I am a morning person most of the time. I am my best early in the day. What I most wanted to do this morning was sleep. I was so tired when the alarm went off, I was tempted to just crawl back into bed. But since I know that I would just have tossed and turned and not fallen back to sleep anyway, I got up and went to the box. No miracles with the lights this morning, but I did make it there safely. And today’s patchy fog was nonexistent.

I went only because it is Friday and I go to the box on Friday. I had no interest in being healthy today. I just wanted to be sleeping. My brain is usually at least beginning to wake up by the time I get there, but today was not like that.

Ryan was at the 5 AM class in honor of his son’s birthday. There were six others there and one woman was struggling right in front of me. She was doing push-ups by the napping on the ground method. I tried to encourage her. I found out later that she is not a morning person and came under duress. She is actually one of the afternoon coaches. It is my opinion she should stick to later in the day. She was obviously miserable.

I was the only person there today for 6 AM. I don’t like this at all. Charlie’s foot was encased in some splint thing on Monday and I haven’t seen him since. David was there Monday and Tuesday but missing the rest of the week. Jackson is sick. Sarah Ann was missing. Todd has been not showing up at 4 PM. Cindy does open gym. I was there. And I so didn’t want to be.

Warm-up was done and I was warm and when Coach Kim said to set up my bar on the rack for the skill, I was having trouble processing what she was saying. I know we do the skill from the rack, but I couldn’t figure out why I was putting my empty bar on the rack for some reason. Maybe I was still fast asleep and didn’t know it.

Today’s WOD as written:
Overhead Squats
Turkish Get Up
AMRAP in 17 minutes
17 wall balls (20/14) 10
1 parking lot sprint (sign & back)
17 parallette push ups
1 parking lot sprint
17 sit ups w/ medicine ball (20/14) 10
1 parking lot sprint

I have just started being able to do overhead squats with a bar. I was supposed to go up in weight with each rep but I have only been able to do this with a bare bar. I was so uncoordinated today, the Turkish get ups were nearly impossible. They usually are anyway, and today was no improvement.

I used just the 22# bar for the fives sets and then got really daring and added the two one pound plates for the threes sets. Then, just to tempt fate, I took off the one pounders and put on the 2.5 pounders and did a 27# overhead squat and then getting totally crazy, I added the one pound plates back on and had a total of 29# which is pitiful to be sure, but a new PR.

My Turkish get ups were done first with a 3# dumbbell. Ryan was still there and told me to get more weight. I knew I had to start really light if I was supposed to increase each time. And I told him so. I then went to a 5, then an 8, and had to use 10 twice because it was all I could manage. On one of the reps, I was so awkward that I caught my foot on my butt as I tried to swing my leg around. I have enough trouble with these when I’m awake and alert.

Today is Tristan’s 17th birthday, hence the WOD as written. Kim asked if I wanted to cut back the reps, but I was going to be working for 17 minutes anyway and what the heck. I just left it as it was. I figured there were going to be lots of times when I would be resting. Amazingly enough, there weren’t that many.

I got the first 17 wall balls done without beeping. Then, instead of a sprint, I walked the parking lot and got my heart rate down and ready for the next thing. I got the 17 push-ups done with an abmat under my chest but worked on keeping them less wormy and more core tight. Another stroll and then the weighted sit-ups and when I finished the sit-ups, I had a heart rate of 141 which totally amazed me.

On the second round, I had to pause, but not for long, after 12 wall balls and then I finished them and went on my walk. I got more than half way through the push-ups before I was beeping and I paused for a little while again and then finished and went for my walk. I got through the sit-ups and went for a walk.

On the third round, I actually had to sit down and box breathe during the wall balls but only once. I went for my walk and started the push-ups and was beeping by 10 so I had to box breathe and get my heart rate down to finish. Time was running out. I walked quickly through the parking lot and got the sit-ups done with 15 seconds left. The sprint didn’t count unless you finished it and I wasn’t going to be able to do that. So I didn’t start. I had a score of 2+53.

I got home and got breakfast and as I was eating, I couldn’t tell if I was getting sick or starving. Then I figured out what part of my problem today was. I didn’t eat lunch yesterday and then I was so hungry that I ate dinner at 4.30 instead of 6. And by dinner, I mean a sandwich wrap. I had simply run out of steam even with my pre-workout protein drink on board. As I sit here, after my bacon and eggs and my first cup of coffee nearly gone, I’m feeling much better.