted to get to 20, so I did. My heart rate was 167 as I sat down to box breathe. Two minutes passed and then I got to go again and did the same thing. I may have beeped at rep 14 and I knew my heart rate was 170 after 20 wall balls.

We all know burpees suck. They suck because they are hard and use up lots of energy. If I wanted to keep going for a full minute, I had to be smarter than I usually am. I walked them in and out. I was about half way through the first minute when I realized part of my overall problem. I was breathing so shallow that I was hardly moving any air and I was having trouble maintaining my ability to move. I sucked in some air with a couple deep breaths and felt much better. I got through the first minute and did 10 burpees and had a heart rate of 160 so I wasn’t even beeping yet.

I think I need to breathe more during the work. I have no idea how to go about this. But it was time to do the last minute and so I walked them in and out and as I was getting down to the last few seconds, I had time to get another one in if I actually jumped it like a real burpee. I did and finished with 11. I was beeping but what the hell.

I managed to reach my goal on the wall balls and exceed my goal on the burpees. Who knew? And after all these squats, I should have the best ass at our Christmas party.