We had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast with Craig and his family and friends. We hadn’t seen Frank and Marilyn for a while and so that was fun, too. We had an oven roasted turkey and one done in the deep fryer and both were good. With all those Italian cooks available, the entire meal was delicious. Frankie knew my fruit plate was a turkey but at the end of the day she sadly shook her head and said, “It doesn’t look like a turkey anymore, does it?”

We took the new car and played with the onboard computer and learned a few new tricks with it. Without a destination plugged in, the nav system still tells you what street you are on and if it a non-residential street, it tells you the speed limit and changes as you drive past a new speed limit sign. That was cool. Traffic was light both ways since we took the back way and stayed off 95. It was a fun day.

I set my alarm for 7.15 and was going to sleep in since I was really tired after all that socializing yesterday. But I woke up at 6 AM and decided to go to the box an hour earlier. Since I was up fifteen minutes before the alarm time, I had some time to kill and no matter how much I wasted, I still was ready to go too early. I got to the box too early and was met by the Coach but there was no one else there.

Eventually a familiar face showed up. I knew the woman but couldn’t remember her name. Then Jackson showed up. Ashley was the coach today and Sarah was the holiday visitor guest. I knew I knew her but only seeing her a couple times a year means I can’t remember her name.

It was 34⁰ out there this morning and so it took some doing to actually warm us up. I had my sweatshirt jacket on through the entire warm-up but was finally good enough to take that layer off after we were officially warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Squat Cleans
5 – 5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 3
(10 minutes)
5 ring dips
5 chin ups
5 knees to elbows

We were to start out light and work our way up. I did look and my one rep max on a power clean was 57 pounds. I had no one rep max for a squat clean. I started with just the tiny bar. I had mentioned that we were partying yesterday in Hilton Head and when I said something about my son’s box having different sized bars (Sarah needed to know what bars weighed how much), Ashley asked me if he worked out at Reebok on Hilton Head. Fire came out and I explained that he did NOT work out there. They aren’t even supposed to BE there. Whoops. I turned into a raging mother.

I went on with my lifts. I got 22, 32, 42, 47, 52, and 57 with the first three weights done five times and the last done three, as written above. I’m pleased with those numbers. Somewhere in that mess, I was finally warm enough to get my long sleeved shirt off.

Because the ambient air was so cold and because the box is not temperature controlled, the bars were freezing. I wore gloves even for the lifts because I needed mittens, not because I needed the gloves. Jackson dropped the bar and was stunned. He said he didn’t even know he was dropping it but his hands were so cold. I have a second pair of gloves, but Jackson wouldn’t be able to get them on his big hands. Back when I was a nurse, I wore size 6.5 gloves because I have small hands. Most of the doctors wore size 7.5 and I would guess that Jackson would need a size 8 but maybe a 8.5. So, my small gloves wouldn’t help him.

I asked about the difference between a chin up and pull up. Hands are reversed. I’m so uncoordinated, this sounded threatening to me. Something new even after all this time.

When I read the conditioning portion today, I was trying to decide if I should do 4 reps of each move or just 3. Three sounded too weenie. I also didn’t know about chin ups and couldn’t decide if a band was better than a jumping one or not. Then I was there with a coach who didn’t know me. My main concern was getting my heart rate back down by the next minute in order to start again.

I began with 4 reps each, knowing I could back down if needed. On the first round, I grabbed the bar for pull-ups instead of chin ups just by habit. Shit. My heart rate was 163 after the first round when I started with a low heart rate. The clock had some problems and she had to restart it. She claimed we weren’t losing a round. But the clock started over. And we got a longer rest in there.

So I did 4 reps of each move again and remembered to grab the bar backwards. I was using a 1.5 band for the ring dips and a 2 inch band on the chin ups. My knees never touch my elbows, but they get above my waist. I was terrified of slipping off the cold bar and smacking my back on the box, sitting there so I could get into the band for the chin ups. I did not do that.

By the third round, I had to cut back to 3 reps each because my heart rate was too high. I was starting the round with a heart rate of 158 which doesn’t leave much room before I beep at 161. Somewhere around the fifth or sixth minute, I was thinking I was going to just have to drop a minute, but I worked on box breathing and got a heart rate down to 158 before the next minute began.

Since the time started over, I thought we were going to be finished after minute 8 because we had a minute that wasn’t on the clock, but we went one more, which I think means we did 11 rounds which didn’t kill me anyway.

As I wrote my scores on the board, I put after the squat clean numbers, “master” for my conditioning. Ashley said who wrote masters. I was there with a teenager and a visitor (who said she graduated from Summerville High School in 1996 which was a year before Joe graduated from high school). I explained that women didn’t write scaled when they used some lower stuff. I had no more control over my age than I have over being a woman. And besides, it makes me feel better. Ashley liked the idea.