December 2014

We went out of lunch at work yesterday for my birthday which was nice but not necessary. I ate too much. After lunch, the boss was out of the office and due to return sometime. It was a few minutes before quitting time. I gave it another minute or two before shutting down my computer. I was 3.59 and I was packed up and ready to leave. The phone rang. I was caught. I answered it. I was getting a message when the boss walked through the door and caught me being a diligent worker. Go me. I’m off now until January 5.

I got to talk to my sister last evening which is always a treat. We talked past my bedtime but it was worth it. It made it a little harder to get out of bed this morning, but that may have just been old age creeping up on me.

I got to the gym and Paul was the only person at 5 AM. Ryan was coaching and so I got to ask him about my current car problem. He gave me an answer which was helpful. Jackson brought another swimming buddy today, Patrick. Molly was there and we had a drop in from Michigan as well. Clive knew what he was doing without a problem. Patrick had never tried this stuff before.

We began with a 400 meter run. I ran 200 meters. It was ⁰F 43 out there this morning and I was lucky I poked my nose out the door. We did lots of other stuff and were eventually declared warm enough to move on to the next part of the day. Amazingly enough, I whined about the push-up part of the inchworm down the mat. I was okay right up until he threw that push-up in. Ryan just laughed at me. I am an excellent whiner.

I was wearing a pair of wild socks today and they are quite fetching. And bizarre. Ryan mentioned that my socks really looked funny before he actually realized it wasn’t my socks, it was my shoes. With all this bar work today, I changed to my different shoes to try to balance out my crooked body and so I had one black shoe and one white shoe on with my crazy purple, black, and white socks.

Today’s WOD as written:
5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1
GHD 5 x 20 sec effort
power cleans (135/95)
back squats (135/95)

I don’t GHD at all, so I subbed V-ups instead. These were to be done alternating with the deadlifts. Patrick had to be taught about this move and he did pretty good. When I looked at this, I set up a plan of attack working backwards from what I hoped my ending weight would be. So I started with 83 and then bumped ten pounds each round for 93, 103, 113, 123, and finished with 133 which was quite heavy but came up. I was doing 8 or 9 V-ups in the 20 seconds between each set of deadlifts.

For the next part, Patrick had never done a power clean and he needed a sub so he wouldn’t hurt himself. Then he was having difficulty understand a med ball clean and how to let the ball float. Ryan has many great qualities, but he was not getting through to the kid. I know I’m supposed to mind my own business, but the kid was not understanding the directions. I butted in. It worked. I apologized for butting in and backed away to my bar.

I used just a 42# bar and did the masters rep scheme of 18-12-6 instead. I was still the last one done.

I got the first 17 power cleans done without stopping. But I had to rest before moving on. I did the last power clean and then put the bar on my back. I managed all 18 back squats, but I had to keep pausing at the top to catch my breath. It wasn’t worth dropping the bar and having to clean it again and put it on my back again, so I just worked through it. I had a heart rate of 167 when I finished the set.

I got six cleans done, had to rest, got five cleans done, rested and then got the last clean and did the 12 front squats. Again, I managed them without putting the bar down, but I did have to keep pausing to breathe and try to keep my heart rate low enough to not get lightheaded. Ryan said something about keep moving and I said I was beeping and he said, “What?” I repeated that I was beeping and needed to pause and he said he thought I said I was sleeping which would have been lovely, I admit, but unlikely as I stood there with a bar on my back.

I had to pause and sit on the ground and box breathe and get a heart rate down again to 145 so I could start. I got the five cleans done and rested a bit until my heart rate was 145ish. Everyone else was done by this time, so I picked up the bar, got it on my back, did my six squats and was done at 9.23.

I chose wisely on all my weights today. I’m glad I didn’t pretend I was younger and keep the rep scheme as written because that would have just irritated me. I was last, but not by much but if I had nine more reps of each move, I would have been dragging on forever. I want to work as hard as the younger folks, but not harder. I managed to do that today.



I go to the box on Mondays, but I didn’t go yesterday. This was the first time I just skipped class. I have missed when I was ill, injured, or out of the country but yesterday, I couldn’t get there because my car’s battery died. I could have taken the new car but for over 30 years now, I have parked on the left side of the garage. I have been driving a teeny, tiny car for the last few years. I couldn’t back the new, full sized (HUGE) car out of the wrong side of the garage without risking taking off the side mirror or possibly the paint. It wasn’t worth it. I could only go three times this week and so I altered my schedule.

