I began my weekend after working like a dog for the last two days. I did create the 32 letters for Mandi to finish with data in a program I can’t access. If I weren’t retiring, I would ask to get added to the access list for the program, but I have only 34 more days to work and I’m not starting anything new in that time.

I have gained three pounds since Thanksgiving and I can only assume it is from the stuffing. I haven’t been eating anything else different. I have been eating cleaner for the last year and in one week, I probably ate more than a whole loaf of bread. I love the stuffing recipe I have been using for 41 years. I can’t have anymore. Until the next turkey.

It was supposed to be patchy fog this morning. And I suppose if the patch is miles in diameter and thick as cotton batting, then we have patchy fog this morning. But it was in the 50s so that part was nice and once at a destination, the fog is insulating and cuts down on noise transmission. Other than the driving part, fog isn’t too bad. And speaking of driving, there are six traffic lights on the way to the box. Every single one of them was green today. I didn’t have to do anything but drive. I didn’t even hit a yellow or run a pink one. They were all green. It was a miracle.

Thursdays are traditionally light. I don’t understand it but apparently lots of people rest on Thursday and Sunday and so today was really light. It was so light, I was the only person there for 6 AM. It still isn’t fun to be the only one there, but it isn’t as scary as being the only one there when I first started. Kim was coaching, I was coached – in theory anyway. I’m hard to coach.

Warm-up was a run, stuff, row, stuff, less run, stuff, less row, stuff and then I was declared warm. I must have been because I had my sweatshirt and long sleeved shirt off. The bad thing about fog is that the humidity is usually high. It got to the point today that I rolled my shirt up but didn’t take it off because back squats don’t go well without a shirt. At least for me.

Today’s WOD as written:
Tire Flips
4 x ME (30 seconds)
Hip Extension
4 x ME (30 seconds)
“Bear Complex”

I did tire flips then supermans and then tire flips and then supermans over and over. I can’t even get into the GHD and so we give me something else to do. My scores were 7/17 7/15 8/20 8/18 and I enjoyed the tire flips and I hated the supermans. I noticed in one round there that they were somewhat difficult on my public bone. I wondered aloud how men even managed them and Kim said she had no idea. They can’t be fun.

The weights were supposed to rise on each of the rounds of bear complex. I was pretty sure I was going to fail to make all seven reps with higher weights. I could have tried a higher weight and got fewer reps and it was an option. Or I could try lower weights and get all seven reps in. My hope was 22, 33, 44 but even on the first complex, I couldn’t get all seven rounds in without beeping which made me change my plan. I made it five and was then beeping but finished. I could rest as long as I needed at any time today since it was just me and there was no pressure. They had waited for three minutes after the last person finished in the 5 AM class. I didn’t watch the clock. I watched my heart rate and when it got down to 110s, I figured I could get back to work and make it through.

Since I beeped so early with the lighter bar, I went to 27# and did the second round. I was beeping at the end of rep four, but I would rest with the weight on my back, do some box breathing, and get another round in. It worked. I got the entire seven.

So I put the smaller bar away and got out a 33# bar and tried again. I was beeping early in round four but I really wanted to do a full bear. I learned it was much less stress to rest with the bar on my back rather than held in a neutral position. I did that. Kim was standing behind me and watching my heart rate for me. It wasn’t going over 166 and as I rested with the bar on my back, I could get it down enough to do another set of moves. I got all seven of them. It took a while and my heart rate was 168 as I sat down. But I got the suckers.

My biggest problem, other than heart rate, was the weight of the bar. There were a few times when I went to put it overhead, that I used too much oomph and nearly knocked myself over because the weight didn’t demand that much power. I had to throttle back on the presses so I didn’t hurt myself. This is just bizarre.

Sometimes you eat the bear; sometimes the bear eats you. I’m not sure what happened today, but I got all three done completely which is really good. I didn’t hit my goal weights which isn’t as good but by being humble and not insisting my body handle more than it could, I managed to do what needed to be done.

For me it is like machine gun fire, but at least I still have a heart rate.

For me it is like machine gun fire, but at least I still have a heart rate.