I have been very busy this past weekend. I made four different kinds of cookies and three types of candy. I got the house decorated for Christmas, which includes my Christmas village which lives in the lanai. There were four nativity scenes to place around the house and various other items to add a touch of holiday spirit.

After all that, I should have slept like a log, but I woke up way too early but could not fall back to sleep. When the alarm went off it was almost a relief since I couldn’t sleep anyway. I looked at the WOD for the day and felt defeated. Honestly. I should just stay home. But the rule is that I go on Mondays and so my fat ass got to the box.

Jackson is over the flu and so he was back and ready to go. I was the only other person there. I don’t know what happened to Charlie or David. Todd was there at 4 PM on Friday and since I’ve been hounding him on Facebook, he highlighted it so I would see he was there. I did. He better be there tonight, too. I will be looking.

Warm-up was long because the WOD was long. I don’t understand that, but that’s what Coach Kim said. We rowed and ran and did a lot of other stuff and then more stuff and I was beyond warm and then we mobilized and talked about the WOD and got set up and we were ready to go.

Today’s WOD as written:
Master WOD Fun!!?!!
Row 50 calories
40 ohs at 35% max
Run 400
40 thrusters with same bar
20 over the bar burpees
rest about 5 minutes
3 Cleans @ 55% of max put bar on your back after 3rd
3 back squats
and so on
Continue for 6 minutes

I’m not sure who the hell these masters are, but they can’t be my best friends. I don’t like them. There is apparently a blog by these masters guys and they come up with this stuff. I asked after we were all done how old these veritable souls were. Mid-40s. I have no idea how 35 got to be masters because if you aren’t still fit at 35, what chance to have when you are really an old fart like me – the mother of a 35 year old. Honestly. That’s all I can say because the other words are all swear words.

I absolutely know my one rep max on an overhead squat since I just got it. And we don’t have a bar light enough to be 35% of 29 pounds which is about 10#. Not even Conviction Training Facility has a bar that light. Our lightest bar is 75% of my one rep max. So everyone should work with a really light weight except the real master. What kind of shit is this? I was in such a stew when I first read this. I finally decided we have ten pound weights and I would work with them somehow. I thought perhaps a ten pound plate held overhead and squat.

Kim said those are too awkward and you lose form because your hands aren’t far enough out. I could just hold the weight in front of me, but then I decided to just hold a 10# dumbbell in a goblet squat. We talked about cutting the reps and using a 22# bar and I maybe should have done that and done half the reps, but that’s not what I chose.

I used a 10# med ball for the thrusters and did those and I walked out each and every burpee but did jump over a bar that was set out for the next part of this WOD.

The 50 calorie row took over 5 minutes for me to do and if that was only 50 calories, I’m in trouble with all those cookies and candies sitting in the kitchen. The only thing I cut back on was the run. I walked it and I only did 200 meters. Everything else was really done as written with modifications made because of equipment limitations. That is an incredible number of squats in there.

Jackson was finished and on his five minute rest and I was pitiful. He was done with his rest and I was still doing burpees. It was finally my time to rest, as if I hadn’t been resting and box breathing the entire morning. I was able to row without stopping but the goblet squats were killing me. I thought I would get ten at a time, but I couldn’t. I did manage ten thrusters before stopping. And I had to rest after four walking in and out burpees. That is why the first part took me 22.25 minutes. That’s about ten minutes longer than the fastest times in the 5 AM class.

I can’t even begin to count the number of times I wanted to just quit; give up; stop this nonsense. What in the world was I thinking even showing up today. I’m too old for even this masters shit. It is impossible. I kept moving and box breathing and talking shit to myself inside me head. Then I would get up and do some more reps and start beeping and sit down and think I should quit and get my heart rate down and start some more. I told myself to quit so many times today it was getting boring even for me.

So I started working again at 27.25 and got the threes done and the five cleans. Then I rested and got the last clean and 6 squats. I rested and got 8 cleans and rested and got the last clean and 9 squats. I somehow miscalculated my time and thought I was going to be finished sooner than I was. I got the 11 cleans done and then managed the last one and 4 squats before my time was really finished. I was working with a 33# bar for this part.

I just hope I can walk up and down the stairs at work today. I hope I can walk tomorrow.



The Christmas village

The Christmas village

The Christmas village

The Christmas village all lit up