That meant I had to go to the box today. I had wanted to sleep in today because it is my birthday. But instead, my fat ass was up in the middle of the night and when I looked – it was a partner WOD to boot. Great. Just great. But since I was awake, I went.

When I got there, Clint who is visiting from Alabama was there and so was Jackson. Kim was coaching today. That was it. Kim asked me if I wanted to work alone or with the guys. I said I would wait a few minutes and see if someone else showed up. It is my lucky day. Molly arrived.

We warmed up with a variety of different things and then did a bunch of other things and then did more things and finally we were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Pendlay Row / Floor Press
5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
(for total reps)
1 minute on / 1 minute off
over the bar wall balls (20/14) 10
alternating shuttle runs
b2b med ball pass (40/25) [these are slam ball weights]
crab walk wheel barrows bear crawl
alternating parallette passes
alternating double unders single unders

I did not see that floor press part to this when I looked this morning. I’m going to have to put on my glasses when I try to read this stuff because I keep missing parts. I recognized the partner WOD. This is the one Sarah Ann and I did together not too long ago.

My press movements are all much weaker than my pulling movements so this meant my weights I had planned to do weren’t going to work. My Pendlay row weight is about 25# higher than my floor press weight. And I’ve already trapped myself by dropping bar on me for the floor press.

I stuck with just 22-27-32-37-42 for the weights because that’s about where I failed with a one rep on the floor press. I got all five at that weight and I’m not sure I could have managed five at any higher weight.

Clint had never been to an actually CrossFit class. He has only gone to open gym. When we were warming up for the row/presses, we also did some weighted good mornings. He hadn’t ever done these. He said “this” was tight pointing to his quads and didn’t even know what “this” was. He goes to open gym and does WODs as written, but doesn’t have enough knowledge about mobilizing or even proper form. He had never done a Pendlay row, either.

Molly is quite young and strong. I am not. But we had to figure out a way to work together which meant she had to either do my lower stuff or go it alone. This is the problem with the whole “No child left behind” theory. She had to go slow enough for me to not be left behind.

We had to use a 10# med ball for me to get through the wall balls. I was at 166 for a heart rate at the end but we did get 25 of the damn things in. I needed the minute of rest.

I don’t run very fast and there is truly nothing I can do about it. Molly went first and so she was able to get a last one in before time ran out. Our score for this round was 7.

I don’t remember this being that difficult last time except that we forgot to count. We got a lot more reps in and I believe we were using a med ball, but today we were really using the 25# slam ball. It was not only heavier, it was smaller so passing it around was more difficult. We managed 16 full passes.

The bear crawl was subbed out for the wheel barrow things because that is something I wasn’t comfortable with. Apparently Clint wasn’t either because the guys did bear crawls, too. Molly was able to finish an extra trip down the mat as time was called and we had a score of 5.

Molly and Jackson used parallettes. Clint and I used 20” boxes. Clint had never done these things. He has been doing this for two years, just like me. He was probably in his 20s, unlike me. I was having an easier time with this since I’ve done them enough to know how to swing my fat ass back and forth. It was amazing. Molly and I got 27 done. I was pooped and needed the rest, which didn’t seem so critical for the kids. I think I may have been older than the other three people there combined.

But I did catch my breath and Molly went first on the jumps. I told her I would take over at thirty seconds. She missed a couple jumps which lowered her count. I began and this is one thing I can do. I jumped. And during the last 5 seconds, I jumped faster. Molly had 50 and I got 72. Our total score for this was 202.

If I could look at the WOD the night before and still sleep, I could see what I did the last time I did whatever the moves are. I would have found that I managed the floor press at 47#, but only to four reps. I would have seen that Sarah Ann and I used a 14# med ball on the back to back passes and had a score of 209.

I write this so I can keep track of what I’ve done and then I’m too stupid to look it up and see what I should do now to improve. But if I look ahead, I can’t sleep worrying about how awful I’m going to be in the morning. I really need to find a way to trust myself to get the work done. I always have; no one has ever told me I can’t come back. And I’m doing a lot more now than when I began.

Life frightens me. You would think that by this time, I would have figured out how to manage the fright. Maybe that should be my goal for the coming year. Be brave. I’m so good at being the Cowardly Lion that it will be a stretch.


I made chicken soup for the sick guy in the house and it made the whole house smell good. I spent the evening talking to my sister and knitting but not at the same time. It was a relaxing evening after the hectic day before and morning.

