I’ve had so much turkey in the last several days that I’m starting to gobble like one. It is delicious and I love the meal and I’m grateful for the leftovers so I don’t have to keep cooking. But I would be grateful if the rest of the turkey was gone, too.

I finished up a couple knitting projects, did some cleaning around the house (how does all that stuff get in the back of a pantry and why does it lurk there?) and generally relaxed a lot over the long holiday weekend. Now I’m ready to get back to my regularly scheduled life (for three more months and then I’m not sure what my life will look like).

On Saturday night/Sunday morning I was awake until after 2.30 AM. I thought I turned into one of my night owl sisters. Last night, I fell asleep before 8.30 just to make up for it. When the alarm went off this morning, I was still so tired, I couldn’t manage to turn it off correctly and hit the snooze feature instead meaning I had to listen to the dulcet tones of the alarm twice in one morning.

There was a crowd at the box today. 5 AM had around ten people and 6 AM had six. Charlie had his right foot in a boot and will for the rest of the week at least. Melissa was going to be late for 5 AM so she came to six. David was back again, Jackson and Sarah Ann were both there, and then there was me. Todd decided he liked coming to 4 PM better than getting up early. That may change next summer, but you never know.

We warmed up with various moves and then did a bunch of stuff hopping over and running around and through parallettes and if we knocked on over there was a burpee penalty. That did not make me any happier at all. I hit the damn things several times but luckily, not with enough force to actually knock it over. We were eventually declared warm and it must have been true because I had already beeped once.

Today’s WOD as written:
Back Squats 5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1
5 x ME UB T2B
21-15-9 18-12-6
Box Jumps (24/20) 20
Push Jerk (135/95) 42

Each back squat set should be higher weight than the last as long as form was maintained and the squat broke parallel. In between the squats, maximum effort of unbroken toes to bar was beyond me. Knees to elbows is really beyond me, but I’m closer to that. That’s what I did.

We were threatened with a burpee penalty if we didn’t write our scores on the board. There are people who come in, work, and don’t post anything. I’m not sure why. I know why I have been tempted, but these are people who are pretty good at this shit. I don’t understand the reasoning and I don’t know why it matters. But it all does. I have the memory span of a gnat and so I would go to the board after each set and write the numbers down.

Sarah Ann was having trouble with math stuff so early in the morning. She asked me how much to raise the weights between lifts and then didn’t know how to make her bar go up ten pounds. I told her two five pound plates, one for each side would make ten. Then the next time we were getting more weights, she was grabbing more fives. So I had to explain that if you grab tens, you can take off the fives and math is hard. I’m not sure if it was just the time of the day and no one likes math, or if math teachers are not teaching useful math anymore.

My scores were 53/4, 63/6, 73/6, 83/6, 93/5, 103 (my PR weight) for the skill portion. Coach Kim kept calling the toes to bar subs abdominal work, but the part that gets stressed for me with them is my arms and/or hands. It doesn’t seem to affect my abs at all. I’m terrified of losing my grip and falling on my ass again.

For the conditioning portion I altered my rep scheme to the masters version and did step-ups onto a 20 inch box. I was shocked to watch the 5 AM class and see Gabe doing step-ups. I guess they are considered RX version or something.

My heart rate was too high throughout this mess. I got the first 18 step-ups done and beeped only on the last two. I did remember to change my lead leg during each set so I don’t walk lopsided tomorrow. I was hoping to get the jerks done in sets of six. I don’t know why I hoped that. I knew that at the games, I was doing 45# and could only get 3 clean and jerks done at a time and have to rest. So I cleaned the bar, and was beeping at 4 and did 5 because it didn’t register. Then I had to box breathe forever. I had to rest two more times before they were all done.

Then I rested to get my heart rate down again, managed all 12 step-ups and beeped on the last two but opted to finish anyway. I planned 4-4-4 on the jerks and managed that.

I had to rest and got the six step-ups done without a problem but then I wanted my heart rate down to 145 to start the jerks so I could finish them all at once. It is so difficult to sit and wait and I have to talk myself into not starting sooner each time I am faced with this strategy. Waiting a little longer seems like an eternity, but it does mean I can have enough heart rate to finish. And I did. I got the last six strung together and finished at 10.19.

I put my score on the board with a nice masters after it. I wasn’t in the middle today, but I wasn’t the dead last, either. I was wishing I had a lighter bar as soon as I began this nonsense but I stuck with my weight and made it work. It would have been delightful to have just the 33# bar, but it was possible with the 42# one and I survived. What a beast. Okay, a hamster, but still.