I noticed yesterday that it was somewhat difficult to pick my arms up. I couldn’t determine if it was from the burpees, pull-ups, push-ups, ring rows, knee lifts, or a combination of the entire mess. But my shoulders hurt enough to wake me a few times in the night. Of course, that means nothing to an idiot, so I still got up and went to the box. And I still went after looking at what was scheduled for today.

It was ⁰F 39 out there this morning which didn’t make it any easier to leave the house. But as a true idiot dedicated athlete, I did leave the house. My reward for going out in the cold was to get the box with every single light green. There were a few cars in the parking lot.

I went in and it ended up I was the only person, other than Coach Sherry, that I knew. There was a new guy, Scott, and Paul from 5 AM was there (at least I think he was that Paul) and then there were visitors and someone who apparently usually works out later in the day. In all, there were seven of working out. Whoever they were, the only person I introduced myself to was the guy in front of me working out who was the new guy, Scott. This was his sixth visit to a CrossFit facility. And I know his age cuz when I mentioned I got to do the masters version, he wanted to know if he was old enough for that. He wasn’t nearly as old as me.

We warmed up and eventually we all were coatless and warm enough to move on to the day’s events.

Today’s WOD as written:
AMRAP in 6 minutes

4 snatches (75%)
4 o-t-b burpees
rest 4 minutes
AMRAP in 6 minutes

10 wall balls
10 pull ups
rest 4 minutes
AMRAP in 6 minutes

4 power cleans (65%)
4 hspu
rest 4 minutes
2K row
Score reps for A+B+C/time for D”

Again with the quotes. I have no idea why they are in there, but I left them because I could. I could have removed them, too, but I wasn’t that ambitious which lets you know where I sit after this WOD.

I used just the 22# bar for power snatches and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was about over the bar burpees again. I did find out that it was the burpees that smoked my shoulders because this was the only move that bothered my shoulders today.

I got through the first entire round of this and then I would do the snatches and rest, do the burpees and rest, do the snatches and rest ad nauseum. Well, it wasn’t that many times. My score was 5+2.

I loved the rest and managed to RX that without a problem.

I used a 10# med ball to the 8 foot mark and managed the first round again without stopping and then it was a lot of resting. I used a 2” band for the pull-ups and got all ten the first time. On the second round, I got seven and then three. On the last round, I got five and had to pause and then only got three more and time was called. My score was 2+18.

I again RXd the rest. I’m so good at this part.

I used a 42# bar for the power cleans and I did the modified HSPU things from a box. Again, I got the entire first round done and then I would do the cleans and rest, do the HSPU sub and rest. As time was running out, I didn’t do the last rest and my score was 5+6.

My heart rate went the highest on the second AMRAP. Between the wall balls which always suck the life right out of me and the pull-ups I was toast. It was the only time today my heart rate went over 170.

After another great rest where we noticed there were seven athletes and six rowers, we were ready. Four of us rowed and three people went out into the dark and cold morning and ran a mile. I would rather eat worms.

I got a rower, but did not set it up. I usually just park my ass and row and then slap the little meter thing on the side to get it where I want it, usually around 6-7. More often than not, it is already there. I didn’t set anything up, but just sat down and started rowing. First, it was set to calories, Sherry changed it for me. Then it was so dang easy to pull that I finally realized it wasn’t set in the middle but it was all the way to the bottom and I couldn’t slap it around so I had to have Sherry change that, too.

I hate to row. It is tedious and uninteresting and there is little I can do other than listen to loud music I hate (usually with such lovely lyrics, too)[sarcasm font desperately needed]. There doesn’t seem to be any strategy or gaming. It is just the methodical plodding of row, row, row. And I don’t really get much distance on each pitiful pull. It is mind-numbing and loathsome. But other than that, it just stinks. I was, of course, the last one done. It took me 11.39.

I had to talk myself into doing this whole thing. I could have gotten numbers more in line with other people there. I could have done 3/3, 8/8, 3/3 and 1600. I would have had some different scores but then again, I did the reps and distance as written and still lived. I guess what I did today was more character building than anything else.

But I must say, my shoulders aren’t going to thank me any time soon.


Several days ago, when speaking with my son about Christmas plans, I mentioned we would be down after I did the Christmas Eve WOD at CrossFit Summerville. He then asked if I would like to work out instead at CTF. His last class of the day would be at noon if I thought we could be there by that time. I thought it might work. I checked with the driver. He said he would enjoy getting us there and would amuse himself while we did the WOD.

So we got there in the pouring rain and managed to be there a bit early. Because of the weather, we left the house earlier than would have been necessary with nice weather on a non-holiday. It did take us a bit longer than normal, but we made it on time.

Craig wasn’t sure how many people would be showing up for noon, but if there weren’t too many, he would be able to work out instead of coach. There were maybe a dozen of us. He got to work out instead of coach. It was the first time we ever worked out together.

Today’s WOD as written:
For time: 12 days rounds of Christmas*

1 200m run
2 Power Cleans 155/105
3 OTB burpees (both feet over the bar at the same time)
4 Back Squats  155/105
5 Deadlifts 155/105
6 Pushups
7 Pullups
8 4-count mountain climbers
9 T2B
10 burpees to a target
11 C2B pullups
12 S2OH 155/105
*On the first day of Christmas, perform a 200m run
On the 2nd day, peform a 200m run and 2 Power Cleans
On the 3rd day, perform a 200m run, 2 Power Cleans and 3 OTB burpees
On the 4th day, perform a 200m run, 2 Power Cleans, 3 OTB burpees and 4 Back Squats.
On the 5th day… you get the picture. Go to 12!
12 rounds of Christmas as written for LI, which would be me and people like me.
1 100 meter run
2 Russian kettlebell swings
3 over the bar burpees
4 goblet squats
5 KB deadlift
6 push-ups
7 ring rows
8 double mountain climbers
9 hanging knee raises
10 thrust in and out (burpee without the push-up)
11 ring rows (deeper under the rings)
12 American kettlebell swings

We warmed up and reviewed the movements and then began. It was a long, grueling workout and there were some spectacular athletes doing this with us. My son did the RX version as did most of the people there. I worked just as hard as I could for as long as I could doing the LI version which was hard enough for this old fart. In fact, it was still too much. Some day, I will get all 12 days done.

My plan for this at CrossFit Summerville was to skip day 9 and day 11 and see if I couldn’t manage to not take for freaking ever. At CTF, I hoped to get in all 12 days. Hope, apparently, springs eternal even in the face of impending Social Security checks.

I used a 25# KB which was really light on the deadlifts and really heavy on the American kettlebell swings so it was a trade off. My heart rate was consistently high most of the time. I walked all the runs. I got through the first walk, the second walk and Russian kettlebell swings, the third walk, kettlebell swings, and over the kettlebell burpees (walking them in and out, but really jumping over the KB) and then it pretty much just all fell apart. I knew I was beeping in the burpees, but it was only three for the love of God. And when I finished, I had a heart rate in the high 160s.

I couldn’t even manage to get it down during my stroll. I would box breathe and then work for a bit hoping to get a set of moves completed and then my heart rate would be so high I would have to wait again. I kept moving as much as I could.

It wasn’t like everyone else did the whole thing without ever stopping and panting like a lizard on a hot rock, but I’m pretty sure I beat everyone else at the box when timed for amount of time spent not working during the workout.

At around 50 minutes in, I had a chance to ask Craig if he would be very disappointed if I only did 11 days. He said, “It’s your workout.” As I began my 11th round, I was absolutely wiped out. And that was on the walk. I still had all that other crap to do. And then the 12th round. With all that crap. I was exhausted. I decided somewhere in there that I simply didn’t have another round. My hands were on fire from where the wrinkle in my glove rubs my hand. But I couldn’t take the gloves off and do the moves because my hand was on fire. I opted instead to just ignore round 11 and do the final round and be finished. I was done in 60.31

I really was done. My face was beet red and I was exhausted. Usually I think I might have been able to do more. I couldn’t have. Well, I might have been able to manage the walk. Maybe. The highest I saw my heart rate was 181 and I was feeling a bit woozy at that rate. But usually I was in the high 160s or very low 170s. And doing that for an hour was all I could do.

One of the drop ins asked Craig, “Why do you keep calling that woman Mom?” and Craig said, “Because she’s my mom.” The guy was pretty impressed. So was I. It was very fun to workout with my son. He is awesome to watch as are many of his other athletes. It was a fun day at the box. And then, we had Christmas Eve dinner, watched Santa travel via NORAD, and found that he had visited the house during the night. Frankie got a surfboard, a skateboard, and a guitar. What a multifaceted little girl.

Merry Christmas to all. I hope everyone had as much fun in the last 24 hours as I have.


Over the weekend I finished Christmas shopping and got the wrapping done and all that holiday stuff. I’m officially finally ready for the big day. I got some writing done and I did some knitting. I had a sinful lunch at Kaminsky’s on Saturday and enjoyed every minute of it. Kaminsky’s is a dessert restaurant and all I had for lunch was mint mousse chocolate pie and coffee. Perfect.

It was a bleak weekend, overcast and even rainy at times. The forecast for today isn’t much better. It was supposed to be ⁰F 40 at 6 AM but it was 46 instead. Much better. It was supposed to rainy, but it was just dank without any new rain.

My normal schedule for workouts is being interrupted by the holidays. My box does a 12 Days of Christmas each year on Christmas Eve and I have participated twice already. However, we are going to Hilton Head for Christmas Eve and Craig invited me to workout at Conviction Training Facility. So I will be there for noon and workout with him and then go to his house for the rest of the day. It should be fun. I hope. Mostly, I don’t want to embarrass him.

Betsy was coaching today because school is out. We started out rowing, did other stuff, did two rounds of 10 med ball thrusters, 10 ring rows, 10 squats to the med ball, and then finished with some stretching.

Scott was there and it was funny to watch a different husband/wife athlete/coach team. Gabe is off this week, so he could sleep in an hour longer, Maribel was also there. So was I.

Today’s WOD as written:
Front Squats (50% BW)
“AMRAP in 8 minutes:
3 power snatches (95/65)
3 burpees
3 power cleans (95/65)
3 burpees”

That’s all the website says. I have no idea why the AMRAP is in quotes but I left it. Copy and paste is the reason, I presume. But why the original poster used quotes is still a mystery. The front squats are interesting there because it means mostly nothing. Luckily there was more information on the board.

Front squats were 8 minutes EMOM with 3 squats held in the bottom of the squat for three seconds. I don’t really know if the guys used half their body weight. I asked Coach about this. I can certainly front squat half my body weight, but not hold it for three seconds and do it repeatedly for many minutes. I was told to pick a weight I could hold in the squat for three seconds.

I picked 53# and managed that weight for all eight minutes. Maribel used the weight I should have which wasn’t her as written weight either since she is bigger than me. We all managed the reps with the weights we had. I managed to not beep at all on this part of the day. That was nice because I sure used up a lot of beeping later. I did have to sit on the ground and box breathe between rounds after the third round.

I knew when I looked at the WOD I was screwed. I hate snatches and that weight is beyond my capacity. Burpees kick my ass even if I walk them in and out. This was a cardio intensive workout and I am cardio pitiful. I used only a 22# bar which was manageable for the snatches and way too light for the cleans, but what the hell. I could have set up a different bar for the cleans, but really, the sticking point for me was going to be the burpees.

I did make sure that Betsy knew that when I was laid out on the floor, I was just resting and not in trouble. As long as I was beeping, I was alive and not to worry. I know I can be a bit scary with this whole old and feeble crap. I also know the best place to rest in a burpee is laid out on the floor otherwise I have to get up and down more often than required by the move.

I got through the entire first round and only beeped on the last two burpees. But then it was a struggle. My heart rate wasn’t dropping very well, mostly because I was resting prone on the ground in the middle of a burpee. I don’t think I was really moving enough air in that position but because of the short number of reps, I couldn’t figure out a better way. I don’t think I ever got my heart rate less than 150 during the rest of the WOD. I would do the lifts and then have to rest during the burpees. I needed to have a low enough heart rate to get the three snatches done together, which meant more resting. The cleans were too light but everyone mentioned after we were done that the cleans were the resting part.

I love when the coach calls time to go in the last minute. I like the minute, thirty seconds, and fifteen seconds called out. I try to always work the last 15 seconds because I can rest when it’s done. Betsy only called out the last five seconds. Oh well. My score was 4+4 which was pretty bad, but in reality, better than I had expected.

Perhaps the master scaling should have been to cut out the middle 3 burpees and give myself a chance to get more rounds in. It would have helped, but regardless, I worked as hard and as much as I could, heart rate permitting, for the eight minutes and the score isn’t really the measure of my effort.


My son cares about fitness and strives to create a space where any and all can create their best lives. It isn’t just diet and exercise he promotes, but an overall improvement in one’s life inside and outside his box. He cares. And not just about his star athletes, although he does have some. He cares about all of his people.

He wrote an article at Breaking Muscle recently and took a lot of flak from some fragile ego people. I read the article. 5 Tips for Coaching the 40 and Over Crowd listed everything I wanted done for me. I’m over 40. Way over.

Part of the problem with CrossFit Masters designation is that it begins too early for the always athletic people. My son is turning 40 soon. He has been lifting weights since he was 15. I am old enough to be his mother. I have been lifting weights since I was 59. We do have different needs. However, even my son can no longer perform to his peak level of five to ten years ago.

He owns a gym and is there every day and yet, his time is still constrained by all the things that happen to adults. He is a business owner, has a family – nuclear and extended, has obligations and duties that suck up an inordinate amount of time. His focus has shifted as his responsibilities changed. That’s normal and it happens.

Some of the comments on his piece were more of a defense against age than anything else. Old people in a nation that reveres youth, feel abandoned or marginalized. And if these people think they have to defend themselves at the age of forty, all I can say is wait until you are my age because there is nothing more marginalized in this country than an old woman.

Yesterday I worked out with three 16 year olds. They are all competitive swimmers. Their goal for the day and their long term goals are both far different from mine. There was also an adult working out. I don’t know if Gabe is a “mature” adult or not. What I do know is I was shocked that he wasn’t the first one to return from a mile run. Even he couldn’t successfully compete against a 16 year old competitive swimmer.

What I have needed as an old fart CrossFitter has been far different than any of the younger people who have joined CrossFit Summerville. First of all, I needed more time for everything. There is some adage out there about taking 30 days to see results. Hell, in thirty days, I was still struggling to get through a warm-up and the WODs were still so far over my head, I was drowning. If a coach had treated me like the tender, fragile old fart I am, instead of pushing me like I was still 25, I would have cried less often.

The old fart designation starts too young, as I mentioned. But maybe I’m just one of the true outliers and there aren’t enough really old farts joining CrossFit to make a higher number logical. If new people older than 50 make up such a small percentage, then giving us a special category may be unnecessary. I know at my box there are lots of 20s, 30s, and 40s. Then it drops off and there are a few 50s. And then there is me.

CrossFit has changed my life. There is no doubt about that. I never in my wildest dreams pictured myself throwing 58 pounds over my head let alone being a bit disappointed when I couldn’t get the next higher weight bar up. Three times. But that’s minor. That’s just four hours a week. CrossFit has changed my life all day long, every single day.

I’m less fearful. I’m more daring. I take chances I wouldn’t have taken before. I have balls. Of brass. One of my goals for CrossFit was to get the lids off jars myself. It was a statement of power. It was a wish to be independent and to be capable of living the life I wanted. All in a simple statement. I wanted to have the power and strength of decades ago. I do.

I’ve needed special treatment every time I showed up. I am not the same as the teenagers. I’m not the same as someone who has worked with some athletic pursuit his or her entire life. I was an old and out of shape person who had basically done nothing but sit around for nearly 20 years getting fat and sloppy.

After participating in the Masters Garage Games, I had an epiphany. I was crying again one day and I asked Kim if it was even worth my coming. I could still do absolutely nothing. She assured me that I was a real person who had come a long way and my improvement in the two years I had been coming was vast and impressive. I wasn’t a teenager; I was an awesome and awe-inspiring old fart. I got shit done. I was doing fine.

And it hit me. I’m old. I’m not a teenager or a young adult. I’m old. I’m not anywhere near the kids I workout with in age or experience. I’m old. But I still kick ass four times a week, still do what others only dream of. I still amaze my friends who can’t believe I do this crap and enjoy it. Hell, I even amaze myself sometimes.

I stopped writing scaled after my scores. I began writing masters. No woman who comes to the box and does a lower weight ever writes scaled. Each and every WOD is written scaled because there is both a man’s and woman’s version. Any woman doing Fran with 65# is doing a scaled WOD. It is written at 95# but every woman would whimper, “That’s the men’s weight” if asked to use that bar. Well, I can no more help being old than I can help being a woman. Writing masters after my scores helps me remember this day after day.

I wanted to respond to some of the snarky comments written by fragile ego folks who were “just as good as” when they were younger. Good for you. I’m glad you think so. But if a coach sees someone like me walk into their gym, they better have a plan on what to do with an old fart non-athlete. Because, if treated with care, that person can become an old fart athlete. And be awesome.


Uncle Dan is visiting. He got here from Aunt Barb’s house and will be travelling onward toward home. The brothers got to spend an evening together and do lots of talking. Lots and lots of talking. That is so much fun.

Today is Friday and so it means I go to the box. I go even if we have company because no one else cares what I am doing at 6 AM. So off I went even though I saw what the workout was and figured it was a total waste of my time and energy and I could have slept in and not even bothered.

Sherry was coaching today for both the 5 and 6 AM classes. There was no one at the 5 AM class. I can’t imagine how ticked I would be if I got up to work at 4.15 AM and got to work and then had no work to do. It just seems horrible. But the 6 AM class was filled to bursting – for the 6 AM class. We had all the sixteen year olds. Jackson was there and both twins, Sarah Anne and Meredith, and then Gabe was there and I was there.

I was there only because I didn’t look at the WOD last night and so I set my alarm and figured I was already awake and so I might as well go. I was there under protest. I was there because I’m stubborn and it is all scalable and someone would just have to figure out what to do with me. I could not do one damn thing, but I was there.

We warmed up with a row because we would be running all day. Well, they would be running all day. I had no intention of running anywhere because I don’t run and I don’t run in the dark and mostly I don’t run in the dark on the street. I do have a lighted arm band to keep me from being run over but I don’t run anyway.

Then we did other things to warm up and I must have warmed up because I eventually had both my sweatshirt and my long sleeved shirt off.

Today’s WOD as written:
In 10 minutes:

1 mile run
ME deadlifts (bodyweight)
In 6 minutes:
800m run
ME power cleans(65% BW)
In 4 minutes:
400m run
ME front squats(65% BW)

I cannot run a mile to save my life. I certainly cannot run a mile in less than ten minutes. This was simply beyond me. I also misread the intention of this workout. I thought when one got back from a run, the idea was to see how many unbroken lifts one could manage. Then rest until the next time up and the next run and lift.

Nope. The idea was to run, come back and do as many lifts as possible in the remaining time and then run and come back and lift. We were to keep moving for 20 minutes. Anyone who has ever read even a single one of these blogs knows I have never kept moving for 20 minutes straight. My cardiologist wouldn’t approve, I’m sure. He wouldn’t have approved my behavior today as it was and that was with rests. Not built in rests, but rests for the old fart.

I was going to row. But usually, this would have been a 2000 meter, then a 1000 meter, and then 500 meter row. My time for a 1000 meter row is over five minutes. So that wouldn’t have allowed me to get 2K done in ten minutes. I said I would row 1000, 500, and 250 meters. Everyone else was running because they are young athletes or Gabe.

Sherry was watching and no one was close to being back when I was done with the 1000 meter row. I said I would row 1200 meters and even by that time, no one was back or getting close. So I said I would row 1400 meters and Jackson was back when I was at 1375 and the others weren’t far behind. I figured I had my rowing distance figured out. I then did sets of five deadlifts until time was running out and I just kept moving. I did 22 at 83#. I could have done one deadlift at bodyweight, but the idea was to actually do as many as possible and so I dropped the weight as the coach suggested.

Then I did 700 meters on the next round and then worked with 42# on the next lifts. My heart rate was higher faster and I only got 15, but I managed to keep moving without too much rest time.

My beeping never stopped at all during the 350 meter run. Using the same bar, I got five front squats and couldn’t manage even one more. I looked and my heart rate was 175. Well, that explained it. I got it down some but there wasn’t really much time. I got five more and simply couldn’t do another one. I put the bar down and looked. 178. Well, the cardiologist wouldn’t be very happy but I wasn’t having any dizziness or chest pain. There were only a few seconds left so I cleaned the bar with a squat and got one more in for a score of 12 on this.

Sherry wanted us to grab out water bottles and walk the parking lot for a cool down. I said I had to get my heart rate down to the top limit set by my cardiologist before I moved any more. I waited more than that and got 159 to show, which really didn’t take that long, and then went for a stroll through the parking lot.

Even Gabe said the weights were a little extreme for this WOD and that lowering the weights for the later classes might be a good idea. He had misunderstood the workout, as well, thinking that we were to run a distance and then do lifts for the amount of time listed which was even worse, in my opinion, that what it actually said.

This ended up being more fun than I thought it would be. I’m glad I am disciplined enough to just show up on my scheduled days. It is easier to cherry pick and only go on days when it looks like the WOD is fun or interesting or even doable. But by showing up consistently, I manage to get a wee bit better over time. Showing up really is half the battle.


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